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Adventures by Disney

Gateway to Galapagos 2

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Day 6 - Nature's Fault

Breakfast at the Red Cliffs Lodge was the best spread yet, and much more in alignment with what I'd come to expect on an Adventures by Disney tour.  There were both unsweet and sweet breads, cold and hot cereal, an array of juices, and the standard eggs/bacon/ potatoes/pancakes hot buffet.  They even had sugar free syrup here

Our morning tour was to the Arches National Park.  We were given a choice to go on a moderately difficult hike to one of the most famous arches or ride with the Local Expert to see more of the park and do a less strenous walk.  The Adventure Guides listed the difficulties of the hike (distance, incline, and a few cliff-like edges), and promised they would make sure everyone who did the hike made it.  Typically, Alan and I always go for the exercise, but I was feeling somewhat hesitant to put myself in the hands of the Adventure Guides.  I am sure it would have ultimately been ok, but I am delighted that we opted to go with the Local Expert.  His tour was the BEST of the Adventures by Disney tours.  I would gladly have spent the full day with him learning about the Native American culture and the geology of the area..  not to mention his very cool anecdotes about the movie industry in Moab.  Local Expert: +1  The park was pretty magnificent, too

Afterward, we drove to town for lunch and a little shopping on our own.  There were lots of restaurant options, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  Moab is a great little town, full of artists and nature enthusiasts.  I hope someday to return.

Back at the hotel, it would have been Disney Movie night, but the powers that be decided to change out the movie for a Wine Tasting event because we were an adult's only group.  Alan and I don't partake of alcohol - and we're just a couple of big kids anyway - so we would have preferred the movie.  Just sayin.  I think, though, that several others were very happy for the change out.

Dinner was in the hotel restaurant.  We were given options (shared appetizer, entree, and ice cream for dessert) that Disney would cover, and if we wanted more or something different, it would be our expense.  I asked the hostess about a sugar free dessert for us, and she told us there wasn't one - just the ice cream on the menu.  I asked her if we could each have an appetizer then, and she said no.  I asked her to please go back to the kitchen and ask again  about sugar free desserts; my understanding was that arrangements had been made.  She was huffy about it and came back to grudgingly let me know we could have fruit.  Whatever  Other than that, dinner was pretty good.

Arches National Park is my favorite National Park now.  The artistry of Nature!

This is called Balancing Rock

Balancing Rock from another angle

It didn't take very long at all for me to see faces and sculptures of animals and people in the stone.  My favorite, I call The Madonna

Alan loves Her, too; >)

I adore the Buddha.  He is laughing.  Do you see him?

Even though this was considered the "easy" hike, I think we got good exercise.

Can you find the Cobra?

We had a great time!  An experience like this is makes a trip worthwhile:)

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