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"DiVine" isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill, ten-foot tall plant. In fact, "DiVine" is really performance artist Priscilla Blight who has brought her expressive talents to Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park for an exclusive engagement after travelling all over the globe. A gifted performer of the "new vaudeville" genre, Priscilla cleverly conceals herself in a towering, hand-made foliage costume.

**Showtimes change weekly ... look for up to date show times in park maps distributed at your resort and in the parks.

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Amazing on 6/20/2016 by Jodi

If you've never seen Divine, then keep your eyes peeled because she's definitely a sight to behold. Once spotted, it's hard to walk away. She's so graceful and absolutely stunning. So keep your eye on the trees and vines and watch for some small, graceful movements. Then you won't be able to look away!
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Strangely Alluring on 9/9/2006 by Steve

Okay, this 'Divine' is a plant portrayed by a woman. It is at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and is (therefore) imaginative and wonderous as are most all of Disney's endeavors. That is all just great.

However, I just returned from Animal Kingdom today where I saw Divine again. Today, I became absolutely captivated by her. It is hard to admit, but in only a matter of a few minutes, I found myself enraptured with her performance. Her slow yet deliberate movements are so strangely alluring. Her face is camoflaged as part of her costume, but her beautiful eyes just radiate through the deliberate attempts at diminishing her human qualities. The character 'Divine' is an enigmatic blend of fantasy and reality. The woman that creates Divine, is simply beautiful.

Divine makes no sound, and does not generally respond to the audience comments. I failed to catch myself as I blurted out "she's a plant with absolutely beautiful eyes!" She heard me, and I saw he
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plant figures on 7/12/2006 by Nicholas

as i was walking across the animal kingdom i, and many others heard shuffling in the forest as we turn our heads a enormous plant figure gracefully walked from one side of the woods across the walkway to the other side. it was a great spontaneous disney encounter   
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