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Adventures by Disney

Finding Nemo, The Musical
Dinoland U.S.A. | Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park | videos | picturesmember reviews

Immerse yourself in this singing, dancing, big fish story! Transformed into an enchanted undersea world, Disney's newly enclosed Theater in the Wild is home to the beloved characters of "Finding Nemo." Be a part of this amazing on stage experience — the first time Disney has created a musical from a non-musical feature. With its live actors, larger-than-life puppets and original music and lyrics, this 30-minute performance is sure to delight your whole family!

**Showtimes change weekly ... look for up to date show times in park maps distributed at your resort and in the parks.

Video Clips:

Nemo, The Musical Montage

A video clip of excerpts from the Nemo, The Musical show at Animal Kingdom.

Member Reviews::
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Fun show! on 2/1/2017 by Tonya

This show is a lot of fun! Lots of colors and music. I didn't care for the fact we had to sit right up front. It kind of killed some of the "fun" part for me, only because you could see the people holding the props. And we couldn't stay the entire show, but I would really like to go back and have a chance to really enjoy!!
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Fun show on 7/31/2016 by Jodi Pew

I really liked this show when I saw it. What I didn't like was the queue line. It was outside, on asphalt, directly in the sun. NOT PLEASANT. But the show itself was very cute and creative. I loved how the puppeteers themselves were also immersed in the story while still obviously visible. I only gave it 3 stars, though, b/c while I enjoyed it, my husband and two sons weren't nearly as enthusiastic. I think it appeals more to women and younger kids, but I still say everyone should see it at least once.
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Reminds me of what's important on 9/30/2013 by Ahnalira

I have seen this show more times than I can count (on one hand ; >), and I will keep going back again and again!  Besides the amazing creativity this production does with puppetry--a treat all by itself--the message inspires me to remember how connected love and loyalty are.  Of all of the shows at the Disney World Resort right now, this is my number 1 pick!

Read reviews by Ahnalira

Finding Nemo, the Musical! on 12/10/2009 by Franniepoppins

This is such a wonderful show!  I love the colorful scenery, and the theater.  Disney really does a superb job of immersing you into the feel of actually searching for Nemo.  The music is perfect, and the quality of the singing, is really excellent.   This show never gets old, and is a must see every time we visit Walt Disney World.  The novelty never wears off.
Read reviews by Franniepoppins

Nemo!!! on 1/2/2007 by Beth

this show is so good! And even the show after the show is great!

I loved seeing the seagulls saying"bye..bye..bye.."as the audiance filed out!



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I LOVE this show! on 12/30/2006 by Ahnalira

I agree that the musical score could only benefit by some input by Elton John but the dynamic interplay of human to puppet is SO amazing to me that the simple music was a non issue for me  All I can say is "Awesome, Dude!  Totally!"

Read reviews by Ahnalira

Technically very good, great sets! on 12/28/2006 by Ser Alan

We just saw this for the first time, located in the now enclosed theater where Tarzan used to be, out in the far reaches of Animal Kingdom.  I found the sets and costumes to be quite impressive and innovative.  The performers all seemed quite competent.  The only reason I don't give it a 5 is because I felt the songwriting really didn't measure up to the standards set by shows like Lion King, Tarzan, Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Still, it was very good quality for a theme park show and I recommend that you see it at least once
Read reviews by Ser Alan

Puppets and song...what's not to love?!
A fish with a mission.
Fun show!
Go with the Flow.. and surfing turtles; >)
Lobsters gossiping
Opening Scene
The show tells the story of Nemo using giant puppets accompanied by their puppeteers (who happen to sing; >)
The stage is a hazy underwater domain; >)
It really feels like the ocean!
In this show, all of the fishies sing and dance.
The shark dance and song routine is one of my favorites:)
In the fishtank...
What a perspective, eh?
Totally, Dude! My favorite scene!
In this newly enclosed theatre is where it all happens.
Swimming (and singing) through the jellyfishes
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