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Adventures by Disney

OLP: Kilimangaro Safaris® in Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
Video Clips:
Kilimangaro Safari - moments

Outtakes from the exciting Kilimangaro Safaris ride in Africa at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

Ride Length: 20 minutes Venture out in all-terrain jeeps through a Disney safari allowing guests to get a close-up look at monkeys, elephants, lions, antelopes, and more animals Each safari ride is unique because different animals are visible each time. No trip to the Animal Kingdom is complete without a visit to the Kilimanjaro Safaris! Tip: Early in the day or much later in the day offers better views of the animals, as they are much more active when it is cooler.

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Let's go on a Safari 5/10/2016 by Tonya
I've been on a safari, Disney style so many times. Each time is so fun! You'll see more of one type of animal, than the last trip. Seeing a Lion sleeping is so cool! I love this adventure. It's a must do at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Read reviews by this author

Always a favorite! 5/9/2016 by Jodi
This is definitely on my 'must do' list for each and every trip. I absolutely LOVE it. The best time to go is first thing in the morning, especially during the warmest weather seasons. You'll see more animals and they will be more active during this time. I can't wait to see the night safari, too! Read reviews by this author

One of the best attractions in AK! 10/12/2013 by Ahnalira

MUST do attraction!  Get a fast pass and then hike the Pangani Trail or go over to the Conservation Station while you wait until your time comes up.  Until Exedition Everest was built, this was the number 1 attraction, and it still ranks up at the top for me :D  You can do again and again—the attraction changes depending upon time of day and weather.  Always something fun and amazing to see!

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Still one of my favorite rides at Disney World! 4/3/2012 by Ser Alan

Although I'm confused about the spelling of Kilimangaro Safaris, this is one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World.  You get to see all sorts of animals up close, on this ride I was nearly kissed by a Giraffe and we got stopped and had to wait while several frisky Rhinos and Ostriches were blocking the road with what appeared to be a bit of a territorial squabble.  It's just about the best thing for experiencing African wildlife that I've seen anywhere -- outside of Africa that is!   It's a great ride that has to be experienced at least once.  We ran straight for it after we entered the Animal Kingdom and nabbed fast passes so we could amble about Africa while we waited.

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Spring 2012 Rehab Kilimangaro Safaris 2/11/2012 by Franniepoppins

The Kilimanjaro Safari is seeing an exciting rehab! Starting in the Spring of 2012 there will be changes made allowing the guests to see more animals, especially zebras! Say goodbye to the Audio-Animatronics “Little Red” elephant because that area will be reconstructed as savannah space and will feature a new watering hole for live animals. This enhancement is scheduled to begin this spring, and be completed by fall 2012. And don’t worry, the attraction will remain operational during the adjustment.  I can't wait to see the change!

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Go on a rainy day 6/2/2007 by Kristin
If it starts to rain while you are visiting Disney World this is a great time to go on this ride.  All of the animals come out to play in the rain and you see them a lot more active.  We loved this ride and even learned some new things which is saying a lot since we are members of our local zoo and attend it frequently.  Definately a must do. Read reviews by this author

I take this ride every chance I get! 10/19/2005 by Ser Alan

I love Kilimanjaro Safari! Its always different, the animals you see depends so much on things like the time of day and the weather. Every once in a while you see something really unusual. And at the end you get to save Big Red which I always figures entitles us to a fun shopping trip! I highly recommend doing this first thing in the morning and as late in the day as possible; often the most animals seem to be out and about at those times of day. The line moves quickly but fast pass is a good idea on crowded days.

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This isn't a regular attraction bus - must be for a tour; >)

This rhino was VERY close to us!

Majestic elephant:)

Baby Elephant


The residents of the attraction watching us

A view of the touring vehicles

Smiling for the camera; >)

Stately and majestic!

A couple of friends

Who doesn't love elephants?

Ooh, look... another safari!

REALLY close!

Nice horns, eh?

The giraffes think the passenger trucks are the show.

It's not often you'll such a majestic sight as this!

And she looks so friendly, right?

Rumor has it don't mess with the hippos!

The mighty hippo and her precious little one

Portrait of a giraffe

Why does this guy look so happy?

White Rhino - as close as I'd ever want to be :P

Safari Queue

Safari Antelope

Safari Baby

Yep, that's a rhinosceros watching us pass by.

Cheetah relaxing at a "safe" distance.

Safari Croc

Safari Elephant

Safari Entrance

Safari Hippo

Safari Horns

Safari Lion

Safari Map

The morning mist makes it all seem so real!

Safari Rhino

Safari Theming

Safari Zebras

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