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Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park

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Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park

Where nature combines with creativity to inspire a new appreciation for Life.

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Under appreciated! 3/23/2016 by Jodi
I absolutely LOVE Animal Kingdom, but I hear a lot of folks question whether or not they should even visit this park b/c they 'don't need to go to WDW to look at animals'. Well, yes, it is called Animal Kingdom and YES, there are animals. LOTS of them. But it isn't a zoo by any means. In fact, back in the day when it first was opening, they used the phrase 'notazoo' to describe this new park. For me, I adore the animals, but there is soooooo much more to do. There are awesome rides, great character meeting experiences, some amazing dining, my favorite shows in all of WDW (Festival of the Lion King and Flights of Wonder), and lots of amazing music everywhere you go. Plus if you're looking for something unique to take home with you, they have some really great shops, too. So PLEASE, do yourself a favor and go visit! You'll be glad you did! Read reviews by this author

Every Trip! 7/21/2015 by Ahnalira

Disney's Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite destinations at Walt Disney World.  I love the music and colors and the street performers and the wildlife.  Mostly, though, I love the meandering feeling of the park...it makes me slow down and enjoy the theming.

I think, though, that the park is a little short on attractions and restaurants so I am really looking forward to Avatar Land!

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White Cheeked Gibbons at Animal Kingdom 2/11/2012 by Franniepoppins

The White Faced Gibbons is a unique monkey that you might be fortunate to see in Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Walt Disney World near the entrance to Maharajah Jungle Trek in Asia.  The female is gold, and babies are born gold, and the males are black.  They are quite beautiful.  They only like the shade, and can be found under the canopy of trees.  These monkeys live in monogamous families of mated pairs and their babies.  The pairs sing to each other, and this claims their territory and strengthens their bond.  Each White Cheeked Monkey pair has a unique song.


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Mixed Feelings 3/22/2010 by elibug
Well, I've been to the Animal Kingdom twice and I have to say that's enough for me. (First time I went I was 15 and then 17) It's definitely gorgeous, there are some spots were you really feel like you are in Africa (the plaque that says Welcome to Harambe makes you feel like you're really there) but honestly though, with the exceptions of the Lion King Show and Mount Everest, this is by far my least favorite park (and trust me when I say I couldn't be more of a Disney World freak/addict). Perhaps it's because of my age but I just don't fully enjoy it, the safari was a HUGE disappointment we barely saw any animals and the three that we saw were far away sleeping; now I know that the animals have they're own "clock", but still - for a 90 minute line to get there - you'd expect more. For some reason I just don't like this park, if you have little ones they might enjoy it a whole lot more especially little boys (lots of st Read reviews by this author

Animal kingdom 9/3/2006 by Karen
 I love Animal Kingdom. I went on Expedition Everest, and it is so cool. Read reviews by this author

Expedition Everest.....TOO COOL!
2/20/2006 by dizneydonna
I was one of the lucky annual passholders that got the wonderful opportunity to preview Expedition Everest.  Let me just say to all of you yet to try it.......youre in for a treat, indeed!  As mentioned before, the ride is incredibly smooth.  Although there are no inversions, this ride lacks NOTHING in the excitement department!  Many surprises, and the fact that it delivers many sensations unique from other coasters,  ensures that this will be a ride that youll not soon forget.  Im a huge rollercoaster enthusiast, and have found that its not always the fastest, biggest and "loopiest track" rollercoasters that offer the best experience.  Theming is a #1 factor for me, in terms of enjoyability.  Without a doubt, (as usual) Disney hit this "nail" right on the head!  A word of advice for those prone to motion sickness; try to ride as close to the back as possible.  When youre going backward (the most likely time that youll experience motion sickness), youre actually in t Read reviews by this author

expedition everest
2/6/2006 by nickysgranpa
Last weekend I rode Disneys newest attraction. Expedition Everest at the Animal Kingdom. It is in my estimation the best ride in all of Disney World. It is the smoothest , quietest roller coaster I have ever ridden. It has lots of surprises , Like when you get to a point where the tracks are all torn up and you can go no farther. Then you go backwards. It is then that you first encounter the Yeti. It is a terrific ride . We rode it and were able to get right back on and ride it again. Read reviews by this author

Perhaps my favorite park! 10/15/2005 by Ser Alan
I really love the Animal Kingdom, every little detail is a thing of beauty. It is especially fun to see animals everywhere you turn. Africa is fun because of the drummers and of course, the Kilimanjaro Safari is delightful! Asia has the Jungle Trek and very wet river boat ride. Even the entrance is very pleasant, with so much lush vegetation.  This is perhaps the hottest park for some reason, and there is a severe lack of real restaurants here. Otherwise I just love it! I can hardly wait for Mt Everest to open :)
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  • Anandpur Ice
  • Dawa Bar
  • Dino Bite Snacks
  • Flame Tree Barbeque
  • Harambe Fruit Market
  • Harambe Market
  • Kusafiri Bakery & Coffee Shop
  • Pizzafari
  • Rainforest Cafe
  • Restaurantosaurus
  • Royal Anandapur Tea Company
  • Safari Barbecue
  • Safari Popcorn
  • Safari Pretzel
  • Tamu Tamu Refreshments
  • Trilo-Bites
  • Tusker House Restaurant
  • Yak & Yeti
  • Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe

    Movie Clips:  

  • A Minute with Monkeys in Asia
  • African Twist
  • Cutie-Pie Monkeys
  • Expedition Everest
  • Festival of the Lion King
  • Flights of Wonder
  • Goofy Gets This party Started.
  • Hanging with the Monkeys in Asia
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Karuka Kenyan Acrobats
  • Kilimangaro Safari - moments
  • Life Underneath the Tree of Life
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek
  • Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
  • Nemo, The Musical Montage
  • Otters in water
  • Otters on land
  • Pizzafari Review
  • Playful Hippos
  • Tusker House Entertainment
  • Yak & Yeti Review


  • Affection Section
  • Conservation Station®
  • Cretaceous Trail
  • DINOSAUR (Countdown to Extinction)
  • Dino-Sue
  • Discovery IslandTM Trails
  • Expedition Everest™
  • Fossil Fun Games
  • Habitat Habit!
  • It's Tough To Be A Bug!®
  • Kali River Rapids®
  • Kilimangaro Safaris®
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek®
  • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail®
  • Primeval Whirl®
  • The Boneyard®
  • The Oasis Exhibits
  • Tree of Life
  • TriceraTop Spin
  • Wildlife Express Train


  • Beastly Bazaar
  • Chester & Hester's Dinosaur Treasures
  • Creature Comforts
  • Daka La Filimu
  • Garden Gate Gifts
  • Island Mercantile
  • Mandala Gifts
  • Mombasa Marketplace/Ziwani Traders
  • Out of the Wild
  • Outfitters
  • The Outpost Shop
  • Wonders of the Wild


  • Beatniks
  • Camp Minnie-Mickey Greeting Trails
  • Festival of the Lion King
  • Finding Nemo, The Musical
  • Flights of Wonder
  • Karuka Acrobats
  • Lucky the Dinosaur - Coming May, 2005
  • Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
  • Mor Thiam
  • Royal Drums of Africa
  • Seryanan Acrobats
  • The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic

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