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Adventures by Disney

Gateway to Galapagos 8

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Day 7 - Gather 'Round the Campfire

Breakfast at Red Cliffs Lodge continued as a high point meal, and this morning we had the added luxury of taking our time.  It was a morning "on our own".  ATV rides could be arranged, and a large number of our group went horseback riding and reported back having an excellent time.  We took advantage of the high speed wifi in our rooms and got some work done (Where ever we go, there we are)

The group rejoined for a barbecue picnic lunch with hamburgers, hotdogs, and vegetarian chili (YAY!)  The dots seemed to have connected for the Adventure Guides and hotel; they went to a local store and got sugar free cookies and sugar free ice cream for us to have at lunch and dinner, respectively.  While it might have made more of a difference if the connection was made that stores have lots of sugar free options on day 1 or 2 for us, I have high hopes for folks with sugar free dietary needs on future tours.

After lunch was the final Adventures by Disney tour, a raft ride down the Colorado river.  We've enjoyed the raft rides on several of the other tours; they are generally a wonderful bonding experience for the group.  For whatever reason, today I just wasn't 'feeling' it, and we chose to stay 'at the ranch' and enjoy a quiet afternoon with each other.  It's nice to have choices  We strolled the grounds, visited the horses at the barn, took some more pictures for y'all, and generally relaxed until it was time for the Finale dinner.

Finale dinners are a big deal on the Adventures by Disney tours.  On all of the other tours, the meal was tuned up a notch with entertainment and lots of reminiscing of the shared moments we enjoyed.  Everyone had a great time.  And on this tour, I think these statements might have also been true for most.

For me?  I'll tell you how the dinner went for me, and you decide...  It was designed to be a special Steak barbecue.  I went to the buffet looking to find what was sans added sugar and vegetarian that I could eat.  I found potatoes and corn.  So...  I went to the Adventure Guide and asked where I could find a vegetarian option.  She seemed miffed to see me AGAIN, and told me brusquely that there were portobello mushrooms as the vegetarian option.  I replied, "Cool.  Where are they?"  She got up to go find out.  I sat with my table mates while they ate.  10 minutes later, she returned and told me they were out of Portobello Mushrooms and I could have either Pasta or Lasagna from the menu.  I chose the Lasagna, hoping it would have cheese for protein in it.  I sat for another 15 minutes while my table mates finished their dinner before my entree arrived. Adventure Guide: -1 Food: -1

It sort of set the tone for the rest of the Finale experience for me, and - when it was time for the group to go out to the Campfire, we opted to go back to our room.  I didn't know what else could go wrong, and I didn't want to find out.

The horse barn at the Red Cliffs Lodge is very well maintained.

and the horses were happy and healthy - very friendly!

I'm not sure what these are used for, but they certainly look cool on the grounds of the resort.

The main lodge

From the deck of the main lodge, you can see the picnic area in the distance.

Here is where we had the barbecues.

This is one of the buildings with rooms.

Entertainment at the Finale Dinner

Here's the view from the dining room deck in the morning..

and on a full moon night.. YUM!

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