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Just as the Magic Kingdom was born from Walts vision of “a happy place where families can play together”, Epcot – Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow - was born of Walts vision for a “better tomorrow”. Comprised of two worlds, Future World and World Showcase, Epcot is twice the size of the Magic Kingdom and could easily take three or four days to fully explore.

Future World, located in the northern “scape” of the hourglass shape that is Epcot, offers up the technologies that make Life possible as well as inventive and creative in ways that entertain as well as educate. Composed of 7 pavilions and several “stand-alone” attractions, Future World is a feast for the mind and the possibilities of humankind. From the Wonders of Life Pavilion where our body and how it works is explored all sorts of playful venues and the Imagination Pavilion where all beliefs are challenged and defied to The Living Seas where an underwater world watches humanity walk through their home daily, Future World asks the questions that evoke a more thoughtful and caring lifestyle. Future World has fountains that dance to classical music and a giant dome that houses the history and future of communication on our planet. From interactive demonstrations to live performances throughout the day, Future World beckons us to open our minds to the “possibility”.

And THEN there is World Showcase. Housing 11 countries, Disney style, World Showcase creates the essence of each country with landscaping and architecture then adds live cultural performances, fine shopping, and dining opportunities of a wide variety. See belly dancers in Morocco, acrobats in China, drummers in Japan, and live comedy improvisation in the UK… just to name a few; >). Live performances from a variety of interesting entertainers are given at the American Gardens Theatre year round. The Tapestry of Dreams parade fills the thoroughfare every day with larger than Life puppetry and inspiring music. At 9PM every evening, a brilliant performance of music, laser art, and pyrotechnics light the night sky with a vision of Planetary Possibility. And, of course, characters are everywhere :).

One might say, “Wow! There is A LOT to do here!” And they would be right; Epcot is easily a park worth several days of exploring with just what has been described. Add the several festivals that Epcot hosts every year, and now we have a park that could absorb an entire trip to Disney World. In the springtime, Epcots Flower and Garden Festival offers free gardening workshops, tours, and gardening displays throughout the park. In the fall, an array of food booths dot the park with tantalizing treats from around the world at the Epcots Food and Wine Festival, and, during the holiday season, Epcot becomes a dazzling celebration of a cultural and artistic sharing of the Spirit of the Season. Several worlds of enjoyment and learning and culture woven together in the creative mastery of Disney, Epcot is a place to imagine the future and learn how to make the vision real. article edtor

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EPCOT International Flower and Garden 2013
3/27/2013 by Tracee

The EPCOT's International Flower and Garden Festival is more than just the beautiful flowers and topiaries.  There are also some great concerts each day during the festival. 

Here is the list of performers for this year:


March 15-17:              Chubby Checker & The Wildcats

March 22-24:             The Guess Who

March 29-31:             Nelson

April 5-7:            &am

3/30/2006 by JEANYLASER

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