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Adventures by Disney

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Review

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‘Come celebrate Africa!’ is the motto of the Animal Kingdom Lodge and, indeed, from moment one enters the driveway up to the resort the feel of an African landscape prevails in touches like lighting made to look like small fire pits and an ambience of an African plain. In pure Disney style, the resort takes elements of African life and weaves them together in a colorful montage that is both lyrical and metaphorical in its ambiance. From the “thatched” round roofs to the herds of wild animals cavorting across the balcony edges, the Animal Kingdom Lodge sweeps the imagination into another culture of the World.

Our concierge service began weeks before our actual arrival with contact by a concierge cm that offered to handle all of our arrangements and kept us up-to-date on the resort’s Grand Opening preparations. Indeed, we were whisked upstairs upon arrival and given a concierge tour; the process was seamless and effortless for us… a very welcome registration; >) Concierge castmembers were helpful and friendly; we felt at home and among friends through our entire stay.

The concierge rooms are slightly larger than regular rooms with robes hanging in the closet for our use. The savannah view was an unending source of entertainment and pleasure! The lounge is large and airy, overlooking the lobby from the 6th floor. The buffet offerings were the most varied and well rounded of any Disney concierge buffet I’ve enjoyed. Breakfast included a hot cereal in addition to the traditional continental service, and even appetizer buffet could well make a meal (and did for us on occasion; >) ….not to mention the state-of-the-art espresso machine that put lattes, cappuccinos, and steamed milk at our beck and call throughout the day! Several times, Animal Kingdom Lodge chefs performed African cooking demonstrations during the early evening that were informative and tasty; >)

A highlight of the Animal Kingdom Lodge concierge stay is the Sunrise Safari offered weekly for concierge guests for a modest fee. Guests rise before the sun to tour the Kilamanjaroo Safari before opening. It is an informative interesting peek into the workings of Disney and their stage-setting activities. By the time the breakfast buffet that ends the tour is finished, the Animal Kingdom is open and ready to explore :) Truly, I am hoping the other Disney concierge services catch on to this innovative offering and create similar activities for their parks; >)

Our requests for sugar-free accommodations on the buffet during our stay were met with such enthusiasm and creativity that we are in eager anticipation for our next adventure! Could our Animal Kingdom Lodge concierge experience have been better? Well, it’s possible… but we don’t know how. We do know that Disney does strive to continually improve perfection, though, so we’ll stay open to the idea; >) article edtor

Member Reviews of "Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Review":
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AKL concierge
5/21/2006 by Margaret Whitlock
We had a wonderful magical stay at AKL. The staff took every request I made into account and found us the perfect room! I could not have picked a better one if given the choice of the whole hotel. The food in the lounge was very good and we really enjoyed the iced tea. The only problem was the nature of some people who had to rush in at 5 pm and grab food like they had not eaten all day. At the last minute, the time for Wishes was changed, but the staff was able to change our ADR at Calif Grill for us. I was thrilled! I cant say enough about the Sunset Safari! It was the best money I have ever spent on a vacation in my life,
Just OK, not so great for tea drinkers!
5/13/2006 by Ser Alan
The Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge has become a regular stop for us, we love the resort theming and watching the animals is a joy.  Unfortunately, the concierge experience was rampantly mediocre, service was very uneven and several mistakes were made. 

For example,  the dedicated hot tea drinker in our party was less than happy.  Apparently they arent allowed to provide actual hot water on the buffet, so the tea water is provided luke warm and not hot enough for proper steeping. The afternoon tea advertised loose-leaf tea but none was provided.  This is unfortunate since I had previously perceived Animal Kingdom Lodge as a haven for the gourmet hot tea drinker!

However, it wasnt all bad and a few of the staff were quite helpful. We did get a few sugarfree desserts and one of the staff even approached us to let us know that we had sugarfree muffins lying unclaimed in the refrigerator. The
Sad Story
5/12/2006 by Ahnalira

While the itinerary planning office did an ok job of making advance reservations for us at our requested restaurants, I am sad to report that their help with special accommodations (ie a back injury that effects mobility and sugar free dietary requests) was sub-standard  I assumed they understood the mobility issue when I cancelled the Sunrise Safari due to an inability to supply an ECV for travel from the Safari to the buffet breakfast, but I must have been mistaken because they put us in a room all the way at the end of the hall.  Perhaps that was the only location for the two bedroom suite that we reserved...  I can see how that could happen, but I would expect, then, that they offer a wheelchair or some other type of accommodation for us.  Sugar free desserts were ordered for the concierge buffet, but - unfortunatel

AKL consiege and safari
8/27/2005 by molly
We stayed here in 2003, and it was amazing. Going back in May. We were upgraded to a one room suite in addition to our room. They left us African Perfume, Zebra cake for my daughter B-Day. Took the morning safari it was great and the food was unbelievable. Definately worth taking.

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