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Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas
Average Member Rating: Member Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Type: full
Cuisine: African
Price Scale: $$$
Meals Served: L, D

Located on the first floor of the Kidani Village Deluxe Villas at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Sanaa offers a variety of East African and Indian inspired foods in a delightful ambience with a view of the Savanna.

Video Reviews & 360 VRs:

Sanaa Gluten Free!

OLP assays exotic African Cuisine without the gluten!

Sanaa Dinner Review

OLP reviews a delicious dinner at Sanaa while watching the Zebra at play in Kidani Village, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Sanaa Lunch Review

Alan and Ahnalira review their delicious East African lunch at Sanaa of Kidani Village.

OLP Review:

Located in the Kidani Village of Animal Kingdom Lodge, Sanaa is a veritable feast of sensations!

From the moment you are greeted, East Africa theming is exquisitely portrayed in the theming.

I meandered through the restaurant, in awe of the beautiful theming and attention to detail...

Did you notice how close this table is to the savannah?  Animals come right up to the window!  And check out the ceiling..  I gotta get me one of these; >)

Already, our senses have a had a feast, and we haven't even seen the food yet.  It's coming  We enjoyed the food here so much that we came back again the next night...  so we have pictures of almost everything on the menu to show you

This is Roasted Cauliflower from the appetizer menu.  They bring a red dipping sauce, but I liked dipping it in everything.

Curries come arranged in three bowls.  This one is chicken in a red curry.  You get a choice of sides, and I chose rice pilaf and spinach saag.

Green beans are offered as a side dish.

The Cornish Hen has a spicy rub with a dried cherry sauce.

Tandoori Lamb Curry

Bread doesn't come as a complimentary offering here, but it is highly recommended as a part of East African dining.  You will get a choice of bread types (this is Naan) and dipping spreads.

 This Paneer Cheese comes as an appetizer and was my personal favorite of everything!

For the salad, you pick three of a variety of options.  This was enough to be an entree, in my humble opinion.

Scallops are on the appetizer list

A Curried Chicken Soup...  very tasty broth!

And the piece de resistance (for me, anyway) was the sugar free Mango Mousse.

YUM!  I'm ready to go back today

By Disney's standard, Sanaa is moderately priced at about $20 - $25 per person (not including alcohol, of course)  We have only high praises for Sanaa on all counts.  All OLP thumbs up

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Average member review 4.5 our of 5 stars.Member Reviews:
Tough menu for gf+nsa
1/17/2016 by Ser Alan

On our recent visit to Sana'a for a gluten-free and no-sugar-added dinner, we worked closely with the chef to find things which we could eat from the menu.  It was surprisingly difficult because almost everything had either sugar or gluten in it!  We settled on the gluten-free naan bread and a few dipping sauces and then we had a long discussion about the entree.  

The gluten-free naan was a little strange to be honest, it didn't have the puffy quality one normally associated with naan -- instead being sort of dense and heavy feeling.  The sauces were a mixed bag.  The raita was great, the pickled garlic a little strange, sambhala chilil sauce was spicy but good.

I followed that with a mix and match dish combining two other entrees -- South African sausage which was delicious, and shrimp durban which was sort of a shrimp curry dish and was also very good.  Ahn

Had to come back and will be going back again
10/21/2015 by Christee Thomas

The restaurant alone is enough to make any one happy,  A terrific view of the savanna and the tree going through the dining room with lanterns hanging above.  Then the food comes out and you are in paradise.  The bread service is out of this world delicious.  Make sure to get all 9 dipping sauces and you may need to ask for more bread.  It's that good.  The entrees are just as delicious as the bread service.  This was the best meal we had on property this trip, maybe the best yet and we come to Walt Disney World Resort a few times a year.  We will be coming back again, and again.  

A Little Weird
10/29/2014 by Lori Jones

All of the restaurants at the Animal Kingdom Lodge are a little weird to me, but this is the only one where it was really hard for me to find something "normal."  My husband loved it so I gave it 4, even though on my own it would only get a 3 because the theming was cool and the animals outside were awesome.

Great lunch spot at AKL
9/18/2013 by Ser Alan

After hitting all of the other eateries at Animal Kingdom Lodge, I decided to make the walk from Jambo house over to Kidani house and catch a lunch at Sana'a with a friend.  We were surprised by an afternoon thunderstorm, but fortunately there is a quick shuttle every 5 to 10 minutes running from Jambo to Kidani so we were able to stay dry.   As always, Sana'a was not very crowded at lunch so they were happy to accommodate us even without a reservation.  I opted for the Bison sandwich, which actually turned out to be more like some sort of an open-faced flatbread/salad with the Bison patty (hand formed!) on top of greens, goat cheese and a freshly cooked pita bread on the bottom.  It was quite delicious!  My companion opted for the Lamb Kefta sandwich which comes in a similar presentation and he proclaimed his to meal to excel.   The usual suspects showed up outside our window, Ankou Cat

Dinner with the Zebras
3/27/2012 by Ser Alan

Sana'a has become one of our favorites, right along with the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Kidani Villas.  We stopped in for dinner and got one of the best seats in the house with a panoramic view of the animals -- just in time to see the Zebras and Giraffes fighting over a few bales of hay (Zebras won!).

Sana'a is always a rather exotic experience -- probably the most exotic of the restaurants on Disney property -- so I'm never sure what to get when I come here.  That's part of the reason we enjoy it so much and why I highly recommend this restaurant -- you've got to try it at least once!  I've found you really can't go wrong with the bread sampler plate, yummy Na'an and Kulcha flat breads with sauces of your choice.  After that I went for the hot stew selection and ordered one of the new menu items called Butter Chicken -- this is my new favorite, it is absolutely scrumptious and I can't w

Lunch with the giraffes
11/17/2009 by Ser alan
Best lunch ever, and we made a video review! Tandoori chicken was delicious and the view is spectacular! Gets 5's all the way around. Even better for lunch than it was for dinner :)
The best Chai ever and a view of the giraffes!!
6/6/2009 by Ser Alan

We just finished a delightful meal at the new Sanaa restaurant located on the first floor of the brand new Kidani Village Deluxe Villas at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  What a wonderful restaurant.  To start off, the restaurant decor is supreme -- based on the same African theming used throughout the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  To top that off, you have a ground level view of the Savannah -- what can be more fun than watching giraffes and zebras stroll by the window as you stuff yourself with all sorts of African tasty treats?

The menu is great fun, my favorite item was the paneer paretha -- sort of a flat cheesey bread -- with the red hummus.  I also had the roasted cauliflower which was quite delicious, and the tandoori lamb chops which I highly recommend.  To finish my meal was a wonderful fluffy Mango pudding (more like a mousse if you ask me) with a pot of the best chai tea I've ever had.  I heard

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10/29/2014 6:42:20 PM

10/29/2014 6:42:20 PM

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