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Adventures by Disney

OLP: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster® starring Aerosmith in Disney Hollywood Studios Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Height Restriction: 48" Rock N Roller Coaster is a thrill-seeker's dream-come-true! After attending a recording session with the band Aerosmith, guests are invited to their concert across town. However, they're going to have to "hurry" in order to get there on time! Guests are then loaded into limousines and sent off onto the "freeway", lighted only by neon signs and glowing props. The coaster contains a double loop at the beginning and a corkscrew turn in the middle. This ride is one of the most intense rides in Walt Disney World and because of the great "theming", happens to be my very favorite roller coaster, anywhere! Tip: If you sit in the back, it is a lot rougher than if you sit towards the front. Tip: When you ride the Rock and Roller Coaster, if you want to try to sit in the front car, (my favorite) get in line on the right side. (There will be two lines and you must ask the cast-member there if you can wait for the front).

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Super Awesome Ride! 6/2/2007 by Kristin
Get a fast pass, but get it early as there are many, many of them given out early in the day.  We rode it the first time with a fast pass and then turned right around and waited in line for over an hour for it which was worth every minute of the wait.  Great ride, certainly one of the best!  The store at the end was great too.  My youngest drummer got light up drumsticks and the teenagers found their souveniers of t shirts that are cool but still say "Walt Disney World"  This is a must do even if you have to wait in line for it for a long time.  Read reviews by this author

Thrilling 5/31/2006 by SugarPlum

This ride is awsome I love it! Its so Thrilling. I got lucky when I went with my uncle because he met a guy who had the fastpass of his wife because she didnt want to ride the ride, so he gave it to me. Otherwise, I would had waited a good hour making the line. Once you enter, you wait approx. 1 min looking at some rocker costumes which are cool. Then, the fun part starts. You get into a 60s looking car and then you wait for the light that is in red to turn green. Once it does, you get the most thrilling feeling ever cause it starts really fast. I love the ride itself; you can see the city of rock and roll. Its a must see. [PS. get the fast pass, it will save you a lot of time].

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