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We'd been looking forward to our dinner with OLP reviewers/buddies at Artist Point... it's one of our all time favorite places to meet for fine dining and giggles!

Our appetizer selections were varied and adventuresome...

Artisan Cheeses was excellent!

Also ordered was:

Truffle Fries got RAVE reviews.  In fact, there were a few who ordered more for dessert!

This salad looks good enough to be an entree, n'est-ce pas?

Smoky Cream of Mushroom Soup

Our entrees included:

The Plank Salmon (House Speciality)


 We had two Vegetarian entrees that the Chef made to order, and - in my humble opinion - mine was the BEST!

The sides that came with the entrees were deliciously rich..  Mushroom Risotto

and Macaroni with Cheese

A sugar-full dessert - Creme Brulee

And a sugar free dessert -  a buffet of flavors; >)

Artist Point has a beautiful ambiance, and the food is truly fine dining..  so be prepared for entrees in the $20 - $30 range.  And enjoy!


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Member Reviews of "Artist Point Restaurant Review":
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A little off the mark
1/13/2016 by Ser Alan

We had a strange experience with dinner at the Artist Point, Wilderness Lodge.  Everything seemed topsy turvy, I almost thought we must be at the Mad Hatters Tea Party or something.  So it only gets a 3 because the dining experience was just a little weird and sometimes a bit of a miss.

To start with I ordered a romaine salad.  On first viewing there did not appear to be any dressing on my wedges of romaine lettuce -- I guess wedges are all the rage lately.  It turned out that there was dressing on the plate underneath the wedges, once I found it it was quite tasty.  Ahnalira ordered a beet salad which turned out to literally be several large slices of pickled beets which she was quite sure had sugar in them.  This lead to a confusing interchange with the server taking it back to the chef, bringing it back out to say no sugar was added, then Ahnalira told the manager and the manager took it away an

Good Food but Not Cheap
7/25/2015 by Tim

This has to be a "special occasion" restaurant for me.  While the menu is interesting and the food is well prepared, I just can't get past the cost of the meal--over $100 with a couple of drinks added.  So, for me, this is an anniversary or graduation restaurant...maybe I would spring for two stars on the dining plan, though...because the food is really good.

Seasonal Menu is a plus!
2/14/2014 by Ahnalira

Because the menu changes with the seasons at Artist Point (In the Wilderness Lodge ; >), I can go back there again and again and have a "new" experience.  I love the ambiance there!  Sometimes I find absolutely delicious items on the menu (like truffle fries) and, sometimes, I have to piece together a meal with vegetarian sides because I'm very picky about my proteins...not at all a gourmet on that count and--if I'm really going to be honest--a strong leanings toward vegetarian :P  But I usually find something to love so this restaurant gets a two thumbs up from me.

I had Buffalo and I liked it!
12/2/2011 by Ser Alan

I had Buffalo for Thanksgiving this year, and I liked it. Not quite the warm triptophan fuzzies I usually associate with T-Day, but it was still quite good. Overall I found our dinner to be good, but it didn't seem like the flavors were commensurate with the price ($130 for two of us, prix fix, no alcohol). The one outstanding item was the truffle tatter tots which were just AMAZING! They came as a side to my Buffalo, which explains how I ended up eating Buffalo tenderloin instead of Turkey!

If you like exotic proteins then this is definitely the place for you, I've had everything from Ostrich to Venison at Artist Point. Ambience is delightful, service was excellent. The reason I give only a 4 is that the flavors aren't what I would expect at this price point -- I'm thinking my head should be exploding, instead of just thinking that its pretty good.

Truffle Fries are AWESOME!
8/28/2009 by Ser Alan

We recently had an OLP gathering at one of our old faves, Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge.  I ordered the standard Cedar Plank Salmon.  To tell the truth, I wasn't really wow'ed by the Salmon.. it was good but not great.  However, they've added something called Truffle Fries which turned out to be the highlight ... and dessert of my meal!  For only $4 you get a small plate of these fresh cut fries lightly rolled in delicious Truffle Oil.  Amazing!  Fantastic!  A once in a lifetime experience!

As usual, service was great, ambience was superb -- with the lovely view of trees and Wilderness Lodge grounds just out the window.  Overall, I give it a 4.6 (Salmon brought it down a notch) which rounds to a 5.

Still tasty after all these years
9/22/2007 by Ser Alan
We recently re-visited Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge for the first time in several years.  Seems to me the last time was during a Hurricane, but thats another story!  Usually I order the classic dish, cedar plank salmon.  However, I just wasn‘t "feeling" the latest rendition; something about the new apricot glaze didn‘t sound so good to me so I went for the free range chicken and Ahnalira did the pork chop and we shared.  The Tamale that came with the chicken was really the highlight of the meal for me, although the macaroni and cheese that came with the pork chop was also very delicious and of course the Venison spring rolls were also very good.

After that, nothing really impressed me, the chicken and pork chop just seemed rather average to me and the beans with the chicken was not something that either of us particularly enjoyed . 

The service was truly excellent and the ambience was pleasant.  How

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