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OLP: Space Mountain® in Magic Kingdom® Park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Height Restriction: 44" Space Mountain is also one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom. This roller coaster takes place indoors and in heavy darkness. It is a bit more intense than Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, however, not as intense as Rock 'n Roller Coaster. Once near the front of the ride, visitors have the option of going right or left with each path leading to a slightly different coaster. Tip: Sit in the front for a more intense ride. Tip: Where the one line splits into two, choose the right side for a slightly more intense ride

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A Family Favorite! 3/22/2014 by Jodi

This attraction has been a family favorite since I was a child.  From my first visit back in the 80's with my parents (one of my favorite memories is riding Space Mountain with my dad) to my most recent trips with my husband and sons, this continues to be tops on our list of 'must do's' when we visit WDW.  Riding in the front seat or the very back seat is best, but really, no matter where you sit, you're gonna have fun.  But beware, you'll find yourself coming down with a serious case of the giggles as you catch a little air on drops and careen around corners!  The only cure??  Another ride on Space Mountain, of course!

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Space Mountain is my all time fav 5/13/2008 by Ron Milner

Space Mountain has been my all time favorite Roller Coaster since I first rode it back in 1981which was my first trip to Walt Disney World . I am amaized at how Disney was able to put a coaster inside a Building 180 feet high and 300 feet in diameter.Back in 2000 and 2004 I got to see what the inside of Space Mountain looked like with the lights on for the first time. It was an Experience I will never forget

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Space Mountain 4/13/2008 by Zachary

It's An AWSOME Ride!!!!


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Favorite! 8/20/2006 by Kait

Space Mountain. Wonderful ride! When waiting in line, guests are surrounded by holographic pictures of astronauts, planets, and stars. You wait in a dimmed area and the ambiance is great! Many may call it outdated, but I absolutley love it! The ride itself is actually two rides. When arriving into the loading area, you can go to the right, or left. I personally prefer the right, because it allows for a little more thrill. Also, in the loading area, look up at the ceiling! You can see stars, and asteroids that I have referred to as "cookies" since I was a young child. The car seats 3 people in a single file line, and the front is the best for a little more of an intense ride. It has no major drops or anything, but the thrill comes from not being able to tell where you are going! After zipping through the stars, you are let off and transported back to Earth. There are cute displays as you leave. If you want to ride this, I suggest getting a Fa Read reviews by this author

space mountain
1/21/2006 by tricia

This ride is awesome.  you are in a glow-in-the-dark spaceship, and its exhilarating.  its a roller coaster in the dark, and the scenary is made to look like you are in space, with the moon and planets soaring past you.  Although there are no huge drops, corkscrews, or loops, this ride is still one of the best in the Magic Kingdom and is loads of fun!

P.S. the only drop is small, but it is only for those who go to the loading line to the left!  the other line (the one on the right), may have a drop, too, but I noticed that the line to the left was more fun. :P

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10/18/2005 by Rob
This is my favorite ride, fast fun, and in the dark!!!
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