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Adventures by Disney

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5 Member Reviews by elibug:

  • Hollywood & Vine

    Amazing on 3/22/2010

    Last time I went was in 2005, but boy do I remember it well. It was during the holiday season so just the fact that we were able to get in without a wait around lunch time deserves three stars. The food was wonderful, my parents aren't used to American cuisine and even they loved it. We had a vegetarian with us and she had a feast with all the salads and grilled vegetables....the desserts, though... they weren't bad but not amazing either..just ok for cleansing your palette after dinner. The seafood tasted fresh, the pastas were cooked perfectly and the salads were amazing. We're going again next year (2011) and this is definetely our one and only option for Disney's Hollywood Studios (which for me will always be MGM Studios lol).

  • Magic Kingdom® Park

    Great for kids/Good for grown ups on 3/22/2010

    Okay, first all no one can say it's a  "bad" park, it IS the icon for Walt Disney World and it's just classic. I've been to Disney four times and will be going a fifth next year and I've been to MK all of the times before and I've liked it, BUT I'm not returning next year. The reason? It's a lovely park but if you're not going with little ones younger than - I would say 13 - it's not the BEST. Yes it does have Space Mountain and Splash Mountain and not to mention Thunder Mt. Rail, but I believe that it's not worth it if there are no kids. The down side for grown ups: the food (mostly junk and sugary treats in my opinion) and - well once you ride the three rides I stated - all that's left is Dumbo....Lilo and Stitch.....It's a Small World After All...The Snow White Ride and well you get the picture. I'll be 21 the next time I go and I'll be going with my boyfriend who will be 21

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park

    Mixed Feelings on 3/22/2010

    Well, I've been to the Animal Kingdom twice and I have to say that's enough for me. (First time I went I was 15 and then 17) It's definitely gorgeous, there are some spots were you really feel like you are in Africa (the plaque that says Welcome to Harambe makes you feel like you're really there) but honestly though, with the exceptions of the Lion King Show and Mount Everest, this is by far my least favorite park (and trust me when I say I couldn't be more of a Disney World freak/addict). Perhaps it's because of my age but I just don't fully enjoy it, the safari was a HUGE disappointment we barely saw any animals and the three that we saw were far away sleeping; now I know that the animals have they're own "clock", but still - for a 90 minute line to get there - you'd expect more. For some reason I just don't like this park, if you have little ones they might enjoy it a whole lot more especially little boys (lots of st

  • Disney Springs

    Amazing !! <3 on 3/22/2010

    I absolutely ADORE Downtown Disney ! Every time I go to Disney we stay within the hotels that are walking distance to Downtown so we spend every single night there and it's just amazing. It's very calm and relaxed yet you still get the Disney feel to it. If you have the time and money make sure to check out Cirque du Soleil's La is to die for. You also have the biggest Disney store there, the Lego area, and many more things. It's kinda hard to see the characters there but you might catch Mickey at a studio waiting to take pictures (although the last time I saw that was in 1997) and the times I've gone after that I've honestly not checked to see if they still do that. Again, it's amazing..a great way to relieve the stress/heat of the day while still being surrounded by the Disney magic. There's Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, Bongos Cuban Cafe (my favorite), House of Blues and of course Pleasure Island (never actually been inside of the plac

  • Pizzafari

    Horrible on 3/20/2010

    Last time I went was in April 2008 and it was just plain horrible ! I went with 3 girlfriends and they all got ceasar salads and breadsticks while I had a cheese pizza; their salads were soaking in dressing the plate looked white and the breadsticks were cold. My pizza's dough was completely raw and the sauce was cold as well !!! Would definately not go again. --- On the "up" side it's very kid friendly so it's a good place to take the little ones, we weren't annoyed because we all like children but if you're a group whose trying to get a break from screaming kids don't go there.

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