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Adventures by Disney

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9 Member Reviews by Kait:

  • Wolfgang Puck® Express

    Best Counter Service in WDW! on 12/16/2008

    Wow! This place is absolutley delicious! We were on the Disney Dining Plan last time we went, and for lunch a few times on the trip, we stopped our theme park activities and made the trek to Downtown Disney just to eat there! On the dining plan, we each got a drink, an entree, and a dessert. I am particularly fond of their gourmet pizzas, and love that you can get frozen yogurt with your choice of topping for dessert! All of the servers there provide you with excellent service. If you're on the dining plan, you can also get anything under 4 dollars as a snack (like their yummy tortilla or butternut squash soup!) The new renovations allow for more indoor seating, while keeping an adequate amount of outdoor seating as well. 2 thumbs up!

  • Yak & Yeti

    Wonderful!! on 2/9/2008

    Wow! This place was everything I thought it would be! The theming itself was perfect. Even if you don't like Asian food..tag alog and enjoy the ambiance! I am very picky about the food I eat, and I LOVED the Yak and Yeti! I got a Chicken Chow Mein noodle bowl, and it was deelish! I went the 2nd day it opened, and got in with NO WAIT whatsoever!! It's definitely my favorite full service dining experience in WDW!

  • Tomorrowland® Transit Authority Peoplemover

    Paging Mr Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow on 8/20/2006

    I may be overdoing it, but this is one of the most interesting rides at the Magic Kingdom! I, myself, am a huge thrillseeker, and you're probably wondering why I love this ride so much! The TTA is first of all a great way to relax. It takes you through the attractions around Tommorrowland, calling out each as you arrive. It gives you unique views of Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, while taking you through Mickey Star Traders, ect. The whole ambiance is amazing. Even as a child, Tommorrowland has always been my favorite. Throughout the ride you see quirky displays and Walt's dream of a future city. Listen carefully to the annoucments being made for a laugh! You also get a great view of Tommorrowland, especially at night. Wonderful ride!

  • Space Mountain®

    Favorite! on 8/20/2006

    Space Mountain. Wonderful ride! When waiting in line, guests are surrounded by holographic pictures of astronauts, planets, and stars. You wait in a dimmed area and the ambiance is great! Many may call it outdated, but I absolutley love it! The ride itself is actually two rides. When arriving into the loading area, you can go to the right, or left. I personally prefer the right, because it allows for a little more thrill. Also, in the loading area, look up at the ceiling! You can see stars, and asteroids that I have referred to as "cookies" since I was a young child. The car seats 3 people in a single file line, and the front is the best for a little more of an intense ride. It has no major drops or anything, but the thrill comes from not being able to tell where you are going! After zipping through the stars, you are let off and transported back to Earth. There are cute displays as you leave. If you want to ride this, I suggest getting a Fa

  • Stitch's Great Escape!™

    Eh, it was okay on 8/20/2006

    Stitch's Great Escape is the replacement of Alien Encounter, and unfortunatley I think that Disney made a mistake in doing this. While Stich is greatly themed, and the animatronics are absolutley amazing, the show itself is a bit of a snooze. Even the younger children in my group walked out of the ride with blank stares on their faces. Alien Encounter was much scarier, and was a treat to older kids and adults who seeked something thrilling in the Magic Kingdom. The pre-show for Stitch is done beautifully, and gets you very excited Once you actually see Stitch, you are amazed at his ability to move and advanced technology. The show gives you some laughs, but Alien Encounter surely was better than Stitch. The ride recieves a 3 out of 5 rating mostly due to the eye catching technology and interesting pre-show.

  • Mission: SPACE

    Finally!! on 8/20/2006

    Wow! Mission Space is by far the most thrilling ride at Disney! Having been on the tallest fastest rides in the world, I would say the most thrilling ever! The theming is excellent, really giving riders an authentic space traveler feeling. The queue is attractive, and isn't too bad to wait in (although I suggest using a fast pass as soon as possible because they often run out early for MS). The wait areas are filled with warnings about motion sickness, clausterphobia, fear of loud sounds, and spinning. It really is an intense ride, and I suggest skipping it if you get motion sickness easily. Once arriving for the pre-show, you are greeted and informed by Gary Sinise via television, and once again warned! You are then guided to your "positioning" areas. There are 4 positions to choose from: Commander, Engineer, Navigator, and Pilot. This is more for theming than for anything else. You load your simulator, and then the ride begins! It is absolutley

  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

    yummy! on 8/19/2006

    Pecos Bill's is one of the best areas to eat at in Magic Kingdom. They have a wide variety of "fixins" for your burgers, great salad and so much more! It is spacious, and connects to El Pirata Y El Perico Restaurante (another one of my favorites), which is the only restaurant I have found in Magic Kingdom that has hot sauce for me to dip my fries in! I go to Disney with a large group of people every year and this is a great place for us to recharge, and since it connects to the mexican restaurant, everyone has a choice of what they want without having to stray far from the group! Excellent location, excellent food!

  • Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

    Fun, yet disappointing on 8/19/2006

    As a frequent Disney World vacationer, I had never been to the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater until a just recently. Upon entering, I was refreshingly impressed with the theming and great service/servers. I absolutley loved the dining arrangment of eating inside of a car! When it came time to order, I went with the BBQ Chicken Breast, and was not impressed at all. The chicken was full of yucky chicken parts, and was "dried out." The fries were good, as they are usually at any Disney establishment. It was disappointing having to pay so much money for an all but great meal. Even though the meal was iffy, the experience without it was great. If I ever go again, I think I'll go with a salad! All in all, it was worth it for the ambiance and friendly/entertaining service.

  • Pizzafari

    excellent! on 8/19/2006

    Pizza is my favorite food, and Pizzafari hit the spot! Their cheesy breadsticks go wonderfully with their cheese pizzas! The pizzas from Pizzafari differ from others around Walt Disney World property, I don't know what it is, but it's good! Their salads are plentiful and tasty! I especially like the Chicken Caesar Salad! You assuredly get your money's worth! Along with yummy food, the theming is wonderful, and seating usually isn't a problem. Service is generally pretty fast also. All in all, Pizzafari is the best place to eat in Animal Kingdom if you want to take a break from park craziness, without having to spend the time as you would waiting even with Priority Seating, and to enjoy good food!

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