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OLP: Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros in Epcot® Attraction Reviews & Pictures - Our Laughing Place
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Visit a festive pavilion with an active marketplace, music and dining, and enjoy the delightful Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros – a delightful boat ride in a shady lagoon at the foot of a smoking volcano. Discover authentic baskets, pottery and clothing in the lively Plaza de los Amigos and mouth-watering Mexican cuisine at the romantic La Cantina De San Angel. And don't miss the fascinating "Animales Fantasticos" art collection, with its colorful folk-art woodcarvings, or the brilliant live performances by the illustrious Mariachi Cobre.

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Gran Fiesta with Donald Duck is a Tradition 8/30/2013 by Franniepoppins

I really do enjoy this attraction.  It is located inside the Mexico Pavilion and is a nice way to relax for a few minutes.  The ride is cute and fun.  It is nice and cool on a hot day.  It adds to the atmosphere in Mexico.  The pavilion remains a favorite of mine for atmosphere.  It does not matter what time of day, season of the year, outside weather, or anything.  This pavilion transports you to Mexico.  I see this attraction as a good way to get the kids to enjoy the pavilion. 

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Great disappointment 4/13/2009 by Scott Duncan
Del Tiempo used to be an interesting and reasonably entertaining ride that told you something about Mexican culture and history.  Now this Gran Fiesta Tour thing almost makes fun of Mexico.  No history, no culture,  just cartoon characters running all over the screens talking in barely audible English with quasi-Spanish accents while the music plays.  We'll never go back in to this pavilion again while this nonsense constitutes the ride. Read reviews by this author

If you like Its A Small World, 10/30/2007 by Ahnalira

you‘ll probably like this ride, too.  Its cute.  It‘s air-conditioned.  It‘s an opportunity to see a little Mexican culture and rest your feet  Adding our favorite Disney characters into the Mexican scenes is certainly worth a giggle.

If you are looking for adventure, though, better head back to Future World and ride Mission Space

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Del Tiempo: No longer there 6/2/2007 by Kristin
When I asked where I could find this attraction I was told it was no longer there, it has been replaced by a ride featuring the three cabelleros.  We rode it and it was very cute, Two of the cabelleros chase Donald through different parts of mexico.  Kind of reminds me of Small World.  I loved being inside Mexico.  Go on the new ride, its very cute. Read reviews by this author

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