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Adventures by Disney

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14 Member Reviews by dizneydonna:

  • Disney Fantasy

    The Fantastic Fantasy! on 8/23/2013

    I could go on and on and on about how gorgeous and wonderful the Disney Fantasy is.  Of all the ships I've ever been on, this one is hands-down, the most beautiful, elegant one of all.  If you don't equate Disney with elegance....boy do you have a surprise coming with this ship.  She's amazing!  And as far as cruising with Disney goes, in general, you'll never experience customer service like Disney delivers.  Also the ship is always spotless and the shows are Broadway caliber.  The food is also fantastic with lots of options served in beautifuly-themed restaurants.  I love the rotation dining....being able to experience a different restaurant each night with your servers always follwoing you, makes for a very personable experience with the wait staff.  At the end of the cruise, you'll feel like your servers are old friends. I truly cannot highly recommend cruising the Disney

  • Be Our Guest Restaurant

    Be Our Guest on 7/31/2013

    I highly recommend lunch at the Be Our Guest Restaurant.  The best thing on the menu, by far, is the braised pork, which is delicious.  It's now one of my very favorite quick service entrees at Walt Disney World.  Make sure to get in line early for lunch though (around 10:30) because the lines get longer and longest as noon rolls around.  You can sometimes wait in line 30 minutes or more just to get into the castle and then another 10 minutes or so to place your order once inside.  With that being said, I still highly recommend that you take the time to visit the work of art by Disney imagineers.  The attention to detail everywhere you look will astound.  You truly feel like you've stepped right into the movie, Beauty and the Beast.  It's a magical experience for all.

  • Fantasmic!

    Fantasmic is Fantastic! on 6/28/2013

    Every time I watch Fantasmic, I get goosebumps (and I've seen it quite a lot).  It is a mesmerizing display of lasers, water effects, fireworks along with an incredible stage show.  The show stars Mickey Mouse himself, as he attempt to defeat Evil (as it materializes in his dreams).  I would definintely say that this show is a must-see while at Walt Disney World.  By the way.....some people have been afraid to take their small children to the show for fear that it may scare them.  My son was never affected like this.  Therefore, I would definintely recommend giving it a chance.  Just make sure to try and secure a seat close to an exit aisle.  If the show does bother your little one, you can make a speedy exit. 

  • Earl of Sandwich

    Earl of Sandwich YUMMY! on 5/27/2013

    Everytime my family and I are in the Downtown Disney area, one of the must-do's on my list is eating at Earl of Sandwich.  The food here is so delicious and fresh, with the yummy sandwich bread being baked fresh throughout the day.  There are lots of choices on the menu.  I think that everyone should be able to find something to suit their palate.  My personal favorite is the Italian Sandwich which contains salami, capicola, roasted ham, mortadella, mozzarella, tomato & Italian dressing (my mouth is watering as I type this).  If you enjoy fresh hot sandwiches, salads and soups, this location is definitely one to try. 

  • The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure

    Little Mermaid Attraction = Gorgeous! on 3/26/2013

    I admit I am a bit of a Little Mermaid fan. But I believe even if I weren't this attraction would still blow me away.  The attention to detail, vibrant colors, lifelike animatronics and music, make this one of my new favorite attractions at Walt Disney World.  I think I must have ridden through the entire ride with my mouth hanging open.  For me, it was just that good.  

  • Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

    Port Orleans a Solid Choice! on 11/29/2012

    I really enjoy Port Orleans Riverside, each time we stay.  The atmosphere is oh, so relaxing and the gardens and grounds are beautifully manucured and landscaped.  It is very, very common to see little "critters" running around in abundance all over the place at this lush resort (rabbits, ducks, squirrels, etc).  The rooms are spacious enough for a family of 4 (a bit tight for a family of 5).  I love that they now have the 2 queen beds instead of the 2 full size beds.  The pool is fun with a great pool slide and greatly shaded. I guess the shading can be a plus or minus (if you're talking to sun-bathers).  It also has a nice playground adjacent to the pool, but I've never been fond of the sand bottom for the playground.  I think it can get a little messy with wet kids from the pool falling and playing in the sand (and then dragging it back to the pool).  Recreational activities ar

  • Biergarten Restaurant

    One of My Faves! on 11/1/2012

    This is absolutley one of my very favorite dining experiences on Walt Disney World property.  I say "experience" because it is just that.  The food is great and even my picky son likes it.  Don't be afraid because it's a German restaurant. They serve lots of goodies that I'm sure everyone will enjoy, such as roast pork loin, roasted chicken, beef roast, chicken or pork shnitzel (my son always thougtht these were chicken strips!), lots of sausages, vegetables and various (wonderful) sides like pototato dumplings, roasted potatoes, and great soups.  They also have a great cold, salad bar and a kid-friendly section with pizza, hot dogs, etc (so don't be afraid to bring the kiddies).  The restaurant ambiance is so warm, cozy and fun and the inside of the restaurant is gorgeous.  It looks as if you're dining outside in the middle of a German Village with the quaint houses

  • Cape May Cafe

    Cape May is GREAT! on 1/30/2012

    This restaurant is one of my favmily's very favorite.  Not just in Walt Disney World, but anywhere!  Although I'm not a seafood fan, (my husband and son are), I still find enough on this buffet to satisfy my appetite.  The salad bar is one of the freshest on property and has so many delicious choices.  For "land lovers" there is usually sliced sirloin, yummy bbq ribs and various other dishes (pasta, chicken, vegetables, etc).  For seafood lovers, its a dream come true, complete with crab legs, clams, fish, seafood pasta, mussels and usually another seafood dish or two.  If you're thinking of giving the Cape May Cafe a try, don't hesitate.  It's GREAT!

  • The Candle Light Processional - Holiday Show

    Breathtaking Show! on 1/2/2012

    I look forward to this show with great anticipation each year.  I never tire of it!  The songs, narration and voices that come together for this unforgettable perfromance will leave you breathless.  I cry every year.  The show if full of so much I Iook around me, I notice every year that I'm not the only one shedding tears of emotion.  This is definitely a "not to miss" attraction!

  • Via Napoli

    Via Napoli.... OK on 9/13/2010

    Epcot's latest edition in their repertoire of ethnic dining locations is just "OK" in my humble opinion.  Perhaps it was just the type of pizza that I ordered that was the poor choice.  What sounded like a perfect pairing for my taste buds, the Quattro Scagioni (eggplant, mushrooms, artichoke, and parma cotto ham), turned out to be a disappointment.  I do have to say in all fairness, that the pizza sauce was divine.  I just wish that they'd put more of it on the pizza as it was pretty scarce.  I'm guessing that they were probably trying not to overpower the rest of the flavors, but honestly, the sauce was the best part.  It was VERY fresh, tasting practically like they had just picked the tomatoes out the garden that day.  The eggplant on the pizza tasted like it had been dehydrated, with a very dry and chewy consistency.  My dining partner had the pepperoni pizza, which I'

  • Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

    Rix Lounge at Coronado Springs Resort on 11/6/2008

    Rix Lounge located at Walt Disney World’s Coranado Springs Resort (my favorite Moderate Resort), is becoming a wonderful new “hot spot” at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Although the Walt Disney World Resort recently closed all of its nightclubs at Pleasure Island, in Downtown Disney, I think it’s important that people know that this location is a very appealing alternative.  The atmosphere and decor is what I would refer to as super-hip with throw-back touches here and there to the 70s.  With lots of cozy sitting areas and a nice siz

  • Disney's Contemporary Resort

    Contemporary - My 2nd Home! on 8/24/2006

    Ahhh, my beloved Contemporary Resort...........I could go on and on about it!  There are so many things about the Contemporary that strikes a cord within me.  First of all, you really can't get much more DISNEY than The Contemporary Resort.  It, along with the Polynesian, being the first hotels on property, makes it a Disney Classic, truly to be cherished.  The unique design and of the Contemporary makes it almost as recognizable as the Eiffel Tower (among the Disney community, especially).   The recently renovated rooms are gorgeous; Very modern with earth tones, crisp white bedding and silver accents.  Since the renovation, I'd have to say that this has also become the most 'chic' of the Deluxe Resorts.  A large, fully stocked marina, largest game room at any resort (you can even collect tickets to earn prizes), close-up views of the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella's Castle, relaxing views of Ba

  • Katsura Grill

    One of my favorite counter service meals @ WDW on 8/18/2006

    When searching for a counter-service location at WDW the choices are usually pretty limited.........some type of sandwich, hamburger etc. (although I must say that WDW has made great strides in remedying this lately).  Epcot is and always has been the exception to that rule.  My favorite among the sans-burger locations is most definitely Yakitori House.  My favorite offering is the Japanese Curry (not to hot, but just right), while my husband never seems to get enough of the Teriyaki Chicken (I've even seen him go back for ANOTHER order!).  Inside table arrangements are a bit cramped, I would not recommend it if it is a crowded day and it's raining (everyone hovers inside).  However, if the weather is nice, dining outside by the water is a perfect compliment to the great food.   If they had more room within the in-door dining area, I'd give this location a solid 5 in the counter service category.

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park

    Expedition Everest.....TOO COOL! on 2/20/2006

    I was one of the lucky annual passholders that got the wonderful opportunity to preview Expedition Everest.  Let me just say to all of you yet to try it.......youre in for a treat, indeed!  As mentioned before, the ride is incredibly smooth.  Although there are no inversions, this ride lacks NOTHING in the excitement department!  Many surprises, and the fact that it delivers many sensations unique from other coasters,  ensures that this will be a ride that youll not soon forget.  Im a huge rollercoaster enthusiast, and have found that its not always the fastest, biggest and "loopiest track" rollercoasters that offer the best experience.  Theming is a #1 factor for me, in terms of enjoyability.  Without a doubt, (as usual) Disney hit this "nail" right on the head!  A word of advice for those prone to motion sickness; try to ride as close to the back as possible.  When youre going backward (the most likely time that youll experience motion sickness), youre actually in t

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