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Adventures by Disney

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29 Member Reviews by tricia:

  • Coral Reef Restaurant

    the coral reef on 12/1/2006

    This was an excellent meal, one of the best that we had last week.  We were on the Disney dining plan, so each person was allowed to order an appetizer, entree, and a dessert.  I chose the lobster bisque (awesome!), prime rib (yum!), and the chocolate wave for dessert (two thumbs way up).  We had a group of fourteen people, and all greatly enjoyed it.  I strongly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

  • Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies

    ice cream! on 12/1/2006

    They no longer have sprinkles, so I ordered a caramel sundae instead.  It was just as yummy!

  • Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room

    rose and crown! on 7/25/2006

    This restaurant is excellent for a sit-down dinner.  It's right on the water, so you have a great view for the illuminations show at night.  Also, the food was really great.  I particularly enjoyed the prime rib :D.  This is a favorite of my family's and we make sure that we visit this restaurant every year.

  • "it's a small world"

    it's a small world on 7/23/2006

    This is a cute, little ride filled with dolls from all sorts of cultural backgrounds.  They sing the famous tune "it's a small world" in various languages as you travel by boat through many distant lands.  This is a good ride to relax on :).

  • Astro Orbiter

    astro orbiter on 7/23/2006

    This ride is exactly like Dumbo (the flying elephant), except you are in rocketships and in order to get onto the loading dock you must take an elevator.  It's pretty high, so if you don't love heights, you may want to take caution.  overall, i'd say it's pretty fun, especially at night when the castle is all lit-up.

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness! on 7/23/2006

    This is a train ride that you'll never forget!  this roller coaster takes you through a haunted mine.  The thematic scenery is pretty amazing considering that there are so many details that you'd never actually notice as you're speeding by on the ride.  This ride is exhilarating and fun for the entire family.  note: fastpasses are a great thing to have when it comes to this ride!

  • Cinderella’s Golden Carousel

    cinderella's golden carousel on 7/23/2006

    A carousel filled with beautifully ornamented horses that ride in circles to some of the great disney songs that we all know and love.  This ride is great for little children.

  • Peter Pan’s Flight

    cute :] on 6/25/2006

    This ride takes place in your own pirate ship as you fly with Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael to Neverland.  You go to a fantasy land filled with indians, mermaids, and the lost boys.  This ride is exactly like the movie and is a great experience for kids of all ages!

  • Mad Tea Party

    fun! on 6/25/2006

    This ride in the Mad Hatter's teacups is a fun-filled family effort to keep your cup spinning the fastest.  It's so much fun!  however, if you do not enjoy spinning in circles, it's perfectly fine to just sit and enjoy the ride without spinning.

  • Tomorrowland Indy Speedway

    driving! on 6/25/2006

    For all kids that have always wanted to drive a racecar, this ride is awesome!  iIve always loved it.  As you travel, you can be sure to check out all the lovely scenery that disney world has in tomorrowland.  I highly suggest this ride.  WARNING: lines can be very long, so getting here early is always a bonus!

  • Cinderella Castle

    the castle! on 6/25/2006

    Once you see this signt, you know for sure that you are in the Magic Kingdom.  It is absolutely gorgeous and may be periodically decorated for celebrations of all sorts.  Years ago, it looked like a giant cake, and this year it has golden characters on it.  Inside the castle, there is a beautiful mosaic depicting Cinderella trying on her glass slipper.  You may even have a meal here with Cinderella herself (remember to make reservations early).  At night, Tinkerbell flies down from this castle to begin the fireworks display, and lights are aimed towards the castle to change its color.  The castle is absolutely amazing.

  • Magic Kingdom® Park

    the magic kingdom on 1/28/2006

    In my opinion, probably the best park in Walt Disney World.  From the moment you walk through the gate, it hits you: this is a place where magic is real, dreams come true, and you can become a kid again.  This park really brings your entire family together to create great, lasting memories to be talked about for years to come.  Along with its great rides, this park has awesome dining experiences and many attractions such as the Wishes firework display and the many parades.  There is also meeting and greeting the characters who are stationed randomly around the park, which makes great photos.  Mickey is located in the judges tent, which you can get to by going through his house in the "Mickeys Toontown Fair" part of the park.  Overall, I cannot say enough to express how much I love this park, and I strongly suggest it to all families.

  • Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

    carousel of progress on 1/21/2006

    Created by walt disney himself, it is a very interesting and fun ride through the 1900s.  It shows the progress made throughout the years with many different household appliances.  the ride rotates from one room to the next, each room lasting about 5 minutes.  you can barely tell that youre moving, but its so cool.  it also has the occasional humorous joke.  i love this ride!

  • The Hall of Presidents

    hall of presidents on 1/21/2006

    educational and interesting.  There are wax figures of every preseident and some of them even talk to the audience.  They move, just like real people, and are entertaining to watch.  not necessarily recommended for little kids, though, because they dont always love education while on vacation.

  • Space Mountain®

    space mountain on 1/21/2006

    This ride is awesome.  you are in a glow-in-the-dark spaceship, and its exhilarating.  its a roller coaster in the dark, and the scenary is made to look like you are in space, with the moon and planets soaring past you.  Although there are no huge drops, corkscrews, or loops, this ride is still one of the best in the Magic Kingdom and is loads of fun!

    P.S. the only drop is small, but it is only for those who go to the loading line to the left!  the other line (the one on the right), may have a drop, too, but I noticed that the line to the left was more fun. :P

  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic

    completely awesome on 1/21/2006

    This is a three-D show that features some of the favorite characters and songs on the largest screen in the world.  Its so much fun for people of all ages, and its highly recommended.  It allows your senses to take a journey through the wonderful world of Disney, and I absolutely love it!

  • Tomorrowland® Transit Authority Peoplemover

    TTA Travellers on 1/21/2006

    the Tomorrowland Transit Authority is a nice, relaxing ride that gives a tour of tomorrowland.  its a great thing to keep the kids interested while the adults take a break from walking.  When I was very little, this was my favorite ride.  this has cute jokes, and many interesting sites as you travel.  its great to be on at night, because you can see the magic kingdom all lit up. :D

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

    pirates of the caribbean on 1/21/2006

    Ride filled with wax-figure pirates that are life-like, but not in a scary way.  This ride is fun for children and adults alike.  You are loaded onto a little boat and are off to watch the pirates pillaging and singing the famous tune "A Pirates Life for Me".  Very entertaining and one of my favorite rides in Disney World.

  • The Barnstormer, Starring The Great Goofini

    goofys barnstormer on 1/21/2006

    kiddie coaster that is exciting for the whole family.  it is short, but very fun, and is located in Mickeys Toontown Fair.

  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

    space ranger spin on 1/21/2006

    Help Buzz Lightyear on a space adventure to defeat the evil emporer Zurg!  this ride is a journey through planet Z while using lasers to shoot targets.  you are shooting the targets in order to gain points, and at the end of the ride, depending on how many points you received, you will be told what level of a space cadet you are.  this is so much fun and really brings your family together.

    * WARNING * may contain long lines, so a fastpass is always awesome!

  • Walt Disney World® Railroad

    train on 1/21/2006

    relaxing way to get from one land to the next because its a wonderful alternative to walking.  great for parents that are constantly on the go in the parks, and is an entertaining ride because there are many scenes to enjoy.

  • The Haunted Mansion

    999 ghosts, but theres room for one more! on 1/21/2006

    very fun ride in which you get a tour of a haunted house.  there are many friendly, happy haunts.  when you are waiting in line, make sure to read the gravestones and watch out for Leota, the moving face on one gravestone.  this ride is not scary, but very fun, and may be enjoyed by people of all ages.

  • World of Disney

    the wonderful world of disney! on 1/11/2006

    This store has everything that you could possibly want.  From clothes, to school supplies, to jewelry, to toys, to household has it all!  it has various rooms beautifully designed to fit the "theme" of that rooms souvenirs.  its my favorite store in downtown disney!

  • Emporium

    emporium on 1/9/2006

    contains an awesome selection of souveniers so that you may get exactly what you want.  its my favorite store is disney world and has absolutely anything and everything!

  • PUSH, the Talking Trashcan

    :] on 1/9/2006

    located outside of auntie gravitys galactic goodies in tomorrowloand is PUSH, the talking trash can.  he is extremely entertaining and has a lot of good jokes that will keep the kids amused while you finish your ice cream. :D

  • SpectroMagic Parade

    SpectroMagic on 1/9/2006

    absolutely amazing display of thousands of sparkling lights and musical sounds!  it has all the favorite characters on completely illuminated floats and in light-up costumes...very entertaining and a must-see when in the magic kingdom!

  • Wishes™ Nighttime Spectacular

    fireworks on 1/9/2006

    Spectacular show.  Highly entertaining.  Whats disney without the firework show at night, really?

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