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Adventures by Disney

Weather Watching for the World

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It could be or maybe Be prepared though, just in case it is

You have all your room reservations made, all your priority seating reservations have been arranged, an itinerary is written, and now it is time to pack. Knowing what to expect in the way of weather is a key element when packing for your trip.

The first thing to do is keep track of the weather down in Orlando. Here are some links that I find very useful in planning what to pack.

Orlando Sentinel Five Day Forecast
The Weather Channel’s Ten Day Forecast
Weather Underground Forecast

I suppose a lot of folks picture Florida as always being sunny and warm all year ‘round. Actually, depending on the time of year, it can be quite cool. If you have the luxury of being able to pick any time of year to travel to Walt Disney World, than knowing what the weather is each season can help you decide when exactly is the right time for you.

We (my family and I) have been to Walt Disney World at all different times of the year. So, we have gotten a taste of lots of different weather down there, believe you me!

In January, you can expect the weather to be a bit cool. Layers are the key to success, and you will have to pack a little more for a trip that time of year. We found we could wear shorts during the day, but in the evening wanted to have jeans to put on. It doesn’t seem to rain as much in January, though, and when you are coming from chilly New England (like we do:) it sure seems nice and warm! Another interesting thing to note is that the sun sets a bit later in Florida than in the northern states, so you get more daylight while you are there!

My favorite time of year to go to Walt Disney World is in early March. The weather is perfect for me then, which means a lighter suitcase to carry! It is warm enough to swim, but not uncomfortably hot. Also, the flowers were gorgeous in Walt Disney World at that time. It was like having a taste of an early spring. The rates are higher after mid-February, but discounts are often available as the crowds still small.

Summer is hot in Walt Disney World, and being prepared for that heat is very important. Pack clothes that are light in color, and tank tops are the most comfortable. Dark clothes attract the sun, and really can make you feel hot. A light jacket is nice to carry around, too. Something made of cotton is great. You will be in and out of air conditioning all day, and it gets chilly in the air conditioning! A pair of cotton slacks are good to pack, but you may not need them. The best footwear for summer is sandals. My personal favorites are Tevas. They are so perfect to walking miles on concrete, and if it rains, which it will, your feet just dry right up afterwards. Trust me when I say there is NOTHING more uncomfortable than wet socks and sneakers! Another bit of summer advice is to drink plenty of water. Do not wait until you are thirsty. It is so easy to get dehydrated in the heat of Florida.

The fall is not one of my favorite times to travel, but early September the parks are so empty that most attractions are ‘walk-on’. It is hurricane season at that time, and it rains a lot, though it isn’t at all cold. Be prepared with a rain poncho, or buy a Mickey poncho when you get there. Shorts are the most comfortable to wear in the rain, and again the Teva sandals are wonderful. If you wear jeans your legs will get wet, which is quite uncomfortable, especially when you go in air conditioning.

December is a fun time to visit Walt Disney World, but it can get very cold. You will have to pack the most at that time of year. At night it can get down to 40º, and even cooler sometimes. The best bet is to plan on wearing layers. We rent lockers during the day at the parks to keep our change of clothes ready at a moment’s notice. Pants will be a necessity at night, and even during the day it can be cool enough for slacks. When it rains in December it isn’t like a warm shower in summer. No, it is downright cold! I always pack an extra pair of sneakers in case one pair gets wet. I find it is a bit cool for Tevas that time of year.

All that being said, always expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather in Florida. By keeping an eye on their local weather reports you will know what to expect. There really is no bad time to go to Walt Disney World. The Magic of it all can make any kind of bad weather seem not so bad, especially when you have an idea of what to expect. When it rains while I am in Walt Disney World I call it Happy Rain!
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