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Pepper Market Review The Pepper Market, located in the Coronado Springs Resort, is a "new" kind of Disney counterservice restaurant.


Stations of freshly prepared international cuisine are spread through the restaurant, and guests meander from one counter to another, selecting their meal and getting a card stamped to give the cashier after the meal.

and the ambiance is a delightfully whimical Mexican market...

These chicken enchiladas came from the Mexican stand...

and Tawna says these are BEST enchiladas she has had in long time!

  The soup and salad was Lazars choice...


and he says:

If you really want to good meal, order the Chicken Primavera Pasta!

Alan had the the Mexican special of the day, "Chicken Ranchos"

And, while he finished his meal all the way down to the plate, he was making a note to get those enchiladas next time; >)

The food was plentiful and, after dinner a stroll around the resort lake called...

Our meals ranged from $10 for the Soup and Salad to $16.00 for the Chicken Pasta and Chicken Ranchos. We averaged our rating between the "excellent" for the pasta and enchiladas to the "fair" for the soup and salad and "good" for the chicken Ranchos, coming up with a hearty "good". Service is minimal. This is a great place for a quick meal with lots of choices, in our humble opinions:) And, finally, check out this ceiling shot of the Coronado Springs lobby:

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Member Reviews of "Pepper Market":
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Pepper Market
12/3/2014 by Tracee Malik

On my recent visit to Disney World, I stayed at Coronado Springs.  I didn't have much time to spend at the resort but I did grab a snack one evening.  I had the shredded beef nachos at the pepper mill.  OH MY GOODNESS!  They were so good.  The chips were fresh and crispy, the nacho cheese was just the right heat and they piled on the sour cream.  Yum!

Lunch is now a buffet!
3/28/2012 by Ser Alan

We recently visited the Pepper Market at Coronado Springs and found that it has become a buffet style restaurant -- in other words you pay a flat rate and you can pick whatever you want from several different stations.  The stations are pretty much the same as before: Mexican, Pasta, Soup/Sandwich, Salad Bar, and a few other stations.  As usual, I went straight for the Mexican station where I got a pork burrito, chicken enchilada, chicken quesadilla and some rice and beans.  The food was pretty flavorful, especially the shredded chicken, although I was disappointed to find that the enchiladas were made with flour tortillas.  The pork burrito was very good.

Cost came out to about $40 for the two of us -- of course this is a great deal for big eaters.

Overall, it's a decent lunch if you're staying at Coronado Springs but I wouldn't drive out of my way to get to it.  If you are lookin

Basic breakfast fare
5/31/2010 by Ser Alan
5 years later I'm coming around to update my review of the Pepper Market at Coronado Springs -- in particular the breakfast.  A few days ago we had the chance to enjoy a pleasant breakfast here and I found it to be quite average, just your basic breakfast really.  I had the French Toast which was good but nothing memorable.  Ahnalira had the Southwest omelette which I would say was definitely better than average.  There have been a few changes to the Pepper Market in the last five years, but it still has the pleasant ambience of a warehouse like latin style market place. 

Overall I felt it deserved about a 3.4, a pretty average breakfast experience in a fairly average ambience.  Pleasant but not exceptional, defintiely serviceable if you happen to be staying at Coronado Springs and would like a standard bacon and eggs sort of breakfast.

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