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Located in the Beach Club Resort, the Cape May Cafe Clam Bake offers a buffet every evening



The waiting areas offer a serene and relaxed environment



With a view of beautiful (and chocolate; >) undersea environment


The theming is reminiscent of a beach party at the turn of the century.


One side of the buffet is salads and fruits..


One side is seafood...


Another is a hot buffet of "nonsea" foods...


And, finally, there is a buffet for the child in us


Two of our reviewers ate until they could barely sit up...


But Ahnalira ALWAYS leaves room for the sugarfree treat...


and this one makes her VERY happy!


For a moderate "Disney" price of $20 per person, this meal is a feast! For another $10.95 a bucket of crab legs is available. We found quality of this buffet to be exceptionally fresh and we were well pleased with the service. OLP rates the Cape May Clam bake in the "very good" to "excellent" in the buffet category.

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Member Reviews of "Cape May Café":
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Good breakfast, bad character interaction
11/9/2013 by Jodi

Even though my boys are big (18 and 13), we still enjoy a good character meal on each trip.  This year our choice was Cape May since we were staying at the Beach Club.  I was super excited b/c I had enjoyed dinner there previously and had a very good experience.  We were seated promptly and had a very nice server.  She was great about keeping our coffee and drinks refilled and clearing away plates.  The food was good, but not as good as dinner.  However, the character interaction wasn't good at all.  We were seated towards the front of the dining room.  The tables surrounding us all had small children.  And, for me, seeing the little ones meet the characters is part of the whole character meal experience.  I love seeing their little faces light up.  However, we spent well over an hour there and not a single character ever made it to our area.  Little ones left with

don't need to love seafood!
12/9/2012 by Connie

This was a nice spread. A good variety for everyone. I am not a big seafood eater and I found plenty that I liked.  I also liked the atmosphere---it was calm and quiet. 

9/13/2012 by Tonya

I recently ate at Cape Mays for the first time. I've always wanted to try this place, but could never convince the family to go there. I was lucky enough to travel to Disney with some friends and was very excited to get a chance to eat here. I really loved the theme of the restaurant. The buffet was great. I loved the all you care to eat crab legs and other seafood. Plus, there were non-seafood items. The only downside - and it's not much of one - was the dessert bar. I didn't think the choices were that wonderful... but I didn't really care. I was stuffed from all the crab legs! 

Great crab legs!
3/28/2012 by Ser Alan

We recently had a gathering of friends at Cape May Cafe for dinner -- it's been quite a while since I visited so I was curious to see what it would be like here, especially since I'm not really a sea food fan.   I was very pleasantly surprised, I tried the crab legs and found them to be perfectly fresh and nicely cooked without a hint of the fishy flavor at all.  There were several dishes on this buffet which were equally delicious and overall I found this to be a very enjoyable meal -- probably the best one I've ever had at Cape May Cafe!  They even brought us our own sugar free chocolate cakes which were quite tasty -- nice dark chocolate just the way I like it!

The other change I noted is the price which appears to have gone up (perhaps this explains the great quality of the food!) -- we paid about $40 a person for an all inclusive meal.

Overall, I have to say that this was one of my fav

Much improved breakfast
2/5/2012 by Laura Bernet

We went to the Cape May Cafe Breakfast Buffet on January 18, 2012, after having been there in December 2010, and it is much, much imrproved.  The offerings have been more than doubled!   We were so very impressed especially by the egg/gruyere casserole, the signature Cape May bread pudding/french toast, the hot quinoa, the pastries & fruit and the yogurt bar.  Just amazing!Our favorite part, however was the service. Our waitress has worked at the restaurant for 29 years, and she was just a joy.  We were even more impressed with the restaurant because of her glowing description of the atmosphere & relationship between the staff.  This was our favorite breakfast hand's down, and we will definitely be going back.



Cape May is GREAT!
1/30/2012 by dizneydonna

This restaurant is one of my favmily's very favorite.  Not just in Walt Disney World, but anywhere!  Although I'm not a seafood fan, (my husband and son are), I still find enough on this buffet to satisfy my appetite.  The salad bar is one of the freshest on property and has so many delicious choices.  For "land lovers" there is usually sliced sirloin, yummy bbq ribs and various other dishes (pasta, chicken, vegetables, etc).  For seafood lovers, its a dream come true, complete with crab legs, clams, fish, seafood pasta, mussels and usually another seafood dish or two.  If you're thinking of giving the Cape May Cafe a try, don't hesitate.  It's GREAT!

Food pretty good, very noisy!
12/29/2007 by Ser Alan
We have been to Cape May Cafe several times over the years; over all I have to say its not really my cup of tea.  Great for families, very noisy with lots of little ones racing around and screaming.  The food is ok, I have had some pretty good dishes off the buffet.  Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a big fan of buffets... 'nuff said!

So, for me not so great, but I think for families its a nice spot and very conveniently located for Beach Clubbers so I give it 3 with a half hearted thumbs up

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