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Adventures by Disney

Epcot Seqway Tour

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Epcot Segway Tour

Disney's newest tour at Epcot, "Around the World at Epcot®" is an exciting two hour adventure on Segways.  As Disney describes it,

"Be a part of the personal transportation revolution when you go for a spin on the Segway™ Human Transporter. This unique experience includes riding lessons and an outdoor adventure around the World Showcase."

We were VERY excited to participate and were pretty sure this truck of Epcot® characters showed up to cheer us on as we found our way to the Guest Relations office inside the park to sign in         

From this meeting spot, we were led over to "Segway Central" As you might imagine, we were excited and eager to climb on our own set of wheels, but first we watched a safety video and demonstration

It's a unique and interesting experience the first time you climb on one of these babies...  the motor is designed to 'balance' underneath the rider by moving to compensate for the way the rider leans so - at first - there can be quite a bit of 'wobble' while adjusting to the adjustments; >)  We practiced going up and down inclines and in and out of cones.  I only "almost" took out one bookcase (and you know Alan wished he'd had a camera for that!), but it got easier and easier with practice.

Alan was a natural, of course:)  I guess they thought I knew what I was doing well enough to head out into the park, and away we went.  We rode single file in areas of the park where guests were meandering and could travel on our "own path" once we arrived at the World Showcase.  There we played follow the leader through a series of turns, bridges, and various obstacles.  It was FUN!  By the time we reached Italy, I was cruising like a pro (and dreaming of my own set of wheels; >)

Look who was there to greet us at the end Italy

They played games with us and generally added silliness to the experience..  always a good thing, imho

We were having SO MUCH FUN that our tour guide wanted to take some pictures of us

Very tricky to get ourselves maneuvered for this post ; >)

This was the post that got Alan told to behave or get off and walk first:P


And here we are with our fun-loving tour guide, Em. (I think I'm singing with joy:) This tour was SO worth every penny of the $80 per person (tax included), imho, AND if the price is too steep for your budget, there are shorter afternoon tours that only $30 per person.  As well, there are several discounts:  Annual Pass, Disney Visa, and AAA to name a few. All riders must be 16 years of age or older.

 Call 407-939-8687 for details. 

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Member Reviews of "Epcot Seqway Tour":
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We were on the same tour!
3/20/2006 by Theresa Brown

We were on this same exact tour, and in fact, I recognised Alan and Ahnalira while we were waiting in the Guest Services building before the tour started.  Then seeing that one of them was wearing an "OLP" t-shirt gave me the courage to let them know that I am a fan of this web site! 

This tour was so much fun that this was the second time that my husband and I were doing it.  I highly recommend it, you cant imagine the feeling of "almost flying" while on the Segway.     Meeting up with all the characters was a wonderful, unexpected surprise, and really just added to the fun and festive feel of the tour. 

My favorite Disney tour!
11/6/2005 by Ser Alan

As you can see from the pictures, I had a big old smile on my face through this entire experience. Segways are just plain fun, I feel like Im one of the Jetsons on that thing!  This is a great experience, even more fun than swimming with the dolphins if you ask me.  I just wish I could have one of these for all of my visits to Epcot, Segways are by far the most fun way to tool around the World Showcase without a doubt.

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