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OLP: Mission: SPACE in Epcot® Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Height Restriction: 44 inches Experience G Forces and the sensation of being weightless in this innovative Epcot attraction. Whether you're the pilot, navigator, commander or engineer you'll have a "blast" on this very realistic, simulated flight to Mars! Tip: Save this one for late in the day, just in case you should become a bit nauseous or disoriented. To lessen these affects, keep eyes open and focus straight ahead. Do not shift your eyes to either side while ride is in progress.

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Nausea........ 8/30/2016 by Jodi
Very few rides cause me any issues, but this one makes me seriously ill. While I love the concept and think it's awesome, it just isn't for me. I do still do the 'light' version which is better, but still kinda messes with me for some reason. The queue, however, is one of my favorites! It's so neat to look at while you're in line. If you don't have a weak stomach, you'll love this. If you do, take my advice and either do the 'light' version or skip it all together and head over to Test Track instead! Read reviews by this author

Still one of the best 3/14/2014 by Ahnalira

It's been awhile since anyone has written a review for this attraction...all of its fans must still be out in space somewhere :P  So, I just wanted to pop in and say it's still one of the best attractions at Epcot...maybe a small lead held by Soarin...but still very much a worthy "ride" :D

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Loved if from the start! 1/30/2008 by Ahnalira

I'm one of those odd duckies that loves the feeling of centrifugal force (guess I would have made a good astronaut) so I haven't ever even tried the gentler version.  I LOVE the feeling of lifting off, and the visual of the attraction makes SO real!

If that weren't enough, the interactive area after the ride is too fun!  Alan and love to play there  Indeed, I recommend planning for plenty of time to explore!

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WOW and WOW 6/2/2007 by Kristin
Everything about this ride is cool.  Even the queue line was "far out"  You can choose to either take the mild path and then choose to spin if you want.  My suggestions is to work your way up.  The spinner line was much longer than the non spinner line, but at least take one path.  I am not very impressed with simulator rides but this one is by far the best I have ever been on. Read reviews by this author

Finally!! 8/20/2006 by Kait

Wow! Mission Space is by far the most thrilling ride at Disney! Having been on the tallest fastest rides in the world, I would say the most thrilling ever! The theming is excellent, really giving riders an authentic space traveler feeling. The queue is attractive, and isn't too bad to wait in (although I suggest using a fast pass as soon as possible because they often run out early for MS). The wait areas are filled with warnings about motion sickness, clausterphobia, fear of loud sounds, and spinning. It really is an intense ride, and I suggest skipping it if you get motion sickness easily. Once arriving for the pre-show, you are greeted and informed by Gary Sinise via television, and once again warned! You are then guided to your "positioning" areas. There are 4 positions to choose from: Commander, Engineer, Navigator, and Pilot. This is more for theming than for anything else. You load your simulator, and then the ride begins! It is absolutley Read reviews by this author

Out of this world fun!! 7/31/2006 by tasha

We have ridden Mission Space several times and LOVE it!  So much fun!  I was a bit worried after reading lots up on it saying to keep your head back and not look around to keep from getting sick but we had no problems what so ever on this ride! 

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After you travel there and back, it's fun to play the interactive games

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