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Adventures by Disney

Sunset Blvd | Disney Hollywood Studios | videos | picturesmember reviews

Experience the fun, fancy and fears of everybody's favorite heroic mouse as he battles the forces that turn his vibrant dreams into a vivid nightmare. Mickey faces off against Disney villains in a lavish spectacular. Show length: 25 minutes

**Showtimes change weekly ... look for up to date show times in park maps distributed at your resort and in the parks.

Video Clips:

Fantasmic 2

The witch cackles, the dragon sprays flame but that doesn't scare Mickey who declares "This is my dream!"

Fantasmic Finale

Flames, Fountains, Fireworks and Sorcerer Mickey on a MountainTop; Witness the Finale to Fantasmic!

Fantasmic 1

Dancing scene in Fantasmic

Member Reviews::
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Fantasmic -awesome on 3/10/2014 by Tonya

Since I wrote my last review... we did go to the Fantasmic show and used the dining package. We changed to Mama Melrose. It was SO good! I was a bit disappointed with our table location. The first table as you walk in. A bit busy. Other than that, the dining part was great. At the restaurant you are given a little ticket to use to enter the Fantasmic area. You don't have to wait as long because there are saved seats. That was nice. The show is still great. The same after all these years, but still great. Maybe Disney will change it up someday. I think it's a great way to end your day at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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Can't wait! on 9/2/2013 by Tonya

Although, I've seen the show several times, it's been many years since my family took the time to watch Fantasmic at the end of the day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. While planning our next adventure for Oct 2013, we all decided we wanted to see this again, but was the wait worth it? I was so happy because I was able to book a Fantasmic package at Hollywood & Vine. From my understanding is we'll receive a card that will allow us to sit in a saved area and we can show up 30 mins before the show. I'm really looking forward to using this. We haven't had dinner at Hollywood & Vine, only breakfast so this is another 'new' adventure for us. After I return I will write my thoughts on the restuarant and the show!

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Fantasmic is Fantastic! on 6/28/2013 by Dizneydonna

Every time I watch Fantasmic, I get goosebumps (and I've seen it quite a lot).  It is a mesmerizing display of lasers, water effects, fireworks along with an incredible stage show.  The show stars Mickey Mouse himself, as he attempt to defeat Evil (as it materializes in his dreams).  I would definintely say that this show is a must-see while at Walt Disney World.  By the way.....some people have been afraid to take their small children to the show for fear that it may scare them.  My son was never affected like this.  Therefore, I would definintely recommend giving it a chance.  Just make sure to try and secure a seat close to an exit aisle.  If the show does bother your little one, you can make a speedy exit. 

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Great show!!! on 1/27/2012 by Tracee

I LOVE this show!!! It is one of my favorites!  The day that I spend at Hollywood Studios, I wait all day waiting for these incredible 25 minutes!  I think I'm a bit biased because my favoirte character, The Snow Queen, is in the show!  Don't miss this one!!!!

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Fantasmic Dinner show on 12/19/2006 by Laura

Let me say that dinner at the Brown Derby was excellent!  Getting to the stadium for the Fantasmic show not so excellent.  After already being tired from a 3-day Disney (and Univ Studios) bootcamp, walking all the way down the "secret alley" to the stadium was not at all expected. I mean it must have been a mile long!!  Then once we arrived, the not-so friendly cast member tells us that reserved seating is full (let me fill you in on a few things so that I have you up to speed.  I had just spent over $50.00 for dinner (just me) and had to walk what seemed like miles. We arrived the recommended 45 minutes before the show and we were still too late.)   The anger wasn't so much from there not being any available reserved seating as it was from the indifference in the cast member's voice.  It was almost as if "too bad, so sad" would be next out of her mo
Read reviews by Laura

one of the best shows I have ever seen on 11/1/2006 by Belle

When I saw the the show i was amazed. i love the adventure when Mickey was fighting the snake and the dragon. the fireworks and the waterfalls was like a magical dream. I never thought that a show can capture the wonderful things about imagination and i have one more thing to say.... I LOVE FANTASMIC!!!

Read reviews by Belle

COOL SHOW! on 10/22/2006 by Fantasmic freak

Fantasmic is awsome!BRAVO!

But one thing that made me sad was the dragonslaying


Read reviews by Fantasmic freak
Fantasmic light show
Water creates a screen
And, of course, Mickey is the star:)
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