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Adventures by Disney

OLP: Jungle Cruise in Disneyland® park Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Enter a Colonial outpost in a remote section of forest, where cut-rate guides haul cargo and tourists upriver for a cruise you won't soon forget. The steady hand and sharp wit of your riverboat Skipper guide you through the treacherous perils of the jungle. Travel the rivers of four continents.

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We love Jungle Cruise 6/5/2016 by Wendy
My family loves the Jungle Cruise. The captains of the boats are so funny and make the trip very enjoyable. I love this ride because it has been a long-standing staple and I remember riding it as a child. There is nothing like seeing the "backside of water!" Read reviews by this author

not a nighttime ride 5/11/2016 by mmuz
This is a classic ride and I am thinking it was not designed to be open after dark. We went on our last night in WDW and it was a bust. Spotlights on the boat were aimed at the scenes and barely lit them up. Save this experience for daylight hours. Another note, this experience is really dependent on the boat guide. Ours was not very engaging. Hit or miss I guess. Read reviews by this author

Jungle cruise... 5/10/2016 by Tonya
Old time favorite! Sure the jokes are corny, but who can help but laugh? The ride is a classic. Which I love. Not high tech, just old fashioned, Disney fun! The only downside is the line is usually LONG!! Fast pass? Go for it. Good times ahead! Read reviews by this author

A Disney Tradition 4/7/2016 by Jodi
I admit it, I love this attraction, especially all the goofy jokes! I still giggle my way through the boat ride. The only thing I don't like is the deceptively LONG lines. It will appear short, but once you're in it, you're there a while and there's just not much to see or listen to. They do have some silly stuff on the walls and over the speakers, but it doesn't take long before you've seen it all repeatedly and heard the stuff on the speakers more than once. This would definitely be a great place for Disney to upgrade the queue. Read reviews by this author

It's OK 8/21/2014 by Mary Lee

It's ok.  The jokes are funny.  The jokes are probably the best part.  It's kind of like a trip down memory lane to where Disney first started.  If you want thrills or amazing technology, this one isn't it.  But the jokes are funny.

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Slap Happy Fun 2/3/2014 by Ahnalira

If you are looking for a cutting edge technical thrill ride...this isn't it.  But if you just want to bask in some good old Disney fun--and get a few chuckles in--this attraction belongs on the "must do" list.  It's really a glimpse back into the history of Disney parks when animatronics were the latest and greatest marvel.  A time when Disney put most of it's weight on the skill of the castmember who throws out silly, family-friendly, jokes throughout the experience.  Go for the giggle between some of the newer, more thrilling attractions.  That's what I recommend.

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