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Adventures by Disney

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5 Member Reviews by Paula:

  • Liberty Tree Tavern

    Good Eats on 11/23/2010

    My cousin and I ate here on Nov.15 and we got in with no more than a 3 minute wait with a reservation. I can say the all you can eat family style supper was absolutely delicious (although their idea of mac'n'cheese and mine is completely different), I was so full after the appetizer and first helping, I barely made it to the Apple Crisp dessert. The only slight on this place was the service was only mediocre. I ate at better restaurants while in Disney, but I definitely ate at worse as well, I would go back.

  • Via Napoli

    Dining for 2....Not! on 11/23/2010

    We ate at Via Napoli on our last day in Disney on Nov.16. Mostly it was a positive experience, the food was really good. I had the 4 cheese pizza and my cousin had the sausage pizza. both extremely good. and the dessert, I don't even know what it was called, but it came in a really tall glass was divine. My only complaint about this place, when you only have 2 people in your party you are seated at a large dining table in the middle of the floor that seats about 20. All other parties of 3 or more get private tables. While we met a lovely young couple expecting their first child during our meal, it is not my preferred dining style and the next time I go back (and I will), I will ask for the outside terrace dining.

  • The Crystal Palace

    Tiggerific!!! on 11/23/2010

    Some people don't like buffets...I'm not one of them. I love the convenience of them, and they take away the decision of what to pick for you. This one had a wide variety of food, and everything I tried was fantastic. The buffet was filled quickly when something ran out, and our table service was great. Of course the best thing about this place....the characters, I'm a Tigger lover so this place was a must, and I would go back today if I could.

  • 50's Prime Time Cafe

    Wow!! on 11/23/2010

    We visited this place on our last day in wasn't on our original dining agenda, but after hearing reviews from fellow travellers we quickly added it, and we were not disappointed. The service was hilarious....Uncle Tom was quite the character, and was quite disappointed in me when my green beans ended up on my cousins plate (who told!!!). The food was amazing...I had the Mystery Meat...AKA...Meatloaf, it looked like the lightest meal there for dinner (I think a lot of people thought it might be the sandwich, but they were HUGE), my cousin got sucked in by the fried chicken (I had advance notice that it was 4 pieces of chicken....way to much for my liking...especially for lunch), we both loved our meals however, and the bonus of a milkshake and rootbeer float being acceptable drinks on the DDP was great. Milkshake is considered a dessert at Planet Hollywood. Dessert, who had room for after I finished my light meal rather quickly and waited 45 minutes for dea

  • The “Magic” and “Wonder” Of It All (Magic)

    SIMPLY MAGIC on 4/25/2010

    Well what can be said that has not already... simply MAGIC.. We had a wonderful time on our Western Carribean cruise. Too bad for a storm that kept us from Castaway Cay.. the sad part of that, if that is not enough, it was my sisters birthday on that very day... oh the disappointment!!! Just must go back! Highly recommend this cruise... DO IT, YOU WiLL love it!!!!

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