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Wand Activation techniques: Sparkles

Having established by desire your place in the community of emerging FairyGodmothers, it is simply a matter of perfecting technique. The use of a wand can be literal or metaphor. If literal, the first step requires choosing the tool. It can be as simple or as ornate as you desire. It can be a twig with a pleasing shape, a metal rod with a good 'feel' to it, or a hand carved staff inlaid with precious stones. My first wand was a glass rod with ribbons tied to one end. No matter, as long as its choice represents a placement of value upon its function. In other words, it has meaning for you and will be treated with care. If metaphoric, a 'sense of feeling connected' to creative Life-force or imagining a rod of power between you and the center of the Earth or a galaxy in the Heavens. For me, imaging myself sitting at the base of a Grandmother tree and connecting to Her pulse of life works well. In any case, take the time to reflect upon what it is you are activating.

The following suggestions assist the emerging connection of a FairyGodmother to his/her creative authority. Some will stand out for you. Either as very appealing or as very unappealing. Do the ones that make you feel best. Periodically re-read the list to reassess which activities draw your attention. In terms of being a FairyGodmother, talent is born of desire. Skill results from practice. Joyful practice. May deLight be with you.

Breathe. Deeply to a count of 7 on the inhale, 7 hold, 7 on the exhale, 7 hold, and repeat. Set a timer for 10 - 15 minutes and give all thought and focus to breath.
Relax. Close your eyes.
Imagine yourself in your favorite place,
doing just what you love doing most.
Recall how it feels.
Remember the sensations; the smells, the sounds, the associations.
Put yourself as fully into the experience as possible.
Notice what qualities about this experience you enjoy the most.
Open your eyes and write a list of other ways
you experience these same qualities in your life.
Move your body and make a joyful sound. Music may be used.
Go for a twenty minute walk every day or so for a month. Watch the flowers grow. Listen to dogs barking, birds singing, wind blowing. Notice what changes and what stays the same. Appreciate the rhythms of Nature.
Sit with a tree. Imagine the roots growing into the earth, how deep and wide they go, the tiny pulsing movement as they suck nutrients from soil, the movement of sap through the trunk and into the leaves. Feel the warmth of sunlight on the leaves and imagine that warmth converted into the colors of the leaves, nourishing and sustaining growth. Feel the tree reaching deep into the earth and high into the sky. Imagine being a tree. What does a tree think? Feel? Want? Find another tree and sit with it.
Think of a dream you dreamed of having or doing that came true.
It could be a small dream. Who shared it with you? Who helped you make it come true?
It could be a large dream. What did it feel like each step of way towards its fulfillment? Feel it happening again.
What do you dream of now? What would bringing this dream to fruition feel like?
Imagine yourself living it. Draw a picture or write a description of how it feels. Enjoy the feeling, and take whatever action reinforces the feeling in your life today.
Spend 10 - 15 minutes everyday writing about who and what you appreciate for being an aspect of your experience.
See a smile, pass it on. Receive a blessing, share it. Express gratitude, and welcome kindness. Ignore temper tantrums.
Before going to sleep at night, and before rising from bed in the morning, welcome Life and all its blessings. Claim the intention to be a source of joy and an uplifting influence on Earth.
Claim the creative authority to attract experiences that are fulfilling and joyful. Make a collage of all you desire. Entitle it Heaven on Earth, and put where you see it regularly. As desires change, recreate your masterpiece.

May the wand you activate bring joy and blessings for all, including yourself.

And remember,
Joy is the path of those who laugh.

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