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Adventures by Disney

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50's Prime Time Cafe
Echo Lake, Disney Hollywood Studios
Average Member Rating: Member Rating: 4 out of 5
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Type: full
Cuisine: American
Price Scale: $$
Meals Served: L, D

Located in the Disney’s MGM Studios, walking into the Prime Time Café is like walking into a slice from the 50’s. Mom and Dad are back in the kitchen cooking lunch and dinner while the aunts and uncles who wait upon your table will make sure you mind your manners; >). Food selections range from the comfort of meatloaf to nouveau sandwiches. Sugar free shakes are right on the menu, and get ready for the S’mores offered for dessert! Prices are in the $$$ range and PS arrangements are almost always required.

Video Reviews & 360 VRs:

Lunch 50s Prime Time Cafe Review

Fried chicken at the Fifties Prime Time Cafe.

50s Prime Time Cafe Review

Alan and Ahnalira have a raucous dinner at the 50s Prime Time Cafe, Echo Lake, Disneys Hollywood Studio, Walt Disney World

OLP Review:

We are gonna have some fun today! Just the thought of dining "back in the 50s"

with all the gang at Disney MGM Studios gets my giggle going.


We were quite a crew of reviewers, too!



With three of the gang - AprilL, Lazar, and Tawna - REAL castmembers... How cool is that?!

Here is Alan "reviewing" his sugarfree chocolate shake... or what is left of it; >)


Beth sampled the pot roast,and gave it a two thumbs up... "almost" as good as hers; >)

Rudy gave his chicken pot pie a one thumbs up... he had to use the other thumb to cut the crust, he said.

 The flavor, though, he added, was excellent.

All three castmembers sampled the chicken sandwich and agreed, with all three heads nodding,

that the best part of the chicken sandwich was the bacon.

Alan and Ahnalira shared the ceasar salad and fried chicken... The fried chicken won the best meal

of the day award with the ceasar salad coming in a close third AFTER the potroast.


Dessert was (well, you guess it!) a sugarfree chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and chunks of dark

 chocolate in it... YUM! It fed everyone at the table and half went home for a total of $25.00...

definitely the "bargain" of the meal!

And, while the entrees got mixed reviews,

everyone wholeheartedly agreed that the fun to be had at 50s Prime Time Cafe is off the charts!

Meals averaged between $15 and $20 per person and got a varying rating from fair to very good.

Ambience and presentation got a whole hearted "Great!" Will these reviewers go again? Count on it!

article edtor

Average member review 4 our of 5 stars.Member Reviews:
4/11/2016 by tonya
I can't even tell you how many times I've eaten here... I love the theme. I love the 50's setting. The servers are fun. However, the food for me is hit or miss.My husband got the pot roast last time and the meat was so fatty he had to send it back. He was disappointed. I normally get the fried chicken. Dessert, the good old fashion s'more!
gf Fried Chicken is delicious too
1/18/2016 by Ser Alan

Visiting our old fave, 50's Prime Time Cafe, was a whole new experience gluten-free!  But, of course, we only went because we knew they had gf Fried Chicken waiting for us -- note: we called ahead to arrange for the gf fried chicken.   It came with potatoes and corn on the cob, however, the chicken was definitely the star and did not disappoint.

No-sugar-added dessert was a very plain cheesecake with a few berries on the side -- apparently both the strawberry sauce and the whip cream have sugar in them.  

Rating: ambience: 4, service 4, fried chicken 5, cheesecake 2.  Overall I'm calling it a 4!

always a good time
6/5/2015 by Christee Thomas

Everytime I eat here it never gets old.  The food is great.  The service it fun.  The atmosphere is outstanding.  Anything that you get here can not disappoint, it's all home cooking and delicious.  

More Fun Than Food
10/28/2014 by Tim

If you want to laugh through the meal and be totally mesmerized by the the theming, this is a must do meal.  If you are looking for a high quality food experience, it's kinda hit and miss, though.  I still like to go.  I just don't expect a "foodie" dining experience.

Fried chicken
9/21/2013 by Ser Alan
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Prime Time Cafe has the BEST fried chicken --crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, perfectly cooked every time! We also had a sugarfree cheesecake for dessert. As always, its a good time at Prime Time.
Went to 50's
1/30/2013 by Tonya

I wanted to follow up from my last review. I was looking forward to dining at 50's Prime Time. Each family member got to pick a must eat restaurant and Prime Time was mine.

This restaurant is never the same. We were so disappointed this time around. Several of us had the trio menu- fried chicken, meatloaf, and pot roast. The meal I was looking forward to. The meal was not to what I would call Disney standard. The chicken was greasy, the meatloaf was just so bad, we couldn't eat it and the pot roast... fatty and again we couldn't eat it. My husband was the only brave one to request a new meal and even the 2nd meal he ordered was left on his plate. Now the last trip in 2010, the food was awesome. It was great!! So we were disappointed t

eh... it's okay
12/9/2012 by connie

The atmosphere at the 50's Prime Time Diner is so cool, but the food is just so-so.   We prefer the Sci-Fi Drive in!

Love the 50's!
10/23/2012 by Tonya

I love going to Disney's Hollywood Studios and I especially love eating at 50's Prime Time Cafe'. I'm going to dine there in Nov. and I'm excited that they have a new menu. It includes a sample meal. The best of 3 meals there. The fried chicken, meatloaf, and the pot roast. YUM! But try to leave room for dessert. The Dad's Sundae is the best!! I also love the theme of the restaurant. You are going to dine with your cousins and don't let them catch you with your elbows on the table. ha!!! One trip I didn't behave and I had to sit in the corner with a dunce cap on. Trust me, I've learned my lesson.winkFamily Fun
5/31/2012 by Christee Thomas

When you can have a meal with your family, you know you are in for a good time.  So when you meet your new Cousin, you know you are in for a treat or maybe a trick.  Great food and good times to be had for all. 

11/23/2010 by Paula
We visited this place on our last day in wasn't on our original dining agenda, but after hearing reviews from fellow travellers we quickly added it, and we were not disappointed. The service was hilarious....Uncle Tom was quite the character, and was quite disappointed in me when my green beans ended up on my cousins plate (who told!!!). The food was amazing...I had the Mystery Meat...AKA...Meatloaf, it looked like the lightest meal there for dinner (I think a lot of people thought it might be the sandwich, but they were HUGE), my cousin got sucked in by the fried chicken (I had advance notice that it was 4 pieces of chicken....way to much for my liking...especially for lunch), we both loved our meals however, and the bonus of a milkshake and rootbeer float being acceptable drinks on the DDP was great. Milkshake is considered a dessert at Planet Hollywood. Dessert, who had room for after I finished my light meal rather quickly and waited 45 minutes for dea
Can't go wrong with the Fried Chicken
6/3/2010 by Ser Alan
Prime Time Cafe is a regular stop for us, we stopped in for part of our Birthday Celebration and were not disappointed in any way.  The waiter played his part to the hilt, which was a delightful way to revisit the terrors of my childhood! 

I ordered the fried chicken with Southern Greens and mashed potatoes.  The fried chicken was excellent in every way, crunchy crust with tender, moist meat on the inside and the flavor was excellent -- I give the chicken a solid 5, I've never had better!  The southern greens were and interesting experience but not my cup of tea... Uncle Mikey and I had several discussions about this (how did he know I hid them under my mashed potatoes???).  The mashed potatoes were quite delicious.

Ahnalira had the salmon which was good but not great.

Happily they did have a sugar free dessert for us, a very good, fresh cheesecake.

Mixed Feelings
5/3/2010 by SophiaCamille
My family and I went last January because we had loved the food the three times we had been to Disney before and frankly, we were quite disappointed. I had the open faced steak sandwhich- the steak was very medium rare after I specifically asked for it to be extremely well done! and the bread was soaked with the tomato vinagrette making the whole sandwhich extremely "mooshee" !! My husband had the chicken pot pie and the crust was so hard he barely ate any, the filling however he said wasn't that bad but was quite bland. Our 9 and 14 year old daughters opted for the grilled shrimp salads and loved them, I tried and they actually were quite tasty, the best of our meal in my opinion. Our 15 year old boy had the fried chicken and said it was insanely greasy, he barely had any. For dessert my husband and I shared the lemon meringu
50's Food Fantastic!
11/11/2008 by Disney Diva Susan

Mmmmm!  Mmmmm! Good!!!!  That is what we all agreed on at this place.  Even the waiter was not as "rude" (although he did play a good game) as some.  He always checked on us and was very humerous.  We were lucky to have someone who did not make fun of us, because the other tables in the room got it enough for all of us.  My kids covered up their "unfinished" meals with a napkin so he "would not notice".  I think the other waitress in the place would have made everyone make the airplane sounds for the kids to take another bite.  My husband and I both had the meatloaf and it was fantastic!  Every part of the meal.  The S'More's Dessert was really tasty, too.  Great place to end the day while in Hollywood Studio's. 

Disney Diva Susan

Still a blast!
9/1/2008 by Jodi

We went back to 50's PT just a few weeks ago!  The host was so friendly and told us how he had lived in Maine, but came back to see "mom and the family" b/c he just really enjoyed the weather in Florida.  Our waitress was such a fun person and really made the meal enjoyable!  Our food was very good, too!  And VERY filling!  We all got happy plate stickers!  Our dessert, however, left a lot to be desired.  My bread pudding tasted like left over fruit cake with ice cream on top!  Not too tasty at all.  And dh's brownie sundae tasted like the brownie had been made a while back.  The ice cream was good, though!  Overall, it was a great experience and lots and lots of fun!  We will certainly be back!  We just won't get our hopes up for a great dessert!  This is one place where it's a good idea to fill up on your entree and n

Fun and Festive
2/12/2007 by Mary

I love this restuarant! We always hit it everytime were in MGM. The kids love the atmosphere, reminds them of "grandmas" house! The interation with the waitstaff and patrons and great! My oldest is very shy, and they had her laughing and she joined right in. The fried chicken is the best by far, I do like the meatloaf as well. The drinks are fun! and yummy! can't wait to go back this March!


Very Good
1/13/2007 by LP
We ate here for lunch in August. There was 8 of us. We all found food we enjoyed. The Fried Chicken was delicious, and was a huge portion, enough for me and my daughter to share. The milkshakes were thick, flavourful and yummy. The service was great, and our server was very funny. He had my children laughing at the 'ribbing' he did to me. When I didn't finish my corn (which I requested in place of the greens) he teased me. A few minutes later he brought me out 'dessert'. When I dug in to it, my corn was underneath the whipped cream! Ambience was great. We will definately return here!
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