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Adventures by Disney

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Member Reviews of "Be Our Guest Restaurant":
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12/13/2014 by lovingmotherhoodinmn

It was delicious! We scored dinner reservations here 180 days before our trip, and we loved it!

I ordered pasta, my husband ordered pasta, my 12 year old ordered the grilled strip steak, my 9 year old ordered the pork rack chop, and my 2 year old had the grilled chicken. It was amazing! 

The decor was amazing, it was like we were dining in a castle. It was awesome! 

I like lunch better
6/5/2014 by Toni

Let me say first that both meals are way crowded.  Go early for lunch and expect to wait.  Get your reservation for dinner as soon as you can!  I've done both meals now, and I like the more casual lunch better.  The tables are very close together and for some reason it seemed more crowded at dinner.  Food is good at both meals, but slightly better priced at lunch.  At dinner, I think there is more overhead because of the special effects.  That's just what I think.  If you have to choose between one or the other, my vote is lunch.

Be Our Guest!!
11/4/2013 by Tonya

Be Our Guest- Quick service meal... in one word, Awesome! The restaurant opens at 10:30 am and the line seems long, but it moved fast. The CM offered umbrellas to keep the sun off of us. How nice, right? You order you meal and then go sit down. The food is brought out to you.

We enjoyed it so much, we ate here twice. The first time I had the braised pork over mash potatoes. SO good! The meat was tender. Almost like a pot roast with the tender meat and flavor.

The second trip I shared the roast beef sandwich

Be Our Guest - Delicious Gluten Free Food!
9/21/2013 by Franniepoppins

We dined at Be Our Guest yesterday for lunch.  The line was very long to get in, but it moved quickly.  It was very hot, but Disney provides umbrellas that are perfect if it rains and work well for shade.  Disney also had fresh water available for guests in line.  I was glad I had decided to wait.  This was by far the best dining experience at a counter service restaurant I have ever had!  I have to eat gluten free.  The gluten free options were heavenly.  I ordered a turkey sandwich and the lemon cream puff; all gluten free.  They offered these on a regular menu, which made ordering so easy for me; no special conversation with a manager and no long wait for my food.  The sandwich was  huge.  The bread was the shape of a hot dog roll and there were two of them.  It was not a hot fog roll though.  It was very, very good.  Th

Be Our Guest
7/31/2013 by Dizneydonna

I highly recommend lunch at the Be Our Guest Restaurant.  The best thing on the menu, by far, is the braised pork, which is delicious.  It's now one of my very favorite quick service entrees at Walt Disney World.  Make sure to get in line early for lunch though (around 10:30) because the lines get longer and longest as noon rolls around.  You can sometimes wait in line 30 minutes or more just to get into the castle and then another 10 minutes or so to place your order once inside.  With that being said, I still highly recommend that you take the time to visit the work of art by Disney imagineers.  The attention to detail everywhere you look will astound.  You truly feel like you've stepped right into the movie, Beauty and the Beast.  It's a magical experience for all.

A must do and see
7/4/2013 by Christee Thomas

We were lucky enough to get in here for lunch.  This place is popular so if you can not score a dinner reservation then try lunch.  Get in line early.  The restaurant opens at 11a and there was already quite a line by the time it opened.  We were in line by 11a and seated by 1125a, so not too bad.  The guards inside the castle help make the time go by quickly.  The ordering was an adventure in itself but lots of helpful Castmembers around to help if needed.  The food was good the atmosphere fantastic.  Make sure you look around at the different rooms.  This is a must do and see restaurant.

Good for lunch or dinner!
12/3/2012 by Ser Alan

We had an opportunity to try the brand new Be Our Guest restaurant in the new area of Fantasyland over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Needless to say, the place was packed!  We did both lunch and dinner to get the full experience.  The fun new thing they are doing is a quick service lunch and a full service dinner -- although the dinner was actually just as fast, if not faster. than lunch!

We found a long line awaiting us for lunch, we were among the last to be let in before the 2PM cut off.  They are making use of some pretty fancy new technology in their lunchtime ordering system.  First you have access to some electronic menus while waiting in the line.  My only comment on that is the menus cycle through at a pretty slow speed and they are not up high where everybody can see them -- so if you want to get a closer look at a particular item you will have to wait til you are in front of the screen and then w

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