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Adventures by Disney

Yacht Club Concierge

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The atmosphere is elegant; the theming nautical with a leaning towards what I would call 'masculine'. Fresh bouquets of roses are sprinkled throughout the lobby as, perhaps, the only acknowledgment to the soft and feminine apects of design. Colors are primarily blue and white with red and yellow accents. Sometimes the red is closer to rose and the yellow closer to mustard, however, the focus stays mostly in the primary color range.

The floors are polished wood with carpet inserts, the furniture high-backed and regal (some sofas are upholstered in red leather). There is a quietly formal feeling. As in all deluxe resorts, the feeling in the lobby is airy and spacious, and the service includes a guest relations desk as well as valet parking.

The hotel rooms continue the blue/white/red/yellow colors in a way that lends almost toward the garish, in my humble opinion. There are so many patterns playing against each other that, sometimes, the color tones are dissonant rather that blending (especially when the yellow turns to mustard, and red and rose inter-combine with it). Of course, keep in mind, that I am a lover of jewel tones and pastels with a strong opinion about color combinations in general. In any case, the benefits of the Concierge accommodations, located on the hotel's top floor, include beautiful double sinks in marble and large, spacious rooms. The nautical theming continued with touches like plaid yachtsman Mickey shower curtains and sailing pictures on the walls.

The pool at the Yacht Club -- Stormalong Bay -- gets high marks in all of the guide books as the best resort pool on property. The sandy bottom and the currents through the some areas of the pool are very nice touches. It is a very, big pool so be prepared to do a generous amount of walking to get around it. It is also very popular and, thus, regularly crowded.

As you might have already gleaned, based only on the interior design at this resort, we would probably not return. However, the Concierge Service is a dancing hippo of another color. Here, the excellence of Yacht Club personnel shines.

One morning, I sat at one of the concierge desks and watched various interactions between staff and guests as well as staff and other staff. Cooperation and friendliness were consistent. I witnessed several remarks of mutual appreciation between staff and got a sense of camaraderie that seemed to benefit the ambiance of the entire floor. I saw staff changing flight reservations for guests, arranging birthday surprises for guests, and generally providing a feeling of welcome for all.

For us, of course, special food accomodations (essentially sucrose and aspartame-free foods) were high on our list for concierge assistance. Our concierge fairygodmother called every restaurant at which we had priority seating and went over our list of considerations with the chef of each restaurant, then faxed them a copy of allowable alternatives. In addition, she ensured that the Yacht Club concierge kitchen provided selections for us at every segment of refreshment served during the day. This qualifies as excellent service in itself, n'est-ce pas? But she went a step further and ensured our alternate selections were varied, and checked with us daily to see if all was to our liking or if we wanted anything else.

The creativity and skill of the concierge kitchen personnel sparkled. The continuous buffet was well presented and kept very fresh. The ability of the bakery chef to provide sugar-free desserts that were moist, elegantly presented, and delightful creations in their own right deserves acknowledgement. And appreciation.

The Concierge Lounge was a smaller reproduction of the hotel lobby; high backed and elegant furniture in arrangements that allowed a sense of privacy, if so desired. The entire Concierge Floor was booked during our stay, and we found the Lounge crowded during the Continental breakfast hours. I imagine that in a slower time of year the Lounge would be a delightful area to use. In the afternoons, a Disney movie was shown on a large screen TV.

Overall, we gave The Yacht Club a high 8 on a scale of 10, points. What it lost on interior design it gained on quality of service and convenient location.

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