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Adventures by Disney

Wilderness Lodge Concierge Review

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Approaching the Wilderness Lodge Resort is like entering a forest of calm. The landscaping is naturally wild, and the entrance is a sweeping structure of stone and wood. The sound of crickets “singing” serenades the entrance and, once within, towering totem poles and a massive stone fireplace evoke the “days-gone-by” of a more rural time. We arrived late in the evening and used the main front desk since it was open and available, not knowing if the concierge team would still be on duty. Our key inserted into the elevator slot took us to the 7th floor where the concierge service lives, and – lo and behold – we were greeted at the elevator by a couple of concierge castmembers to welcome us “home”.

The Wilderness Lodge concierge service is set up in a unique style from all of the other Disney concierge levels we’ve visited. The concierge service area is in the elevator lobby, and the buffet is set up along the corridor between room hallways. It makes for a very relaxed and informal feeling. We enjoyed very much being greeted at the elevator, and it was delightful to find concierge staff meandering through hallways looking for ways to be helpful (sort of like fairies; >).

I had taken it upon myself to contact the concierge staff to make PS reservations for us and arrange for sugarfree items on the buffet since I didn’t receive a mailing, and everything was well arranged for us. In addition, we were called several days before our arrival to see if there was anything we needed or wanted. The buffet offerings were delightfully themed to the Wilderness Lodge (for example, a big iron pot of tasty chili on the late afternoon buffet), and our requests for sugar-free accommodation were handled exquisitely – they had the MOST tasty fruit bread as well as muffins for breakfast and our nightly desserts were high points of every day. On the final morning, when we needed to arrange transportation to the Contemporary Resort to catch the Disney Cruiseline bus, concierge staff shuttled us over to the Contemporary.

As you can tell from reading this, I was both impressed and pleased with the quality of service we experienced :) I believe that the Wilderness Lodge concierge service will appeal most to folks who prefer a casual and relaxed experience. The very guests who would shy away from somewhere like the Grand Floridian concierge with its china and silver, will love the stoneware and comfort of the Wilderness Lodge concierge service. With just a few bugs to work out of this unique system like handling a rush for service at the elevator station with only one attendant present or arranging seating in comfortable groupings for the buffet, I give the Wilderness Lodge Concierge my personal rating of 9.3 out of ten and look forward to my next visit :) article edtor

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Love the new buffet area! Staff is delightful :)
11/2/2005 by Ser Alan

We had a pleasant surprise on our recent stay in Wilderness Lodge Concierge, they have installed a whole new room (properly themed of course) for the concierge area. Quite nice!  The eating area still feels a lot like chairs and tables in a hallway (because it is) and thats probably the only reason I dont give it a 5. We found the staff, Jack in particular, to be very friendly and accomodating. After the first day they made sure we had plenty of sugarfree muffins and desserts.

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