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Restaurant Marrakesh
Morocco, Epcot®
Average Member Rating: Member Rating: 3 out of 5
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Type: full
Cuisine: Moroccan
Price Scale: $$$
Meals Served: L, D

For a meal of exotic Northern African flavors, Restaurant Marrakesh is an oasis of delight in the Morocco World Showcase at Epcot. From the sunlit tiles of Morocco’s outdoor plaza, one enters a cool ambiance of music and belly dancers and beautiful mosaics. The dining room is built on two tiers with the first tier surrounding a stage where musicians and dancers make regular appearances. Be prepared: the stage is large enough for the dancer to invite dining guests to join her?

Restaurant Marrakesh serves lunch ($$) and dinner($$$), and, while the menus are very similar, the prices at lunch are slightly less. Dining may be ordered ala carte or as inclusive dinners that offer a wide variety of sampling. Strong, fresh-brewed mint tea is the beverage of choice in North Africa, and it is offered, in addition to more traditional American beverages, to complement the variety of kebabs, couscous, and roast lamb and chicken dishes that are the staples of the menu.

Video Reviews & 360 VRs:

Restaurant Marrakesh Review

A pleasant dinner accompanied by belly dancing and arabic music at the Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco, Epcot, Walt Disney World.

OLP Review:
Restaurant Marrakesh can be found at the very back of Morocco in the World Showcase at Epcot.  The intricate tile work and richly colored lobby transports the diner, truly, to another land.

The meal includes appetizer, entree, dessert, AND entertainment!

We chose the harrira soup and seafood bastilla as appetizers

Marion had the Vegetable Couscous

Alan chose the Chicken Kabobs

Ahnalira, the Marrakesh Feast that included a sampling of lamb, chicken kabob, and seafood pastilla with rice

During dinner, we were entertained by a Morrocan musician

and a bellydancer...

who gave lessons

She actually got me out on the floor with her also, but - ALAS! - no one had a camera to catch that; >)

Dessert was a creative (and spontaneous) sugarfree crepe

Prices were moderate ($$) for World Showcase restaurant with entrees averaging $13 to $15.  Everyone gave their meal a solid "very good" rating with the Chicken Kabob taking the favorite position (though Ahnalira has plans to sample the vegetarian couscous next time; >)  The entertainment was a delightful addition to an already well done meal.  The OLP review team gives Restaurant Marrakesh two thumbs up and a belly twirl!
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Average member review 3 our of 5 stars.Member Reviews:
Disappointing the second time around.
3/17/2016 by Jodi
I was so excited when my husband wanted to go back to Marrakesh on our last trip to WDW. After a wonderful experience the first time, this was definitely on my happy list. Unfortunately, our experience could not have been more different. It was later in the evening, but still a full 2 hours before park closing when we arrived for our reservation. We were seated and a less than happy to see us waiter came over. He never smiled, nor made any effort whatsoever to make us feel welcome or like our business was appreciated. Other than delivering drinks and food, we never saw him. I tried on those few moments of seeing him to be pleasant and encourage him to do the same, but it wasn't going to happen. So on to the food. I ordered the lamb since is was amazing last time. It was far from amazing this time. It was extremely fatty and greasy. I could barely choke it down, so gave up after a few bites. The couscous was good, though. Sadly, the only REALLY good thing I had, though
Better than I remembered!
9/3/2012 by Ser Alan

For the first time in many years, we stopped in at Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco for dinner.  They always have had live Moroccan music along with a belly dancer -- and did not disappoint on that score yet again.  The menu seems quite a bit more compact now than I remembered, but the dishes available seem pretty much the same.  I ordered the lemon half chicken which was nicely cooked (falling off the bone!) and well seasoned.  It came with potatoes and olives which made a nice complement.  Ahnalira seemed completely thrilled with her appetizer plate which included humus, eggplant salad and was quite tasty.  The mint iced tea is always a winner, we got it unsweetened and it was quite refreshing.  Service was excellent, in fact the dinner came out in record time and they brought a steady stream of Mint iced teas, often before I was even aware I'd run out.  All in all this is definitely worth a

Absolutely LOVE it!
4/22/2012 by Jodi

Ok, I admit it, I'm a foodie.  And an adventurous foodie at that!  So, the opportunity to try something very different from traditional western fare is right up my alley.  However, upon looking at the menu outside of Marrakesh, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to go ahead and try it, but, of course, I did.  And what a wonderful surprise it was!  From the exotic atmosphere to the traditional looking Moroccan servers to the belly dancer and musicians, this was truly a dining adventure.  And that was before we even had our meal!  Let me just say, I was most definitely NOT disappointed with the food, either.  The meat was tender and well marinated, the couscous was wonderful, the baklava was to die for.  And, if you feel extra brave, definitely give the lamb a try.  By the time it was finished, my oldest son and I were fighting over the last bite of the lamb.

Sadly, disappointed
10/27/2007 by Ahnalira

I‘ve been going to this restaurant for 15 years and enjoying a little North African fare.  Sadly, my most recent visit in August 2007 made an impression on me...  that wasn‘t as happy as the other memories

The taste and presentation has changed.  I would stay away from the lamb shank altogether now.  It is served on the bone now and is very fatty, not to mention unappetizing to look at  The taste of the food was generally bland rather than delicately spiced Morrocan-style as I had remembered.

If you are seated around the stage, the ambiance is still quite exotic with live muscian and dancer.  If you are seated in the back corner of the restaurant (like we were), it‘s just loud...  so be sure and ask for ringside seating if you decide to sample this restaurant for yourself

A bit bland
8/6/2007 by Ser Alan
We recently decided to pop in for dinner on a hot sunny day. As usual, the ambience is exotic and cool. The drumming Moroccan music and belly dancer are entertaining (although we were seated way off to the side where we couldn‘t see much). I ordered the chicken couscous which I found to be juicy but extremely bland flavorwise. Its a huge dish, enough to feed a family of four I think! Overall, I give it a 3 because the food was so non-descript! Still, I recommend everybody try it at least once, it is a unique experience. You may have better luck with the Kabobs, unless you like bland dishes.
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11/27/2012 12:00:00 AM

11/27/2012 12:00:00 AM

11/27/2012 12:00:00 AM

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