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Adventures by Disney

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Liberty Tree Tavern Review

Nestled in the center of Liberty Tree Square, is the home of Thanksgiving Dinner 365 days a year ala Disney

The waiting area sets the tone for a "early settler's" experience

And, if you come at the right time of year, the "harvest" will be beautifully displayed; >)

The table is VERY inviting, n'est-ce pas?

Dinner is served 'family style', meaning you empty the platter and it will be filled again:)  First course is bread and salad

followed by a platter of turkey, dressing, ham, and flank steak.  Sides include veggies, macaroni and cheese, and smashed taters.

We asked for a vegetarian plate as well

Our three reviewers, well....  five reviewers; >)

found the meal quite satisfying...  in fact, Alan gave the turkey and steak a two thumbs up while Ahnalira and Marion oohed and awed over the veggie plate of rice, beans, and veggies with a creole sauce.

And the BEST part of the meal?!  While they enjoyed the ambiance and service and quality of their Thanksgiving meal, the BEST part was...

For $20 per person (non alcoholic drinks included and dessert additional), OLP plans to spend Thanksgiving here several times a year

Joy is the path of all who laugh

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Member Reviews of "Liberty Tree Tavern Review":
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Thankgiving everyday!
1/2/2012 by Tracee

This is one of my favorite restaurants!  It's like having Thanksgiving dinner in Disney World!  The turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and all of the fixin's are a little touch of home.  I like to schedule this meal in the middle or toward the end of the week.  After eating in all of the fancy places, Liberty has a nice, comfy, homey feel.  Of course, I can't leave out the awesome apple cobbler!smiley

Not That Good At All
1/18/2011 by Jack

It was okay.  The beef dish was great and the ham was good, but the turkey, mashed potatoes and gree beens tasted like they were from a TV dinner.  The salad greens were good, but nothing spectacular.  All in all, it was way over priced.  The buffet in Animal Kingdom was way better quality and a way better deal.  If they had only charged $18 a person I woul dhave given it four stars.  However, at $70 for two people with tip, the Liberty Tree Tavern only gets two stars.  (P.S.  And the bathroom wasn't even clean.) 

Good Eats
11/23/2010 by Paula
My cousin and I ate here on Nov.15 and we got in with no more than a 3 minute wait with a reservation. I can say the all you can eat family style supper was absolutely delicious (although their idea of mac'n'cheese and mine is completely different), I was so full after the appetizer and first helping, I barely made it to the Apple Crisp dessert. The only slight on this place was the service was only mediocre. I ate at better restaurants while in Disney, but I definitely ate at worse as well, I would go back.
Liberty Tree Tavern Oct 2010
10/27/2010 by Amitaf
My family of 5 had dinner at this restaurant and our experience was not great at all, we had reservations and we still had to way about 40 min.before we were seated even though according to the hostesses and and wait staff both said that this was not a busy night , the food was not that special, no characters and the price was the same as the Garden Grill in Epcot, but at the Garden Grill had characters, the floor spins as you eat, so your view is great and the food was much, much better.
Good burger at Magic Kingdom
6/7/2010 by Ser Alan
We stopped in for lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom a few days ago.  As usual, it is a nice cool place to catch your breath while roaming the Magic Kingdom on a hot day (tip: we got our Splash Mountain fast passes then headed over here for lunch!)

I got the Angus Chuck cheeseburger with Provolone and it was an altogether satisfying experience at a reasonable price.  The fruit I got with it was a little old looking but at least it was fresh instead of canned.  My companions seemed to like their vegetarian pot pies (deconstructed -- like a stew with some biscuits thrown in) well enough and the turkey feast is always a happy meal.  As to ambience, well its pretty basic and there are no characters during lunch. 

Overall I'm giving it a 4 -- pretty darn good burger for the Disney price point.  We spent $70 for four lunches which is pretty reasonable.
Changed the Mac&Cheese!
2/23/2008 by Michelle
This is one of our favorite Disney meals.  Our niece loves the characters, we love the setting and the food.  It's a fun meal, and you truly do feel like it's Thanksgiving.  Especially if you go in a large group.

It is hard to find a place as fun as this, and yes, the turkey is delicious.

The only thing that I was disappointed in is that they changed the Mac&cheese on our visit in Feb. '08.  Why mess with a good thing?  The only person in our party of 7 that liked the new Mac & cheese was my brother (and he likes Kraft Mac & cheese, so that should tell you something... ;-))

You can't go wrong with this place if you like Thanksgiving dinner and want to get some good interaction with the characters.
Great food!
8/26/2007 by Lynn & Kayla

Kids perspective:  The food was great - especially the mac/cheese.  The characters were really friendly.  I got especially tickled when Goofy tripped over his own feet and hit the wall!  We also witnessed a great encounter when Chip held a baby and let the baby grab his nose.  Sweet!

Adult perspective:  Dad loves Goofy so this was especially fun for him.  Goofy put on a good show for us.  The food was very good.  It was simple and delicious - not fancy.  It reminded us of a Thanksgiving dinner, but we were in the happiest place on earth!

Good eats, cool lunch spot on a hot day!
8/8/2007 by Ser Alan
We recently renewed our acquaintance with the Liberty Tree Tavern, stopping in for lunch on a day of record-breaking heat.  Of course, our first concern was to get out of the heat and something cold and liquid in our hands.  For sure the Tavern came through on that promise.  Right away we realized that the Tavern has been discovered as a lunch place, it was full up on our visit.

I opted for the Tri-Corner roast beef sandwich and was quite satisfied with the meaty results, especially when combined with a never ending flow of Iced Tea (brewed thank you very much!).  Ahnalira opted for the vegetarian special which got lots of happy sounds and thumbs from her side of the table.  Altogether a pleasant lunch break although it wasn‘t nothing to write home about, it takes some "Wow" factor to get a five from me anymore
10/5/2006 by Jodi

We ate here just  before MNSSHP!  What a treat!  The characters were all dressed up for the party and filled with fun!  Our waitress was also dressed up and just as wonderful as can be!  The food was delicious, especially the potatoes and gravy!  And dessert was heavenly as well!  It was a really great experience!  The only downside was that you could not get in to use the restroom!  There were only 2 stalls.  People were changing into their costumes in there and if you needed to actually USE the toilet, well, too bad.  But, that was no fault of LTT, just rude and inconsiderate people.  Otherwise, it was a GREAT experience!

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