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Tutto Italia replaced Alfredo's in the Italian World Showcase in 2007. 
While it kept much of the theming ambiance intact....

The waiting area is spacious and elegant.

I don't know if they really make the pasta in here, but it sure LOOKS like they do!

The seating is very comfortable, and the murals are WOW!

... the menu is much different, and the food quality has gone from excellent to superb, imho.

The bread is fresh and served warm.

We began with a Tomato Salad.  The Fresh Mozzeralla was exquisite!

Alan chose the Lasagne entree..
and I got a Chicken "parmesan" that was unique and delicious!
...with a side of fresh, sauteed spinach on the side

For dessert, a deLightful sugar free Strawberry Mousse... much like the one served by Alfredo's; >)

Tutto Italia costs a bit more than Alfredo's did... especially if you order the family style meal.  We ordered ala carte  We loved Alfredo's and didn't know how we'd feel about Tutto Italia, but we were won over as soon as we tasted our meal! OLP gives it up for Tutto Italia!
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Member Reviews of "Tutto's Video Review":
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Better Than Via Napoli
1/6/2015 by Mary Alice

On our last visit, we ate at all of the restaurants in Italy (in the World Showcase.)  Tutto Italia was our favorite.  Loved the quiet and elegant theming and the quality service.  I had Lasagna, and it was perfect.  I felt refreshed after the meal and ready to head back out into the Florida heat and take on more of the park.

Great Lunch!
11/3/2014 by Ahnalira

I had a delicious lunch at Tutto Italia recently.  I had a tomato and mozzarella salad appetizer, chicken scallopini entree, and then the no sugar added lemon sorbet.  Everythng was excellent!  I loved the quiet ambiance of the restaurant in between crowded touring in the park.  Definitly a must return for me!

Absolutely delicious, just like Mama used to make!
9/21/2013 by Ser Alan

We dropped in for a quiet lunch at Tutto italia Ristorante today, there have been quite a few changes since our last visit, including a new wine bar.  For appetizer we ordered the Mozzarella salad and the Contina, both of which were absolutely excellent.  The Mozzarella salad was flavorful and light, just a fantastic fresh mozzarella salad although a few very ripe slices of tomato would have been a nice added touch.  The Contina was sort of a layered baked zucchini and cheese with marinara sauce on top of it -- melt in your mouth delicious!  This was perhaps the star of the show, and I had never even heard of this dish before!

For our entree I had the Lasagna and she had chicken Scallopini, both of which were delicious.  The Lasagna was made with Bechamel making it somewhat reminiscent of a Pastitsio or Moussaka, very fluffy and creamy.  The Scallopini was also excellent with a very buttery, lemony

Good Choice
1/7/2010 by Richard & Robbin
The food and service is excellent. We would return here in future. We had very fresh salads, salmon dish, mahi mahi, wine and expressos. The fish was perfectly prepared with an Italian flare. It was all very tastey and indicitave of a master chef in the kitchen. The cost for lunch before the tip was $113.96 for the 2 of us. The price was proper for the quality and portion size. We loved it and will return again. Resevations are a good idea.
New All Time Fave, Ymmmm!
1/2/2008 by Ser Alan
We recently visited Tutto with some friends, prepared to be a little disappointed after the demise of Alfredo's!  Well, the menu didn't immediately inspire me (ok, I was really hoping to see Fettucini Alfredo on there but it just wasn't happening!).  However, the new more spacious seating arrangement and excellent service did impress.

And when we got the food, WOW, it was all fantastic, some of the best Italian food I've ever sampled!  This is it folks, the best Italian food to be had on Disney property run, don't walk to Italy in the World Showcase and be sure to order some of that wondrous Bufalo cheese for me while you're at it. 

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I think Tutto's is actually an improvement over Alfredo's even though you can no longer get that wonder
One word - awful
7/19/2006 by Larry
Awful - enough said.  I've eaten at many Italian restaurants and this was one of the worst.  Don't waste your time on this place - very crowded, loud and the food was not worth the price of a McDonald's happy meal.

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