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Adventures by Disney

Treasured Tips For The Best Disney World Experience

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Whether a first time visitor to Disney World or a “devotee” to the Magic and Wonder of it all, discovering ways to enhance the planning of a Disney World experience is part of the fun. Our Laughing Place has gathered a bouquet of ‘treasured tips’ from folks who frequent the All About Disney message board. Enjoy… and please add yours to the list:). You will find a link at the bottom of the article. Let’s share the best with each other and make it better!

Twirling Faerygodmother Ahnalira suggests:

A travel tip - When I am staying at either the Polynesian or the Grand Floridian and having dinner at the Wilderness Lodge, I catch the bus home.... cause the bus runs from the Wilderness Lodge ALWAYS stop at the Poly and GF next:)

Jeannie offers:

A creative dining suggestion - Since we usually stay in BWV 1 bedroom villa, we have breakfast in our room. I have to have my morning cup of tea with lemon. First I tried the Screen Door general store, but they didn't have lemons or bottled lemon juice. Room service would have charged me about $5.00 for one lemon! Well, I remembered seeing lemons in Epcot. I walked over to the Beaver Tails stand in Canada and asked if I could buy a lemon (I did explain why I wanted one). They were very happy to just let me have one. Now one of our first stops after check-in is Canada. They always give me a lemon for my tea!

TiggerH describes:

How to get around Downtown Disney - If your vehicle is parked at the West End, YOU are at the Marketplace *and* it's after 4 (or is it 6 now? check the posted sign to double check!), take the water shuttle back to the West End. Or, if parking is a bear at the Marketplace end, park BEHIND the Cirque building and take the shuttle to the Marketplace. You can't beat a Disney boatride, and the scenery in the evening is lovely! :) The water shuttle from the Marketplace loads at the same area that the water service to OKW, Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans load. The shuttle at the West End can be found behind the House of Blues.

Linda the Woodland Sprite offers:

An Alien Encounter (attraction in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom) tip - For those that indulge in Alien Encounter, I discovered something that helped me. A lot of people complain about the bars that come down on their shoulders causing them discomfort and also they often dislike the foul smelling water that gets "spit" on them during the show. Before the CM shuts down the bars, I rise up and do, in effect, a deep knee bend so that I am slightly suspended over the seat. The bars think that I am taller than I really am and lock down much higher than they normally would. I have space above my shoulders and I can hide behind the contraption and not get spritzed too much!

Twirling Faerygodmother Ahnalira describes:

A waiting in line activity - Ever noticed how hiking on concrete takes a toll on the lower back? Here's my tip: While waiting in line, grab hold of the que bar (you know the dividers between the moving line:), and sit back on your heels or pull back, stretching arms and back.... this will feel really refreshing on tired hiking muscles:)

Beth K reminds us:

A creative tip - Remember your colored chalk to decorate your brick…. or try Rolaids if you do forget! LOL!!!!

Timonrn offers:

A meal budgeting tip - My best tip is KIDS MEALS all the way on days that you want to budget money better--say, if you want to save money for a Tony's favorite meal!!

Sir Alan suggests:

Several tips:
  1. Never wait more than 20 minutes for a ride.... there's always something to do just around the corner.
  2. Go to Animal Kingdom in the early or late part of the day when the animals are frisky.
  3. Drink LOTS of water
  4. Take lots of rest breaks.

Twirling Faerygodmother Ahnalira offers:

A personal ‘must do’ - take a nap:) No two ways about it. Everyone in my group has more fun when I take a nap in the heat of the afternoon. I can go much longer into the night, AND I give it more gusto in the AM when I know a nap is in the plans.

Karen of the Kingdom suggests:

A few touring gems - If you have kids, be sure to bring sanitizing gel for those little hands that seem to touch everything, picking up every germ in sight. Also be sure to pack a stain stick!
If you are going in warmer weather, invest in one of those misting fans. They really do help cool you off!
I think my best tip is to not expect to see and do it all, but rather take the time to truly enjoy what you are able to do. I remember our first trip, there were so many things I wanted to experience and just not enough time. I didn't fully enjoy some attractions, finding myself in anticipation of what was next, and how much more we could fit into our day. I've since then, learned to slow down and truly appreciate what we are able to see, instead of worrying about what we might be missing.

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