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Adventures by Disney

List of reviewers

32 Member Reviews by Beth:

  • Radiator Springs Racers

    My Favorite! on 6/24/2015

    I do my best to ride this one at least twice a day when I am there.  It's the best of what Disney has to offer--creativity,humor, and great animatronics!

  • Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room

    Yummy lunch! on 9/4/2009

    Enjoyed a very good rueben sandwich here!

    Nice ice tea, the "crisps" were good-similar to the Saratoga chips available at other areas here

  • French Market Restaurant, hosted by Stouffer's

    More French Market! on 9/4/2009

    The serving areas have been updated..much easier flow..

    Really liked the Peppercorn roast beef dinner. Large servings (enough for two :) actually)

    Veggies always seem to be cooked well, still have some crunch to them, not over cooked.

    Continues to use china and "real" silver!

    Could benefit from a little more lighting in the evening, but a a very pleasant place for dinner always.

  • Refreshment Corner, by Coca-Cola

    Corner Cafe on 9/4/2009

    A fun place for a snack, or a meal if it's hot dogs you are hungry for!

    Usually a Dixieland piano can be heard here and sometimes..if you are lucky, Alice, Mary Poppins,Bert and the Mad Hatter turn up for a bit of silly fun.

    Usually very approachable for pictures and autographs too.

    We love the Mickey pretzels the best..

    but the hot dogs are good here too. Mostly it's just a really fun place.

  • The Golden Horseshoe

    Love the Billys! on 9/4/2009

    One of our favorite places to sit down, cool off, and enjoy a really good show.

    Everyone seems to enjoy the counter service food. the lines can be long at times, but get there early, grab a table (we prefer upstairs) and get ready for some fun.

    Since the strawberry parfait has gone, we did enjoy a HUGE strawberry sundae.

  • OLP Travel Testimonials

    Awesome! Annivesary Cruise! on 5/9/2009

    Our Dream for our 50th Anniversary was to take a Disney Cruise with as many of our family and friends as could possibly make it.

    Five years in the planning! With OLP Travel Pixies making sure it all went off without a hitch!

    Many..many phone calls and emails over the years..

    It was truely WONDERful!! Perfect in every way.

    Transportation and reservations for 50+ folks ..resort reservations, Magical Express..bus to and from the was all just perfect! 

    Thanks so much to all the Pixies for all the years of detailed work..



  • River Belle Terrace

    Great Breakfast! on 1/14/2009

    Another one of our breakfast favorites.
    Home of the famous Mickey Mouse Pancake.
    HUGE rolls and the usual breakfast choices, but if you can sit outside and watch the activity, it's great.
    Story is that Walt himself frequently ate Sunday mornings there.
    If you time it right (and it's a challenge to do this) you can eat and stay put for Fantasmic the goes on just across the river.

  • Award Wieners

    New seating! on 9/1/2008

    Good for a quick bite..and we like hot dogs.

    The kids hot dog meal is pretty much the same size dog ad the adult menu.

    apples on the side is a nice touch.

    New seating available-out of the sun.

  • Blue Ribbon Bakery, hosted by Nestle Toll House

    Yum! on 9/1/2008

    Great place for a snack on your way out of the Park-or breakfast-or well-any time!

    Some good coffee options, and we love the cinnamon twists.

    No longer do you get the big glass of cold milk, tho-just the small bottle.

    Egg nog lattees during the Holidays are amust!

  • Carnation Cafe

    Lunch, etc. on 9/1/2008

    Must try the Stuffed Potato soup-this is so good!

    Big chunks of potato and topped with cheese-your spoon stands up in the cup!

    Also the veggie sandwich is very good.

    You can get a half sandwich and soup that is a perfect lunch.

  • River Belle Terrace

    Updated! on 9/1/2008

    Since the Belle reopened there has been some changes in the food choices and service..

    The china and 'real' siver has been replaced by disposables-not a bad change, tho.

    The menus at lunch and dinner are a bit different with some nice sandwiches and fruit plates.

    No longer have the ribs,etc.

    Nice condiment bar.

  • French Market Restaurant, hosted by Stouffer's

    new updated menu on 9/1/2008

    No longer can you get the fried chicken-

    It has been replaced with a nice citrus cajan spice chicken, still avalable are the awesome smashed potaotes and perfectly cooked veggies.

    A vegetable au gratin looked very good-cooked in a dish with a nice crunchy topping.

    Look for new desserts,too.

    Fresh fruit and a very good good apple pie like dessert.

    Still ended up busing a table, since they continue to use the china and the CMs don't seem to keep up with the crowds.

  • Redd Rockett's Pizza Port, hosted by Buitoni

    Blast Off Good Food on 5/2/2007

    Way more then pizza for sure!
    We always have the kid's ravioli first thing in the park.
    The servings are huge and pretty good, too.
    The pizza is awesome!
    And the salads look wonderful.
    They have a cheese bread that comes with marinara sauce that seems to be a local favorite.
    Great place to eat.. tucked in the corner of Tomorrowland.
    The decorations are 50's colors and along the walls they have huge posters of the older attractions.. lots of fun to look at.. Skyway, Astrojets, PeopleMover...
    Don't miss this place.

  • Finding Nemo, The Musical

    Nemo!!! on 1/2/2007

    this show is so good! And even the show after the show is great!

    I loved seeing the seagulls saying"bye..bye..bye.."as the audiance filed out!



  • Storybook Princess Brekkie in Norway

    Princesses for Breakfast!! on 12/21/2006

    We liked this breakfast a lot.

    We did feel that the characters moved a bit fast and some of the kids missed a chance to get a picture with them.

    The food was very good-too much food actually-and we found out afterward that you could ask for a lighter option.

    We should have asked,I know.

    Wonderful to get to see MaryPoppins!!

  • Sunshine Season Food Fair

    Fun place! on 12/21/2006

    Something for everyone!!

    I love the new arrangement and the updated menu.

    The kids meals are really a nice touch.

    Some very nice desert and coffee type choices,too.

    The soup choices are yummy.

  • Earl of Sandwich

    Good! on 12/21/2006

    The tomato soup!!!

    The best anywhere!

    The sandwiches are big and good!

    But the tomato soup!!! so good!

  • Yorkshire County Fish Shop

    Super place on 12/21/2006

    This little walk up shop has the best scooped ice cream around!

    The choices are good and the strawberry is a favorite of mine.

    Cones or cups are available.

    I wish they offered a one scoop option and maybe coffee.

    Go next door for coffee or ssoft drinks.

    Tends to be busy just before Fantasmic!

  • Trail's End Restaurant

    Great buffet on 12/21/2006

    Very good food value here and lots of good choices.

    Salads,veggie,chicken  and ribs.

    the corn bread and honey butter are perfect.

    Must try the apple crisp

    A great way to get here is a relaxing boat trip from the Magic Kingdom or Wilderness Lodge.



  • Ariel's Grotto

    Ariel's visit on 7/30/2006

    We ate here for my birthday last year.

    The decor is really outstanding,the food at that time not so much.

    It's a character meal and that was fun.

    I had a burger and it was only fair.

    Coffee wasn't very good and altho they brought me a fresh cup,still,not good.

    Rudy had a pot pie (he loves pot pies) and said it was so so.

    The fun part is that they bring you a little mound of cotton candy at the end of the meal.

    The experience was fun and perhaps the food has improved.

    I'll give it another try some day.

  • Pacific Wharf Café

    Good salads on 7/30/2006

    Love eating here! My favorite is a chicken,apple walnut salad. Super big and very refreshing. You can order it without the bread bowl if you like (same price) and they will put it on a pretty bed of shredded lettuce. I've done both and the breadless version is very filling.

    Rudy likes the sammis there.

    Sit out under a nice umbreella and enjoy the day.

    They have some nice desert options,too..the usual Disney bars and cookies.

  • Taste Pilots' Grill

    Great place on 7/30/2006

    Really large meals-very good burgers and other choices like ribs that are said to be excellent.

    We can share a burger and fries and there's plenty. Condiment bar is huge.

    Our favorite is the chedderburger.

    Some fun kids meal options,too.

    The computer ordering is easy to do and adds to the fun.

    Some indoor seating but lots of patio seating so you can enjoy the fun!


  • Blue Bayou

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    A place to be experianced. Even if it's a one time visit,do try it.

    Walt love this place.

    Lunch is fairly reasonale pricewise and you can get the famous BB MonteChristo.

    LOts of Caygun entree's and pretty spicey. Very good bread and the salalds are good,too. Try to score a table by the water so you can enjoy the crickets and fireflies and watch the PoC boats go by.

    PSs are a good idea,but walk-ins for a small party are a good bet,esp. in the off season during the day.


  • Café Orléans

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    Recently reopened as table service and it's a nice option.

    There are some new menu items too,one-the MonteChristo-can be ordered as a three cheese sandwich as well as the traditional style.

    French onion soup is now available and pretty good. Gotta have the mint julip,of course. Nice fresh ice tea,also.

    The web site doesn't (or didn't) indicate that it was a PS option restaurant,but in July 2006,they were taking PSs.

  • Carnation Cafe

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    I'd rate this place a 10 actually!!!

    We love breakfast here! The Mickey waffles are light and crispy and you can get fresh fruit toppings.

    The breakfast sandwiches are huge and tasty.

    I asked for the kid size breakfast sammi and it was perfect. The coffee is excellent-fancy stuff is available,too.

    Service is usually prompt and fun. Gary is one of our favorite servers.

    All seating is patio style,with some umbrellas shading for sunny morningss.

    The lunch options are tasty too.

  • French Market Restaurant, hosted by Stouffer's

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    Wonderful outdoor eatinfg and lots of buffett options.

    The fried chicken is huge and very good. Nice freshly made salads,too. You can order several 'sides' as your meal too.

    Real dishes and silver!

    The strawberry shortcake is excellant!

    As always the music is wonderful. Outdoor seating in a shaded patio.

    When Haunted Mansion Holiday was open last year,the food choices were themed along that line. The kids meal came in a Zero dog dish! Very cute!

  • Hungry Bear Restaurant

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    Pretty much the usual Disney fare,but very good and the seating is along the Rivers of America so you can watch the riverboat, Columbia, and the Davy Crockett Canoes go by. Ducks are enthusiastic baggers ans well as an occasional Disneyland kitty for company.

    You can see folks scrambling around Tom Sawyer's Island from the seating area.

    Two level seating-upper is beat..IMHO and the are convenient restrooms down.

  • Plaza Inn

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    Very nice place to eat-inside or out.

    The chicken dinnners are huge and perfect to share. Interesting that as often as I've eaten here,the green beans served with the dinner are cooked perfectly!!

    The chicken kid's meals are very nice with a chicken leg,potatoes and gravey,bisquit and apple sauce with a drink.

    The pasta options for kids looked good too.

    Lots of desert options (did someone say chocolate?) and nicely made fresh salads.

    It's a beautiful place to eat and the patio outside is large and partially shaded.

  • Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante, hosted by Ortega

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    The Rancho now is all Mexican options and very good. A new chef has updated some old favorites.

    Lots of  taco/burrito choices-all freshly made and an excellent lime chicken. Huge portions-again large enough to share. The salads are freshly made and huge.

    I had a huge fruit plate with great fresh fruit.

    Outdoor patio seating and food is served on real dishes and silverware.

  • Redd Rockett's Pizza Port, hosted by Buitoni

    yummy on 7/30/2006

    A fun place to eat. Pizza looked good,we had the ravioli and spagetti which was nicely cooked. The meatballs were only fair and will pass on them next time.

    Some nice fresh salad options,too.

    Indoor and outdoor seating available and some on the 'Flight Deck' next to the line for Space Mountain.

    A good place for a quick snack,altho the pizza orders seem to get behind at times.

  • River Belle Terrace

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    One of our favorite breakfast spots!

    Eat out on the Terrace and watch the activity in NewOrlean's Square!

    The breakfast choices are huge! Really nice fluffy buttermilk pancakes,scrambled eggs,bacon or sausage and breakfast potaoes.

    The cinnamon rolls are HUGE and freshly made.

    The ribs from the Rancho are available here now.

  • Tiki Juice Bar, hosted by Dole Pineapple

    Yummy on 7/30/2006

    Gotta get your Dole Whip!!

    Also fresh pineapple sears,Dole floats.

    Right next to the entry to the one and only original TikiHut!

    Get your Dole whp and enjoy the preshow!

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