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Adventures by Disney

Hollywood Blvd | Disney Hollywood Studios | videos | picturesmember reviews

You never can tell where or when you will encounter a streetmosphere event!

**Showtimes change weekly ... look for up to date show times in park maps distributed at your resort and in the parks.

Video Clips:

Alan Joins Streetmosphere

Alan Joins Streetmosphere Again -- so 99 pickles walk into a bar...

Alan's Streetmosphere Debut

Alan helps with a driving test on Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood Tour

Watch a real live tour of Hollywood in action on Sunset Blvd, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World.

She Says Shes Worth It

Ahnalira shows shes worth it by being a promising motion picture star on Sunset Blvd of Hollywood Studios, Walt disney World

Ahnalira's Streetmosphere Debut!

At Disney-MGM Studios, park atmosphere has been upgraded to "streetmosphere." Disney cast members dress in era hollywood fashion and mingle among the guests, maintaining some entertaining, often outrageous, character. Here is one of our own, Ahnalira, making her streetmosphere debut. This woman was made for acting!


Walt disney World is know for its theme parks, restaurants, resorts, and shows. However, there is a less publicised attraction at Walt Disney World. It is called 'Streetmosphere'. Basically, a Disney Cast Member takes on some persona and moves among park guests sparking humorous interactions. The effect ranges from amusing to side-splitting hilarious. Here is a clip of Rozie, the obnoxious cleaning lady, a regular at Disney's MGM studios.

Member Reviews::
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Christmas is especially fun with the carollers on 10/11/2005 by Ser Alan

I just love the streetmosphere in all its various and tawdry forms. But probably the funnest thing Ive seen was at Christmas when a choir composed of the various movie personae sing the words from one Christmas song to the melody of another XMas song chosen by the audience. How do they do that? It must take years of training, truly and incredible feat :)
Read reviews by Ser Alan

A MUST see! on 10/11/2005 by Ahnalira

I could spend the entire day traveling from one Streetmosphere encounter to the next. The improv acting is delightful, and the characters are a hoot! My best MGM Studios tip: If ever you see them in the distance, go directly to their location and join in the fun:)
Read reviews by Ahnalira

We found this fella running up and down the street "looking for Fame" :)

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