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Adventures by Disney

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12 Member Reviews by Leah Mosenthal:

  • OLP Travel Testimonials

    1st timers fabulous trip! on 12/18/2010

    We are just home from our 12/7-12/14 trip to WDW with our 5 yo and almost 3yo, and oh what fun we had!  We can't thank Christee enough for all her help, her quick responses, tireless efforts with all (and there were a lot!) of our 1st timer questions-the planning helped us know what to expect and helped things go smoothly.  The dining plan worked out well for us; we so enjoyed our MYW package w/ the $500 gift card promotion-while I know we payed for things ahead of time, it was wonderful to feel we spent almost no cash while on vacation.  We also did a split stay, changing after 5 nights from Wilderness Lodge to Caribbean Beach Resort, thus doing a discounted room-only promotion for our last 2 nights and discontinuing the dining plan-it worked out beautifully and helped the budget, allowing us to splurge on MVMCP, which was great fun.  Christee's help with ADR's was amazing-she was also able to advise us what meal to pay out of pocket for

  • Boma

    A winner! on 12/18/2010

    Boma was our favorite buffet and maybe even meal on our 7 night vacation.  We went for dinner on our 2nd night after a day touring the AK; it was nice to check out the lobby of the Jamba House during our brief wait.  The Boma staff were very kind and accommodated our sleeping son in his stroller, and also allowed us to bring his dinner home since he slept til dessert and could not be convinced to eat dinner when the rest of us were elbow deep in their fabulous desserts.  We adults have adventurous palates and both kids are good eaters.  There was a nice selection of familiar and adventurous foods; our 5yo daughter was happy with the children's offerings, fruit and tried a several other things.  Our son enjoyed his prime rib and pasta later that evening.  My husband and I enjoyed the African theme, the food was delicious (I loved the watermelon rind salad, very gingery and refreshing), my husband liked too many things to remember

  • Kona Cafe

    A favorite x 2! on 12/18/2010

    We went to Kona Cafe for dinner and for a breakfast on our recent Dec 2010 vacation, and both times it was wonderful.  As luck would have it, both kids were out cold asleep in the stroller during dinner so it was like being on a date.  My husband had the pork chop and I had the teriyaki steak and both were excellent.  We had planned to let the kids get a Kona Cone for dessert but since they were still asleep, we got one banana chocolate creme brulee and one Kiluaha torte (i think it was called, chocolate cakey outside with warm chocolate inside, vanilla ice cream on the side)-and the creme brulee won.  Our server was wonderful too.  A yummy dinner!

    A few days later we went for breakfast-and it was a treat (even with the kids awake!)  Husband got the Tonga toast, I got the big Kahuna for a sampler of the macadamia nut pancakes plus a little of everything to share with the kids, and Miss Avery got the Mickey pan

  • Whispering Canyon Cafe

    All in good fun! on 12/18/2010

    We came here for dinner (on the dining plan) our 1st night of vacation and while staying at the Wilderness Lodge.  Overall we enjoyed it, the kids were not at all shy about participating in the antics of stick pony rides and helping deliver ketchup to others tables.  Our waiter was a little harried but pleasant, played the part (Dusty Trails), was efficient and got the job done.  He sold us on the bottomless shakes as being part of the dining plan and encouraged us to take at least the fruit plate to go for one of our desserts as it would work well for breakfast, and it did.  My daughter got the kid's fish which was a nice piece of salmon with rice, green beans, and yogurt with fresh strawberries.  She was happy with the yogurt and fruit, cornbread and her milkshake, didn't bother with anything else.  My husband was going to order the pot roast and was advised the steak was much better by Dusty Trails-he was not disappointed

  • The Crystal Palace

    Good character interaction! on 12/18/2010

    We had hoped to come here for a breakfast and ultimately, timing worked out better for dinner the last night of our vacation.  It's important to keep in mind that it's really the character interaction that you're paying for... the characters were great; while all were sweet and cuddly, piglet especially made an effort with all the kids, our daughter included, the photos came out great (poor brother Tate slept through another dinner, thank goodness we didn't have to pay for him being under 3, and they let us pack a little to-go cup with his dinner, very nice as you're not supposed to take to-go containers from a buffet).  The food on the buffet was nice enough, plentiful, refreshed quickly but it didn't have a special feel per say the way Boma did.  We had planned to honor our daughter's birthday here and there was confetti on the table but they forgot doing anything else, and since it wasn't actually her birthday and slipped he

  • Chefs de France Restaurant

    Good but not a favorite on 12/18/2010

    We enjoyed our dinner at Chefs de France but while it was very good, it was not one of our favorites on our week's vacation.  Remy was apparently 'off' as it was Sunday and we had been hoping to see him; unsure if this was typical but if I had known, I might not have booked on a Sunday.  The service was good and attentive, though I think we felt a little out of place in a way.  My daughter enjoyed her pasta and chicken; (Tate slept through another dinner...), the fresh bread was wonderful, the french onion soup and salad very nice, our entrees (the short rib and the beef tenderloin) were very good, our desserts were also good.  They brought us a box to pack up leftovers for Tate's dinner which he enjoyed later).  I think next time we visit Epcot, we'll probably try another option.  There wasn't anything bad about it per say, just underwhelming.  I wouldn't rule out trying it again in the future a

  • Boulangerie Patisserie

    Mmm... on 12/18/2010

    We spent a couple snack credits here on a chocolate croissant and an almond chocolate croissant which we enjoyed for breakfast the next morning, and they were yummy!  The almond one was my favorite, we split them halfsies among the adults!  Felt like a good value for snack credits...

  • Ohana's

    Nice family brunch! on 12/18/2010

    We went to the character breakfast at 10:40am so it was more like a brunch/lunch.  We really enjoyed the family style service and not having to up to a buffet.  Our waiter was very pleasant and attentive; they also did a nice signed postcard and cupcake at the end of the meal for our son's 3rd birthday.  The Ohana coffee seemed a bit better than other Disney coffee, so that was a plus.  The food was excellent, my daughter yummied up the scrambled eggs and had more, everyone loved the special juice, the Mickey waffles were surprisingly light and delicious, and the character interaction and little parade were fun.  We would defininately do this one again!

  • Ghirardelli® Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

    the pass-around sundae on 12/18/2010

    Too bad dining plan snack credits could not be used here.  I debated what to order given the high prices and ultimately decided on getting a 2 scoop hot fudge sundae (just under $9!!) and 4 spoons-hoping the gang waiting at the table outside wouldn't be too disappointed with my choice.  Our family had such fun taking a bite and passing the sundae around til it was gone.  We got to people watch, chat and visit, and even better, not overindulge-it worked beautifully and was a nice way to experience Ghiradelli without blowing the budget or over-doing it.  Fun and delicious, we'll definitely come back!

  • Wolfgang Puck® Express

    Best counter service! on 12/18/2010

    We heard a chef in line ahead of us talking about the great food here, which I knew having read numerous rave reviews ahead of time.  We used 2 counter service credits on flatbread pizzas, one margherita and one pesto with 4 cheeses, got fruit salad for one dessert and a creme brulee for the other, and it was all fresh and delicious.  My daughter had me remove her torn basil before inhaling almost the whole margherita pizza, there was plenty to share between the 4 of us for lunch.  The staff delivered the order to your table, there was plenty of clean seating, nice atmosphere, the line moved quickly-it was our favorite counter service the entire trip!

  • Sunshine Season Food Fair

    a great find! on 12/18/2010

    What a great place for lunch at Epcot!  We used 2 counter service and 1 snack credits here; I thoroughly enjoy the roasted beet and goat cheese salad; we got a turkey and cheese foccacia without the chipolte mayo for my husband and kids to share along with the german potato salad it came with and the supplemental chips for kids.  For dessert my kids shared a mammoth size rice krispy treat and my husband and I shared a normal portioned size of the tiramisu, which was delicious.  Felt like a great find and oh so yummy!

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