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OLP: Stitch's Great Escape!™ in Magic Kingdom® Park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Height Restriction: 35" Ride Length: 15 minutes On your first day as a prison guard at the Galactic Federation Prison Teleport Center, you are in training to handle "level one" (quite harmless) prisoners. During training, a "level three" (dangerous) prisoner is captured (Stitch). As Stitch, tries to escape, the prison guards are fervently trying to catch him. Tip: This ride might scare very young children, as there are long periods of total darkness. Tip: If running short on time, this one could be easily skipped with no remorse. Fun Fact: Until Lucky the Dinosaur's debut, the Stitch audio-animatronic here was said to be the most detailed and realistic one ever created by imagineers.

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BEST RIDE EVER 2/22/2011 by Vinnie
Stitch's Great Escape is the perfect for me. The Stitch guy looks cool. The chilli smell is good but fowl. The desgin looks very cool. I LOVE THIS RIDE. The preshows were boring but the main show is very awesome. Stitch is behined you, burps right in front of your face, he tickles your hair. Stitch's Great (more like Awesome) Escape is so awesome! Read reviews by this author

Awful but cool. 2/10/2007 by speedydisteen
OK, first of all I would like to say that the pre-show and anamatronics are amazing. But I cannot stand this ride! I mean, really, who wants a chili dog burped in your face!? And having Stitch bounce on your restraints. I need physical therapy after that! Very bad ride, but the anamotronics are amazing. Read reviews by this author

Eh, it was okay 8/20/2006 by Kait

Stitch's Great Escape is the replacement of Alien Encounter, and unfortunatley I think that Disney made a mistake in doing this. While Stich is greatly themed, and the animatronics are absolutley amazing, the show itself is a bit of a snooze. Even the younger children in my group walked out of the ride with blank stares on their faces. Alien Encounter was much scarier, and was a treat to older kids and adults who seeked something thrilling in the Magic Kingdom. The pre-show for Stitch is done beautifully, and gets you very excited Once you actually see Stitch, you are amazed at his ability to move and advanced technology. The show gives you some laughs, but Alien Encounter surely was better than Stitch. The ride recieves a 3 out of 5 rating mostly due to the eye catching technology and interesting pre-show.

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