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The Biergarten Restaurant is located in the Germany Pavilion of the World Showcase, offering a lunch and dinner buffet.

The atmosphere creates a beautiful evening in a German Village

and the tables are arranged to seat groups together reminiscent of Oktoberfest celebrations throughout Germany.

The buffet is substantial! from cold salads

to hot entrees

and desserts

We found something to suit all our tastes. Marion, who is primarily vegetarian, enjoyed a meal from the cold salad section. Alan, the most varied eater of the group found LOTS to entice him...

And I was very satisfied as well with what was on my plate

We gave the roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, and chicken spaetzle soup a round of applause and, as well, Marion exclaimed over the cold barley vegetable salad. We were happy with our lunch and willing to forego dessert since we had not called ahead to arrange for a sugar free selection... but look what they pulled out of a hat for us!

The buffet was moderately priced, for Disney, at $12.95 (for lunch) per person with beverages extra. Our Laughing Place gives the Biergarten a solid thumbs up for great value and "good to very good" for food quality, service, and presentation article edtor

Member Reviews of "Biergarten Restaurant":
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Fun place
2/1/2017 by Tonya
The theme of the restaurant was very nice. The live music was fun! The food for me was ...okay... but I'm glad we tried it. Good times!!
Fun time
7/2/2016 by Wendy
My family and I visit Biergarten during the winter. It was a fun restaurant with family-style seating (meaning you probably will sit with other families). There was not much food that interested my children but the chef did try to entice them to try other foods and did bring out a special request for my super-picky son. My husband and I enjoyed the variety of the food and had an enjoyable time.
Good Dining Fun!
3/17/2016 by Jodi
I was wanting to try something completely different for us, so we got a reservation at Biergarten. What a pleasant surprise! The food was absolutely delicious and our service was wonderful. I really loved sharing a table with another family. They happened to be from Kansas like us, too! It was definitely a great experience.
Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!
11/30/2015 by Tammy

Guests dine in the town square of a quaint Bavarian village where every day is Oktoberfest! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Lots of music, raising your glasses and joviality goes on while you dine on a marvelous German buffet! Definitely a place to take your time to enjoy the meal and the company of other guests who you may be sharing your table with. The tables seat 8 guests, and if your party does not fill a table, you will be seated with other guests. But that's half the fun! The other half is the food. A plethora of hot and cold offerings which you can pick and choose from and eat all you care to! You'll become so immersed in Germany, that when you walk out the door, you will be surprised to be back in Florida!

One of My Faves!
11/1/2012 by dizneydonna

This is absolutley one of my very favorite dining experiences on Walt Disney World property.  I say "experience" because it is just that.  The food is great and even my picky son likes it.  Don't be afraid because it's a German restaurant. They serve lots of goodies that I'm sure everyone will enjoy, such as roast pork loin, roasted chicken, beef roast, chicken or pork shnitzel (my son always thougtht these were chicken strips!), lots of sausages, vegetables and various (wonderful) sides like pototato dumplings, roasted potatoes, and great soups.  They also have a great cold, salad bar and a kid-friendly section with pizza, hot dogs, etc (so don't be afraid to bring the kiddies).  The restaurant ambiance is so warm, cozy and fun and the inside of the restaurant is gorgeous.  It looks as if you're dining outside in the middle of a German Village with the quaint houses

11/19/2011 by Sandy Sage
A good buffet, great friendly service and good ole German Eat at off times for a good selection and no wait time..
One word, the best
1/20/2011 by Nick
Best restaurant EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Restaurant
1/6/2010 by jcrreid
Best deal in Epcot at $22 per person. Excellent selection of food. A German Octoberfest setting with better food, cleaner and more room at the tables. Fun to chat with other Disney lovers at the table. Food was very good and good variety. All included except wine and beer. We have gone every year since 1993 and enjoyed it everytime.
Absolutely Amazing!
1/5/2010 by Nick
I loved it! I have never found a restaurant as good as this at Epcot. You feel like you're in Germany. The only downfall is it's family style. But, besides that, it's great.
Loved it!
2/23/2008 by Michelle
We tried this during our February '08 visit.  We didn't have lunch reservations, and we were starving.  With only a 15-minute wait, we were very pleasantly surprised.  In fact, this ended up being one of my favorite dining experiences at Disney.

All of the food was fresh and well prepared.  The three of us, my mom, sister and I, sat at a table with a German couple.  They said that the food was good, and while obviously not perfectly German, it was close enough.  They gave it two thumbs up!

The band was a lot of fun, and the inside of the restaurant is a treat.  And yes, it is loud here, so please keep that in mind.  Obviously, this is not suitable for a romantic "hideaway" or  those that don't like ethnic food.  I honestly was surprised at how much I liked it.&am
1/13/2007 by LP
We ate at the Biergarten when we were on the Free Dining Plan. Which was a good thing, because I wouldn't have wanted to pay for it! The food was very different from what we are used to. My kids, 8 and 11, did not enjoy it here at all. All they ate was buns and a bit of chicken and salad. The desserts were not good either. The ambience was neat. We were a table of 8, so we didn't have to sit with strangers. We enjoyed the show. You can smell the cabbage out in front of the German pavillion it is so strong. I am sure many enjoy it, but it is not for us!
not a good experience...
10/26/2006 by Karla

We went to the Biergarten in October 2006.  Admittedly we got there quite late (about 15 minutes till 9:00 pm, which is when the fireworks show begins) but we were assured that the buffet would be up for quite awhile yet, and that we didn't need to rush at all.

The food was decent, not great, but good enough (better yet, abundant enough) to justify the $23 per person price, but the service was the most disappointing thing of all.  Within 25 minutes of our arrival, part of the buffet had been dismantled (although there were several people, including us still eating). Within another 10 minutes, waitresses were sweeping the floor by and under the tables next to us, dismantling the rest of the buffet, talking loudly to each other across the restaurant, and kept stopping by to ask us if we were done as they pulled dishes away.  Out of respect for my husband (who is of German descent) and unwilling to make a scene in front of

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