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Adventures by Disney

Disney Institute Spa & Health Club

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Come to The Spa at the Disney Institute and leave the world behind. Release, recharge and renew yourself in a place where you are the center of the universe. Indulge yourself in a luxurious skin therapy or a relaxing body treatment. The expert staff at the Spa at the Disney Institute will pamper you into a state of total relaxation. You’ll find some of the highest quality products and techniques of some of the world’s greatest names in body and face care. An array of personalized treatment awaits you. The following descriptions will help you choose the spa experience just right for you.

Massage Therapies

Swedish Massage – Enjoy light to medium Swedish massage designed to relax and reduce stress.
25 minutes - $50
50 minutes - $85
80 minutes - $115

Custom Therapeutic Massage – The therapist “reads” your body and incorporates a variety of massage techniques to relax you and relieve the signs of daily stress. This is a moderate to firm massage.
50 minutes - $85

Sports Massage – Offered as a pre-activity massage, this treatment can help prepare your body to function at peak efficiency or let you relax and recover after a strenuous workout.
50 minutes - $85

Aromatherapy Massage by Judith Jackson – Specific massage techniques, in combination with essential oils, stimulate your senses in this gentle, deluxe massage focusing particular attention on the lymphatic system. You may choose from a variety of oils to customize your treatment.
50 minutes - $85
25 minutes - $50

Pre-Natal Massage – A specialty massage designed to aid in relaxation and circulation while providing a special treat for your baby.
50 minutes - $85

Reflexology Massage – The ancient healing art of massage combined with the latest in spa luxuries, this pressure-point massage targets specific areas of the feet corresponding to individual parts of the body to release energy and relieve stress. You will leave feeling like you’re walking on air!
25 minutes - $50


Lift Defense Institute Treatment by Sothys – An intensive skin fitness program combining the latest scientific ingredients with an Ultra-Precision Program that firms the skin and fights wrinkles. The active ingredients reinforce the integrity of cell barriers, helping to regenerate and repair the skin.
80 minutes - $95

Aqualift replenishing Treatment by Phytomer – This relaxing facial provides the anti-free radical properties of marine spring water. Rich in minerals, especially calcium and oligio-elements found off the coast of France, this geothermal water has the natural elements of combining a firming and toning action.
50 minutes - $85

Oxygenating Seaweed Facial by Phytomer – As this warm mask bubbles its way onto your skin cells, sea nutrients energize, remineralize, remove toxins and promote cellular exchanges. This relaxing facial includes a warm spine treatment, making your skin feel truly alive.
50 minutes - $85
The Aqualift Replenishing Treatment and the Oxygenating Seaweed facial can be combined into an 80 minute therapy for $125.

Hydractive Facial by Phytomer – A seaweed-based facial is ideal for any skin type. This restores the natural balance of the skin by providing essential nutrients as well as easing the ill effects of the environment.
50 minutes - $85
With additional soothing eye treatment.
80 minutes - $120

Ultimate European Facial by Sothys – Help maintain a healthy complexion with this complete facial, which includes a deep pore cleansing, steam with exfoliation and facial massage, individualized ampoule treatment, and a soothing masque.
50 minutes - $85

Men’s Skin Fitness Facial by Sothys – Designed to accommodate a man’s special needs, this facial starts with proper skin cleansing, and finishes with a nourishing treatment that is designed to help relieve razor burns, skin dryness and irritation.
50 minutes - $85

Anti-Stress Vitamin C Facial by Sothys – A relaxing aromatherapy vitamin C treatment designed for the active client. The essential oils and aromatherapy provided by this facial will leave your skin hydrated and with a radiant glow. At the end you will receive a special gift: a per-formulated vitamin complex to use at home for the next 10 days.
50 minutes - $85

Lavender Lift Aromatherapy by Judith Jackson – Soothe, purify and exhilarate, as the pleasing fragrance of fresh lavender combined with plant enzymes delicately clarifies and nourishes your face.
50 minutes - $85

Eye Contour Treatment by Phytomer – This treatment uses the innovative technique of eye pads that gently diffuse active marine ingredients into delicate tissue. It is a soothing, invigorating treatment that reduces the appearance of stress in the fragile eye area. It can be done alone or incorporated into any facial service.
25 minutes - $45


Aromatherapy Total Relaxation Treatment by Judith Jackson – This total relaxation treatment begins with the signature Judith Jackson Aromatherapy Massage. After the massage your body will be enveloped in a warm heating blanket while enjoying a scalp massage, finishing with a refreshing mist of lavender.
80 minutes - $115

Aromatherapy Hydro-Massage – Using hydrating concentrates in the water to refresh you in body and mind, this hydro-massage is followed by an after-bath massage treatment using your chosen blend of oils: Serenity, Vitality, Divinity, Scentuality, Lavender and Tenderly, plus a refreshing mist of lavender for the perfect finishing touch.
50 minutes - $80

Aromatherapy Gel Body Masque by Phytomer – This treatment uses a blend of seaweed extracts and purifying essential oils especially developed by Phytomer. A contouring envelopment gel is applied, followed by a thermal wrap. Next, a refreshing shower is followed by a light massage with firming cream.
50 minutes - $75

Aromatherapy Massage by Judith Jackson - Specific massage techniques in combination with essential oils, stimulate your senses in this gentle, deluxe massage, focusing particular attention on the lymphatic system. You may choose from a variety of oils to customize your treatment.
50 minutes - $85
25 minutes - $50 Hydrating Essential Oil Therapy by Judith Jackson – This therapy is intended to elevate your mood, hydrate your skin and thoroughly relax you, with rich, aromatic oils applied to your skin prior to a thermal wrap. Choose from seven custom blends of oils to match your mood and preference. 25 minutes - $50

Body Therapies

Hydra-Quench Body Glow by Phytomer – A revitalizing treatment that begins with a gentle peeling to exfoliate, followed by a remineralizing gel masque, heightened by a thermal wrap. After a refreshing shower, an application of oils and creams completes the process.
80 minutes - $90

After-Sports Body Therapy by Phytomer – Relax tight sore muscles and restore your natural energy as this self-heating body mud pack sends radiant warmth to where your body needs it the most, followed by a body massage with creams and oils to soothe sore muscles.
50 minutes - $85

Revitalizing Leg Treatment by Sothys – Energize and revitalize your tired legs with a stimulating leg treatment, beginning with a loofah exfoliation and application of creams and oils, followed by a soothing wrap and a foot reflexology massage. To conserve the feeling of freshness, Cryogel bt Sothys is applied.
50 minutes - $85

Karisoftness, Nourishing Body Treatment by Sothys – Beginning with a gentle exfoliation, your skin is nourished with shea butter, which is melted and applied to help hydrate your skin’s outer layer, leaving it soft and supple.
50 minutes - $75

French Body Polish by Phytomer – Your skin will radiate after a body exfoliation, which gently removes dead skin cells. Combined with relaxing massage strokes that apply rich, hydrating cream for moisture and tone, your skin will have a healthy glow.
25 minutes - $45

Salt Glow by Sothys – Exfoliating marine salts are mixed with special extracts and applied over the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and invigorate the skin. The body is then rinsed and finished with a hydrating body lotion, leaving the skin silky smooth and soft.
25 minutes - $45

Seaweed Therapies

Warm Seafoam Mud Wrap by Phytomer – Enveloped in this frothy mud, you can’t help but release tension as the mud gradually heats up and feels like tiny bubbles massaging your body. After a gentle peeling to exfoliate the skin, a warm sea mud pack is then applied to the body to help soothe your muscles and reduce stress while you also enjoy a relaxing face and scalp massage. The treatment finishes with an application of Satiny Spray and Moisturizing Body Cream.
50 minutes - $90

Toning Body Wrap by Phytomer – Relaxing and revitalizing, this marine body wrap helps give a firm, toned appearance to the skin. Its high content of Dermochorella B and marine spring water helps to delay signs of cutaneous aging, while replenishing the tissues and improving elasticity.
50 minutes - $75

Deep Pore Cleansing by Sothys – Your body is cleansed and hydrated with a blend of marine salts, essential oils, and a unique algae-based deep cleanser mask, making you feel silky and smooth all over.
50 minutes - $75

Purifying Seaweed Body Masque by Phytomer – Relax in a thermal “cocoon” as this cleansing skin masque helps remove impurities using a unique blend of seaweeds, followed by a revitalizing shower and an application of soothing, refreshing creams and oils.
50 minutes - $75

Hydro-Massage Therapies

Aromatherapy Hydro-Massage – Using hydrating concentrates in the water to refresh you in body and mind, this hydro-massage is followed by an after-bath massage treatment with your chosen blend of oils. Choose from seven custom blends of oils: Serenity, Vitality, Therapy, Divinity, Scentuality, Lavender and Tenderly with a refreshing mist of lavender for the perfect finishing touch.
50 minutes - $80

Sports Hydro-Massage – This treatment concentrates on soothing and renewing the body after strenuous activity, beginning with a warm hydro-massage rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements from the sea. This is followed by essential oil therapy using eucalyptus, rosemary, fennel, and lavender to warm the muscles and help stimulate circulation.
50 minutes - $80

Seaweed Hydro-Massage – With the revitalizing elements of seaweed, seawater and essential oils in the Hydro-Massage tub, this relaxing massage is topped off with a mist of seawater followed by a soothing body massage using creams and oils.
50 minutes - $80

Manicure and Pedicure Treatments

Seaweed Treatment With Manicure or Pedicure - A self-heating seaweed mud wrap for your hands or feet that helps improve circulation, soothe and cleanse.
50 minutes - $45 or $50

Pedicure and Soothing Leg Treatment – Refresh your tired legs and feet with this revitalizing pedicure, including a cool gel pack of menthol and cetella asiatica to soothe and refresh.
50 minutes - $50

Aromatherapy Manicure or Pedicure – A manicure or pedicure that finishes with a soothing hand or foot massage using a customized blend of essential oils to stimulate your senses.
50 minutes - $45 or $50

Paraffin Treatment With Manicure or Pedicure – Experience the warmth and hydration of paraffin as it coats your hands or feet to help moisturize and soothe your skin.
50 minutes - $45 or $50

Oligoforce Manicure or Pedicure by Phytomer – Nourishing aromatic oils are applied to your hands or feet, which are then placed in warmed mittens/booties for enhanced moisturizing and relaxation.
50 minutes - $45 or $50

Spa Manicure or Pedicure – A relaxing manicure or pedicure followed by a gentle exfoliation of the skin, plus a luxurious and hydrating hand or foot massage.
50 minutes - $45 or $50

Additional Nail Services

Deluxe Manicure 25 minutes - $20

French or American Manicure 45 minutes - $25

Polish Change for Hands Only $10

Signature Spa Programmes

Full Day of Restoration – This programme begins with Phytomer’s revitalizing Hydro-Quench body treatment, to soften and hydrate your skin, followed by an Oxygenating Seaweed Facial with warm spine treatment, as well as a 50-minute Swedish massage. Finish with a Paraffin Manicure or Pedicure to refresh and revive. A light spa lunch is also included.
4 ½ hours - $280

Deluxe Programme by Sothys – Your skin is pampered from head to toe, starting with Sothys’ Lift Defense Facial. A Karisoftness Nourishing Body Treatment, a Deluxe manicure and a 25 minute Swedish massage follow. A light Spa lunch is also provided.
3 ½ - $225

Luxurious Aromatherapy Programme – This programme features botanical essences to help hydrate your skin and stimulate your senses. It begins with a French Body Polish, followed by a 50-minute Aroma Hydro-Massage. Next is a Hydrating Essential Oil Wrap intended to hydrate the skin and thoroughly relax you, finishing with an Aromatherapy Manicure to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.
3 hours - $205

Ultimate Seaweed Programme by Phytomer – A completely balanced health, skin care and beauty programme, including a French Body Polish, followed by a 25-minute Seaweed Hydro-Massage. A remineralizing Gel Body Masque combined with a hydrating seaweed facial masque completes this program, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
2 hours - $175

The Men’s Programme – For today’s active man, this programme begins with a 50-minute Sports Hydro-Massage to relieve stress from vigorous activity. This is followed by a comprehensive Men’s Skin Fitness Facial that soothes and deep-cleans the skin, and a Deluxe Manicure to moisturize dry hands and rough cuticles.
2 ½ hours - $170 article edtor

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