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Adventures by Disney

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Located in the Canadian pavilion of the World Showcase at Epcot, the LeCellier restaurant is nestled into the beautiful Victoria Gardens just as if it were a palacial estate. Within, the ambiance is rich and deep and relaxing.


Our waitress, a Canadian representative herself, explained that the bread represented the three cultures of Canada... we sampled all three, and I gave the pretzel bread an award for consistency and flavor


Alan started with famous Cheddar Cheese Soup, and he said it lives up to its name for creamy goodness.


Ahnalira sampled with mussels and was well pleased with the freshness and seasonings.


The roasted chicken could not compare to the roast chicken we had had earlier at the Biergarten, Alan mused, but the mashed potatoes underneath it were so good they made up the difference; >)


Ahnaliras entree got a RAVE mark, however. She ordered the vegetarian dish, Sweet Potato/Wild Rice Hash... it was, she exclaimed the most wondrous blend of flavors and textures she has sampled in a long while... a triple 10


With beverages, the meal averaged $25 per person. Great ambiance, excellent service, and a delicious meal... Le Cellier gets the rare "excellent" rating from Our Laughing Place

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Member Reviews of "Le Cellier Steakhouse":
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Another change for LeCellier
10/24/2012 by Jodi

As of January 1, 2013 all meals at LeCellier will now be 2 credits on the Disney Dining Plan.  Dinner has been this way for some time, but lunch remained 1 credit.  Now all meals will be 2 credits and lunch will feature an expanded menu, so you will get lots of bang for your dining credits.  For me, I love LeCellier, but not enough to give up 2 precious credits.  So, when I have the urge for cheese soup or maple creme brulee, I'll just go in for a light lunch of those two items and pay out of pocket.  However, if you choose this option, still be sure to call or go online ahead of time and make reservations as this is one of the busiest dining locations in the Walt Disney World Resort.wink

Best Pretzel Bread ever!
3/27/2012 by Ser Alan

We've been wanting to get into Le Cellier for a few years now, and now that Disney has revamped their dining plan it is actually possible (costs 2 points now instead of only 1).  Le Cellier has a nice castle cellar ambience, dark and romantic feeling to it.  Seating is a bit on the cramped side, I felt like we got to know the couples on either side of us quite well during the meal!  The first thing we got was the bread with the best pretzel bread I've ever tasted combined with delicious fresh butter, yumm!  I could have just sat there and eaten that for my meal!  But I moved on to the House Burger which turned out to be the best burger of the trip, perfectly seared and juicey with a nice rustic bun and delicious black diamond cheddar on top, combined with crispy strips of fried onion to give it extra texture -- really an excellent burger and puts Le Cellier firmly into the 5 star category in my book!

Le Cellier Rates Supreme
4/24/2009 by Jill Greer
Le Cellier has never disappointed me. The food is consistenly good and service is impeccable. I had the filet mignon with mushroom risotto. You can't go wrong with this combonation. The filet was so tender you could cut it with your fork and the risotto was cooked to perfection; it is the perfect compliment to the filet. And dessert - don't forget dessert; you know you are on vacation. The creme brulee' is my top choice. Make sure you make your rservations to this restuarant 90 days before arriving for your trip. It is very difficult if not impossible to get in here at dinner without reservations.  Do make this one of your dinner spots in epcot you will be delighted.
Perfect Once Again!
9/1/2008 by Jodi
This place still gets my award for the best Table Service meal in Disney World!  While I have had some wonderful dining experiences throughout the Disney World area, this is still tops again in my book!  Since we tried lunch here last trip, this time I went for dinner.  And it met and exceeded every expectation I had!  Our host was so friendly and then we were treated to the best waiter we had on the entire trip!  He was so amazing and well worth the extra tip I left him!  Even though he had a very large group seated behind us, we never for a second felt like we were being slighted in service! My cheese soup did not disappoint, either!  It was marvelous!   For my entree this time I tried the mushroom filet and let me just say, even as a person who is not normally a big steak fan, this was the best meal I could have imagined!  I could cut it with my fork!  And it
Oh Canada--you make me proud
1/13/2007 by Lp
Being a Canadian, I had to try Le Cellier. We loved it. The Petit Filets were great. The Cheddar Cheese Soup was very tasty. The breadsticks were great. Our server let my daughter have a small caesar salad for appetizer because there was nothing that appealed to her, even though it wasn't on the menu. We had smoothies and shakes that were very tasty. The ambience was good. The best was the desserts. My son had the Smores--they were huge and neat looking and the cookie was soooo good! My daughter had the Chocolate Mousse. It was so cute! And tasty. I had the Creme Brulee--soooo good.  We will definately go back!
Absolutely PERFECT!
10/5/2006 by Jodi

Heck, I would give this place more stars if I could!  This was, HANDS DOWN, our FAVORITE place to dine during our Sept 2006 trip!  From the moment we walked in to the moment we left, we were in heaven!  Our waitress was spectacular!  They were so busy, and yet she made time for us and made us feel like we were her favorites!  She even asked my boys' names and remembered and used them on each trip to our table!  That was a touch not one single other place we ate at had!  They also allowed us to have milkshakes as our drink on the DDP!!  Another only for our trip!  We started with appetizers.  I had the cheddar cheese soup, as did my 6 yr old son.  Mil had shrimp coctail (I think!) and my 11 yr old son had the beef tenderloin kabob.  All got RAVE reviews!  As did the pretzel bread!  My soup was absolutely to die for!  Our entrees followed this wonderful path.  In fact, I ordered a filet, something I RARELY

Le Cellier for Lunch!
9/6/2006 by Francine

We had lunch at Le Cellier's on Saturday, August 26, 2006.  I can not speak highly enough of this restaurant!  Our dining time was noon, and we arrived, and were seated immediately, just prior to noon.  The wait staff was fantastic, as always. 

I had a cocktail with lunch, a Torontopolitan, and it was very yummy, not to strong.  I also had the cheddar cheese soup, which is so good it could be lunch all on it's own.  Mari had a salad, and Tim had the tenderloin kabob for appetizers.   We all had some form of steak for an entrée.  Everything was delicious!  This was another restaurant where we ate nearly everything.  Mari and Tim were to full for dessert, but I wasn't!  I had the raspberry sorbet, and it was very good. 

Honestly, I could not find one thing wrong with Le Cellier.   If you want to eat there, make your dining arrangment as soon as you can.  It book

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