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Adventures by Disney

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Located in the Animal Kingdom's Asia

The Yak & Yeti restaurant is a feast in theming...

and the seating is extensive...

I especially like the window seats overlooking the Prayer Tree.

There is also a full service bar.

But the main attraction, of course, is the food  We started with a Fried Green Bean Appetizer... YUM!

Alan chose the Pho Ga...  and LOVED it!

and I enjoyed my tasty Salmon as well

Here's the full menu:

It was a little tricksey finding options without sugar (Asian food, dontcha know) but they were happy to prepare my salmon without teriyaki sauce.  Sugar free desserts weren't happening...  unless you count fried green beans (I did).  All in all, we enjoyed our Yak & Yeti adventure wholeheartedly and give it the OLP 3.5 thumbs up (4 when sugar free desserts are added to the menu)

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Member Reviews of "Yak & Yeti":
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11/12/2013 by Tonya

On our most recent trip (Oct 2013) we decided to dine inside Yak & Yeti. We've used the quick service meal here, but not sit down. First, it started off with a disappointing seating area. First table as you walk in next to the bar. It was busy and there was a lot of foot traffic and noise from the lobby area. So I couldn't really get the feel of the restaurant. (As I had hoped to!) Our server- was awesome. Very friendly and attentive. I ordered the honey chicken and well... hmmm... yeah I wasn't so impressed. Blah. The dessert made up for my disappointments so far. I had the fried wontons. The best dessert of the entire trip. Soooo good! I will give Yak & Yeti another try - but I will request a better seating area and I won't order the honey chicken. :) I will, however, order the

Tr!y it, you;ll like it
11/19/2011 by Sandy Sage
Good staff, very friendly, great spot to see the parade go by... Try the Fried wonton dessert.... luscious...sit by the windows near the prayer tree..
Appetizers are the best!
3/15/2010 by Ahnalira

We chose our meal from the appetizer menu last time we dined at Yak & Yeti, and I don't think there is any going back for us!  The Lettuce Wraps were perfect

The entree menu dropped Pho, a Vietnamese soup, for more well-recognized options.  At first, we were disappointed because most of the entrees are sweetened with sugar now...  but then, we discovered the appetizers, and we found a new reason to keep going back to Yak & Yeti

Good food
2/23/2010 by The expert
We ate at the quick service place and it was yummy! We really enjoyed the crowded village theme, with all the duck and birds around, one walked up to our table! So cool and yummy!
1/4/2010 by Nick
The service was terrible. I should know, we made reservations and they would not seat us, even though the restaurant was not at all busy.  Tthis also happened to the next couple that came in with us. Although I was happily given a seat at the always good serviced Rainforest Cafe.
9/1/2008 by Jodi
I was so excited to try this place and it didn't disappoint one little bit!!  We were seated on the top floor overlooking Asia!  The view was WONDERFUL!  If the parade had been going it would have been really neat to see from up there!  Our waitress was very nice, but was VERY busy, so we didn't see lots of her.  The food was really tasty and filling!  And my mango pie for dessert was, well, heavenly!!  It was so refreshing!  Everyone enjoyed their desserts, but mine was the one everyone wanted a second bite of!  We will most definitely be back here!
2/9/2008 by kait
Wow! This place was everything I thought it would be! The theming itself was perfect. Even if you don't like Asian food..tag alog and enjoy the ambiance! I am very picky about the food I eat, and I LOVED the Yak and Yeti! I got a Chicken Chow Mein noodle bowl, and it was deelish! I went the 2nd day it opened, and got in with NO WAIT whatsoever!! It's definitely my favorite full service dining experience in WDW!
Theming is to die for!
12/21/2007 by Ser Alan
Being the avid reviewers we are, we recently visited the newly opened Yak‘n‘Yeti which is a brand new sit down restaurant located at the entrance to Asia in the Animal Kingdom.  We waited impatiently for the doors to open at 11AM, rushed in and were placed on the second floor.  The decorations are amazing, almost as good as a ride!

The menu was a bit disconcerting for us sugar-free types, as the chef proceeded to tell us that we basically couldn‘t eat much of anything on the menu.  I finally settled on some pho which I have never had before (Vietnamese maybe?).  Well, it turned out to be delicioius, with lots of fresh veggies and plenty of hot sauce which I promptly added into the soup and noodle bowl.  I was extremely pleased with this dish and am eagerly looking forward to our next visit, might be the healthiest and best tasting Asian food I‘ve had in the state of Florida!&nbs

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