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Adventures by Disney

OLP: Splash Mountain® in Magic Kingdom® Park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain -- or the Death of a Video Camera

Splash Mountain

Ride along on Splash Mountain water ride in Frontierland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Height Restriction: 40" Ride Length: 11 minutes Visitors travel in "logs" through the story of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear. The details of the Audio-Animatronics animals and their homes are quite wonderful. And you'll notice new things each time you ride. The story continues with Brer Rabbit begging Brer Bear and Fox to not throw him down into the Briar Patch. The drop that follows is quite steep and a real thrill! Tip: Riders toward the front have the best chances of being splashed (extra water is added on hot days). Tip: Sit on the left side in the back of the log flume for the driest ride. Tip: This is another ride that is especially fun after dark

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I've found my laughing place! 3/22/2014 by Jodi

How can you possibly go wrong with a relaxing ride through a setting from Song of the South?  With fun music, amazing animatronics, and a few 'surprises' along the way, it's bound to be an enjoyable trip', right?  But wait!  What are those vultures above your head talking about???  And what's at the top of that hill??  More importantly, what's at the bottom?   WHOOAAAHHHH!  SPLASH!  And now you know why it's called Splash Mountain!  ENJOY!

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SPLASH MOUNTAIN 4/25/2008 by pugh
Splash Mountain is one of our families favorite rides, we always go to the Magic Kingdom as our first park, when we arrive in Disney. We get the train to Frontier Land and SPLASH........... its our first Disney ride... we then all seem to look at each other and sigh........ Were Here ........ IN THE MAGGGGGGIC Read reviews by this author

Splash Mountain 4/13/2008 by Zachary

 To me Splash Mountain is awsome!!!!

 When You Go Down The Hill All I Can Say Is

 Hold On Tight!!!!!

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It's a zip-a-dee-doo-dah good ride! 2/13/2007 by speedydisteen
this is my favorite ride at Walt Disney World. sure you get soaked and takes you 4 hours to dry off but it's worth it! i think it is so cute how brer rabbit takes you on his journey as he runs away to find his laughing place. sure when you hear that you think what a cute smooth ride. yeah right! the twist a 5 story drop and brer bear and brer fox giving this little rabbit trouble! this is a wonderful ride and should always stay! hint: this ride has a shorter wait time right when the park opens, during the parade, and during fireworks. you do not want to miss this!Read reviews by this author

I think i found my laughing place! 11/27/2006 by Disdancer

My laughing place has been found. this is my favorite ride in Disney World! i love the cute ride. fave seat is the front. cute characters, cute songs, and the grand finally that final drop. YAY is what i scream going down! the best ride ever created!
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There's the drop; >)

Get ready for a great story.. er I mean ride:P

On our way to the Briar Patch!

LOVE the whimsey!

Night time view

There's a whole 'nother world inside Splash Mountain.

It looks so peaceful from this perspective; >)

It's starting to look like there might be something 'scary' up ahead; >)

and populated by VERY interesting creatures; >)

In fact, you probably will:)

You've arrived!

Queue theming

in amazing colors

See how that is?

This darling little bird "house" is in the queue area.

OK, he's done with THAT adventure; >)

How true for Brer Rabbit; >)

More queue theming

The drop from another angle ; >)

This is the boarding dock

You've arrived!

This text will be replaced

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