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Adventures by Disney

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The Coral Reef restaurant connects to the Living Seas pavilion so that everyone dines with a view of the aquarium.  It is a wonderfully meditative experience watching the fishies and dolphins and stingrays AND turtles, imho

The ambiance is geared to soothe and relax, imho

But we came here to eat, didn’t we?
We began with Poached Mussels that were very well done - tender and well flavored.

Followed by soups...

Lobster Bisque - I know this is favorite among many.  For me, just a tad too heavy.

Alan felt the same about his Smoked Salmon Bisque

Our main courses were delightfully textured and seasoned.  Alan chose the Fresh Trout

and I stayed with my Lobster theme

We didn’t have a dessert with this meal, but on another occasion we had the BEST sugar free chocolate torte I’ve ever encountered!

The food presentation and flavor was much improved over the past.  OLP gives it a solid "very good"  For us the high point of the meal was the aquarium though  The meal was approximately $70 per person.  This is a great restaurant to do when on one of the Disney meal plans, imho
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Member Reviews of "Coral Reef restaurant review":
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7/15/2016 by Tonya
I'm so glad I ate here before I decided to suddenly become allergic to shell fish. How disappointing! When I dined here, I had the crab legs! Of course, they were awesomely good. The view of the huge fish tank was breath taking!! I really enjoyed Coral Reef. Highly recommend.
Best chicken ever!
1/5/2016 by Ser Alan

We recently dropped by one of our old faves, the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot, for a nice relaxing lunch experience.  Let me start out by saying that this is not a place for the faint of wallet -- you will pay for your meal here and it won't be cheap!

However, the ambience is delightful -- watching the huge fish tank at the Seas with giant manta rays, sharks, turtles and the occasional human swimming about in front of you.  Service was stellar, we had a wonderful server who paid close attention to details and made sure all the bases were covered for our rather complex dietary requests (gluten free and no sugar added).

We started our meal with a half order of the Caesar salad -- Ahnalira will go on record saying it is perhaps the best Caesar salad we have ever had with lovely big chunks of parmesan cheese and a delightful Caesar style dressing.

For the entree I had the trout and Ahnalira had the chicken.  The chicken was one of

6/6/2010 by Ser Alan
We recently had lunch at the Coral Reef and I was very pleasantly surprised; the food was absolutely delicious and the view of the aquarium is spectacular.  The theming here is exquisite.  The most impressive thing for us was that most of the items on the menu are sweetened naturally, without added sugar -- even the sweet corn chowder which I ordered and it was deliciious.

After the sweet corn chowder I had the seared trout.  I was surprised by how small the trout was, this is not a whole trout as is customary.  However, the two small pieces of trout I received were very delicious and flavorful.   They also had a delicious sugar-free dessert for us, a very light lemony Cheesecake Napoleon with fresh fruit.  Overall I give the ambience a 4.7, service a 4.7 and the food a 4.6 which is good enough to get a 5!  Highly recommended if you are looking for a delicious lunch at Epcot.  Price
Outstanding food, service, and atmosphere
11/27/2009 by carrie
We had reservations at Coral Reef, but we arrived 30 to 40 minutes early.  They got us back within 15 minutes, and we were seated at one of the main tables right at the aquarium with a huge turtle near the glass , while we were there we saw sharks, sting rays , and divers! The waitress was very good to us. She took our picture for us and brought us everything we needed. The food was perfect!  We ordered steaks cooked just the way we asked.  It was one of the many highlights of our trip to Disney!
Coral Reef Service less than Average
11/11/2008 by Disney Diva Susan

The Coral Reef had LESS than ACCEPTABLE service by the Hostess Staff and Manager.  Our fantastic travel agent had NOTHING to do with the Wait time that we waited to be seated.  We got to the place 10 minutes advance of reservation (made 6 months in advance) and were not seated until 40 minutes later, almost creating us not to utilize our "Fast Pass" time for a ride and almost missing Spectro Magic Parade in Magic Kingdom.  The manager's excuse for taking larger parties in front of us who arrived later than we did, was that "that party had a table for 6 available, we would not seat a party of 4 at that table".  The hostess from the start stated that our wait time would not be long since we arrived on time.  This was the usual when dining in disney, HOWEVER NOT the CASE at Coral Reef.  Then, after 10 minutes of

Incredible meal
4/13/2008 by Holly

First, I must say how much I appreciated the input this website provides.  I've been to Disney probably over 30 times and this past trip was the first one where I really planned our meals (Disney Dining Plan), made reservations way ahead, and had an itinerary for the parks and our time there.

Our last night there we ate at the Coral Reef restaurant.  It was OUTSTANDING.  The food was incredible, service was wonderful, and the view of the aquarium was phenomenal.  We had another family with us so we had 4 boys (2 are 7, 2 are 9) and they loved it too!  One of the 7 year olds has a gluten allergy, so at every dinner the chefs would come and speak with his mother and him and were incredibly accomodating.  It was just such a great experience.  We are Disney Vacation Club members so we go to Disney about once a year.  I will HIGHLY recommend this restaurant and am anxio

Cool, relaxing, delicious!
8/26/2007 by Lynn & Kayla

Kid perspective:  The best thing about the restaurant was the delicious pasta and the fantastic view of the fish tank.  While sitting there, we watched turtles, fish, and a shark swimming right by the window.  A diver swam by followed by hundreds of small fish.  It was fun to watch them eating while I was eating.

Adult perspective:  The food was very good.  However, the atmosphere and scenery is by far the best part of this dining experience.  We chose a late lunch time there so it was HOT out in the park.  When you enter the restaurant it‘s dark, cool, and relaxing.  The blues and purples in the color scheme make you think you‘re under the sea!  A family favorite!

coral reef
1/14/2007 by

I visited the Coral Reef restaurant on December 30, 2006. I will highly recommend to go during lunch, because the prices increase by about a 30% at dinner, so you can get the best out of your money. For an appetizer, my mom and I had the lobster bisque, and my dad the smoked one. The were all delicious, but we all agree the the smoked bisque was just unbeatable in taste, delicious!!!. My dad had the prime meat that was very tasty too. My mom and I had the catfish, which came with a delicious cheese grits. My catfish, however, was a little over seasoned with poultry seasoning, wich made it very spicy, that's why I'm rating it 4 stars instead of 5. But no doubt, the HIGHLIGHT OF THE MEAL happened at about 3:00pm, when MICKEY, YES, MICKEY, came down with a group of divers in the aquarium.  It was just incredible seeing Mickey swim, not even the staff could resisted, they all became expectators. It was a once in a alifetime experience. Highly recommend this resturant, specially at

the coral reef
12/1/2006 by tricia

This was an excellent meal, one of the best that we had last week.  We were on the Disney dining plan, so each person was allowed to order an appetizer, entree, and a dessert.  I chose the lobster bisque (awesome!), prime rib (yum!), and the chocolate wave for dessert (two thumbs way up).  We had a group of fourteen people, and all greatly enjoyed it.  I strongly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

A sad disappointment
10/5/2006 by Jodi
I'm sorry to have to say that, but it's true.  I'd wanted to dine here for years, but this was our first opportunity.  I was REALLY excited for this!  Unfortunately, it did not meet up to expectations.  The view of the aquarium was very nice.  The boys loved that.  However, the food left much to be desired.  Perhaps it was b/c we went for lunch, not dinner.  I don't know.  But the choices were minimal.  My crab claws appetizer was good.  But the main courses left something to be desired.  Mil and DS1 had some kind of chicken which was tough and not very flavorful.  I had lobster salad which, while it tasted ok, didn't taste any better than if I'd got it at Long John Silvers.  DS2 enjoyed his child's pizza, though!  Desserts were chocolate waves for adults and sundae for DS2.  They were good, but, honestly, no better than any other place we ate.  The service was nice and timely, and thus made this

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