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Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano

Located in the heart of Disney's MGM Studios, Mama Melrose is Italian like only Disney can do it

The waiting area is garden of theming delights

From the podium to the garden-like waiting area, the feeling is 'countryside of Italy' all the way

Once in the dining area, it's a challenge to determine if you're in a garden eatery

 or an old fashioned Pizzeria..  either way, Frank Sinatra is the crooner in the background; >)  It's really a very warm and inviting ambiance, imho:) 

The bread was served with a delightful blend of pestos

The Minestrone soup is a vegetarian base with a very traditional flavor, and the Toasted Bread Salad was exquisite!

Alan opted for the Flatbread entree which he enjoyed.  Alan is a pizza-lover from way back and for him to say a flatbread works as well for him....  Well, that IS something; >)

I chose the Eggplant Napolean..  again, the veggie entree.  The eggplant was PERFECT! The bean ragout it was served on was an interesting blend of  veggies and big, white beans.

  You can anticipate spending between $15 and $30 per person at this Disney eatery, and we plan to make a regular stop at MGM Studios from now on until forever; >)

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Member Reviews of "Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano":
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A little disappointing this time around
9/20/2016 by Tonya
In 2014 we ate here and we all LOVED it. I couldn't wait to go back so last week we headed there to have a GREAT meal. Well, it started off a little annoying. The server took forever to get to our table. We were ready to order by then. We both had the chicken parm. I've had it on a few occasions here. Always a hit. This time, not so much. There was literally one tablespoon worth of sauce on the entire meal. So I had to order more. I'm surprised it would be served so bland. The bread was good though lol. I can't say I'll rush back...
Terrible food,terrible service
3/10/2015 by Ramona

We had a wonderful week at Disney ,with all the quick service and table service being awesome except for Mama Melrose. It used to be great,but has been going down hill. Our waitress never did bring our bread or utensils. We didn't finish any of our meals. My penne vodka sauce was a dark brown, our soup was cool, and our drinks weren't refilled. The lobby was jammed with people waiting for thier reservations, but there wer empty tables in the restaurant.

Never Disappointed
10/21/2014 by Ahnalira

I can count on Mama Melrose for it's casual family-style ambiance and "comfort Italian" food.  I love the booths, and the Chicken Parmigiana is pretty good, too!

I Love This Restaurant!
9/14/2014 by Donna

I love the homey, casual feel.  I don't mind bringing a herd of kids here at all :D  I don't know if the food is authentic Italian...I'm not Italian, but I do know it's tasty.  I always order the tomato salad and chicken parmesan.  Knowing there is something on the menu that I like (I'm a picky eater) means a great deal to me.  These are reasons it's a 5 on my rating chart.

11/13/2013 by Tonya

We dined here last month using the Fantasmic package. I was really excited to eat here. I love the theme of the restaurant. We started off with appetizers. I had the salad and it was fresh and I loved the dressing. My son's ordered the mussels. Oh so fresh and the sauce was tasty. I ordered the chicken parm.... and just as I had expected, it was yummy!!! Exactly like mine that I make at home. My dessert was disppointing because most everything offered had some sort of nuts or tree nuts in it. Which I can't eat. That seemed to be the theme of my desserts for the most part on this trip. Unlike in the past Disney would offer other desserts for me, but this time the fall back dessert was ice cream. Boo. lol

Very good food, iffy service
11/9/2013 by Jodi

We enjoyed a meal at Mama Melrose on our last trip in April 2013.  The environment was nice and cozy.  The food was very good.  However, the service, well, left a lot to be desired.  We were seated and our (original) waitress brought our drinks and left us to decide what we all wanted for our meals.  Then she never came back.  I saw her two tables over with another family who came in well after us and she spent lots and lots of time over there, playing with the kids, chatting, etc.  We waited and waited.  NOTHING.  Finally we stopped a server from another table and asked if someone could please come and take our order.  He apologized and a different server came back.  She took our order and brought our food.  She refilled our drinks when our food came.  That was it.  We had to flag her down to get our desserts ordered.  Had the restaurant bee

Chicken Parmmmm!
9/22/2013 by Ser Alan

Mama Melrose has been one of our standards over the years, we recently dropped in to see what had changed in the last couple of years.  Not much is the answer, the menu is still basically the same and the food is also comparable in quality.  We had lunch with good friends, which always makes things more fun.  For appetizer I started out with tomato/mozzarella salad which was good, but not great -- really didn't hold a candle to the mozzarella at Tutto's which was our lunch the day before so that was fresh in my mind.  After that I had the Chicken Parmigiana which was really delicious, one of the better dishes we've had at Disney this week.  Ahnalira had the Pesce all Acqua Pazza which had a bit of heat and was pretty good, but we both agreed that my dish was the one that really took the cake.  For dessert we both had the sugar free Panna Cotta which was good, but again not great.

Pros and Cons
6/5/2011 by Kristin

I usually am never disappointed with ANY Disney restaurant however I am going to try and give an honest rating.  I read many many good reviews on this restaurant which is one of the reasons that I chose this place however I have to say I was a little disappointed in this one.

Food - as far as the food goes it was pretty good.  It wasn't our taste mostly for Italian, but it wasn't bad at all. We were on the Disney Dining Plan and one of the perks of this is that this particular restaurant gives you an appetizer.  That was generous.

Service - First of all, we did have Priority Seating "reservations"  I understand that this doesn't mean that you will be seated at your time but it wasn't even close!  I went to check in an hour early and they told me I would have to come back in 30 minutes as they were not taking check in's for that time yet.  We sat a

Very Tastey and economical
6/3/2010 by Ser Alan
We had lunch at Mama Melrose a few days ago and it was quite a pleasant experience.  Mama Melrose has been one of my favorites for sometime now, and they did not disappoint!

We ordered the Mozzarella and Tomato salad to start and it was good (but not exceptional).  I had the Chicken Flatbread; which seemed a lot like two small chicken pizzas.  I found the chicken to be tender and flavorful, really quite delicious.  Ahnalira ordered the Chicken Parmesan which we both agreed was as good as any we've ever had.  It managed to have a crispy crust and still be tender and moist on the inside... and it was baked rather than deep fried.

They also have a No Sugar Added dessert on the menu, Crema Limone which is sort of a light lemony pudding and is quite delicious.

Best of all, the meal only cost us $39 for two people which is quite a deal by Disney standards.  Great pla
5/11/2010 by donna polar
My husband and I love this place.  Food is great and the service is always wonderful.
Mama Melrose Fantasmic Package at Lunch
4/20/2010 by Franniepoppins
Disney is now allowing the Fantasmic Package to be booked with lunches at Mama Melrose's at Disney's Hollywood Studios!
Very Good
1/6/2010 by Richard & Robbin
Good fun great food. We had the Italian wine flights $15 each, antipasto for 2 $15, mozza & tomato $8, brick oven tuna $23, double expresso $4 and cappuccino $4, total for 2 before tip $96 for our lunch. Less if you drop the wine, bottled water and go for pizza ... We felt it was good value for the quality and experience. We would go back no problem. Very tastey.
Great chicken parmesan!
9/8/2007 by LP
We ate here in August. We really enjoyed it. I had the Chicken Parmesan, and it was excellent. The spaghetti was also great. The desserts were good too. Our server was excellent, and the atmosphere was nice. Food came out quickly. We will definitely come here again, very good all around.
Very tasty!
10/5/2006 by Jodi

Mmmm....yes, we really enjoyed this place!  The food was marvelous!  The service was wonderful!  The only complaint was mil's tuscan chicken.  Not that it was bad, but she said she must have misread the menu b/c it wasn't quite what she thought it would be!  However, she did finish ds2's spaghetti and LOVED that!  Lots of good food!  The 4 chees flatbread ds1 got was really good as was my chicken parmesan!  The bruschetta appetizer was a big hit as was the crispy fried calamari.  And desserts were wonderful!  We'd love to go back here again!

Wonderful food! Comfy ambiance.
11/13/2005 by Ser Alan
We just visited Mama Melrose while visiting SuperSoap weekend and had the most delightful meal First, they happily seated us in a booth when we requested it, and we just love a nice comfy booth. I've always liked the Italian family run homey atmosphere of Mama Melrose. And the menu is a delight, my only problem was deciding what I wanted to try first! I settled on the Toasted Bread salad which was very fresh and tasty. For my Entree I chose the Grilled Chicken Flatbread which went far and above my expectations, truly delicioso! I can't recommend it enough Ahnalira had the Eggplant Napoleon and was very happy with it, she says they really know how to do eggplant at Mama Melrose!  The only negative was the sugar-free dessert, they gave us the omnipresent Disney frozen cheesecake; we each took one bite and sent it back. Fortunately they hap

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