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Adventures by Disney

DCA Tower of Terror Review

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DCA's TOWER is AMAZING! is that for starting things off? Think of yourselves as the star in a Twilight Zone episode (which is what the attraction tells you), then... up you walk thinking this is an old Hotel that has been condemned. But there is music emitting from it. Hmmmm odd. That draws you in. You want to get a closer look. Upon entering the courtyard (queue), there are things of obvious neglect, but still nothing that strikes you as "spooky".....yet. It begins to feel eerie at this point. Maybe you should turn back, but something is drawing you in. ..You enter the Library.

The T.V. Screen plays the pre-show and tells you what has happened in the hotel...but there is no turning back now. YOU are IN the TWILIGHT ZONE. The door opens and suddenly you are in a boiler room that is not of this dimension. It once was, but it is now in the Twilight Zone. Creepy and spooky now enter into the picture. OH WOW! The light effects and the details all throughout this room are awesome!. Basically the story is the little girl is lost in the wall and she entered through the chalk outline. Well when you listen real close, you can hear is really creepy. She wants out and is confused. You have to stand and listen for a few seconds though, because it isn't overdone and isn't very loud.. Also, the pipes (sound system) groan and you can hear voices every once in awhile coming through them.

So on you go, knowing you are in the Twilight Zone, but thinking perhaps the only way out is to move forward, despite your fear. It is onto the service elevator being manned by a Bellhop that doesn't seem to know what dimension they are in; >) They know the main elevators are not working but have no idea what has happened so they do their jobs and load you into the elevator telling you your room is now ready. You think...hmmm...I guess I am getting a room here. OR are you?

As soon as the doors shut a starfield and twilight zone spiral show up and the elevator moves if falling away further from your chances to return the same way you came. The elevator goes up to a floor and the door opens to reveal a long mirror with a table under it. Guests have left things on the table in a hurry. You see your image in the mirror. "Rod Serling" tells you to wave goodbye to your former selves....and with a bolt of lightning your images (everyone's in the elevator) become ghostlike and electrified. The first time I rode, I thought the electricfied outline of us was just a generic outline. Then we all realized that it was US...because if we moved, the ghostly images of us moved and did just what we did. It was completely interactive!!! Of course on all subsequent rides, we had a blast with this new interactive "toy". This show scene let us say goodbye to our former selves and then, at this point, you are at the mercy of The Twilight Zone. The new mirror effect is great! It makes you really feel like you are a part of the story.

Next, it was on to the hallway scene. The ghostly images of the five HTH victims appear here and you realize that you are all trapped together. Their image shrinks into the image of an elevator and another star field appears. The image of the elevator drops and then so does your elevator. The elevator shook alot and this made a great build up to the drops. The elevator shakes and then lifts a little higher, shakes again, ....then drop all the way down.. Then spits you out with a crash and you exit back into what is now a normal looking service area and you exit the ride. You have survived The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

You’ve gotta come and ride and see for yourself.

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