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DO NOT miss this place!
Not counter service, but fast and yummy.
We like the lunch menu the best and it seems to be less busy then, too. (and cheaper)
Try to get a waterside table. The POC ride starts along side the seating area and it's so pretty with lightning bugs and frogs singing.
The Monte Christo Sandwich is probably the very best and when we've been in DL, it only seems to be on the lunch menu.
My only complaint is that it's pretty dark in there, but beautiful.
PS's are probably a good idea, especially on weekends-altho we've really never had a problem getting seated at lunch.

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Member Reviews of "Blue Bayou Restaurant Review":
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Food Poisoning
10/1/2014 by Kit

I visited The Blue Bayou at Disneyland 8th April  with my husband, son and friend.  I was the only one that had salmon and 4 hrs later started to become really sick.  The rest of my night was spent vomiting and ended up in ER at 4am with chronic food poisoning.  I let Disney know regarding the severity of poisoning, plus put in a claim for my hospital bill.  Disney only would cover 25% of that bill and insisted I sign a confidentiality agreement.  I decided not to take it.  Instead I warn all of you that go to Disneyland, beware!  I am very healthy and active, but this could have killed someone with compromised health.  It didn't get any better with Disney…they handed me over to a guy called Bob Weiss who was arrogan

Go for the ambiance
6/3/2014 by Ahnalira

The highlight of this restaurant is the ambiance.  You are actually in the middle of the Pirates of Carribean attraction, watching the "ships" sail by in the night.  For that alone, the restaurant merits a 5.  And by "for that alone" I mean that the service and food are not up to the same standard as the ambiance.  At the restaurant, you will pay top dollar to sit in a divine location and eat just average food.  Oftentimes, though, that's what being in Disneyland is about, right?  So, I would still go again...and again just to play my part as a diner in the attraction.

1/27/2011 by Tayra
I have heard really amazing thinga about Blue Bayou and decided to give it a try for my daughters 15th birthday.  The location was perfect and the seating is really nice.  She loves POTC and this was the perfect choice for her birthday dinner.  We had 6pm reservations and were not seated until 7pm.  We both ordered the gumbo and filet.  The gumbo was horrid and had a really odd taste.  After a few bites I just could not eat anymore.  During our meal I began to feel flush and just queezy.  I could not even get in two bites of the filet before having to excuse myself.  Here we are on a 3 day trip for my daughters birthday and I end up with food poising on her actual birthday.  Our night was shot and we were expected to leave the next day but I had to get a room for another night because I just could not move.  I spoke with the manager and she just apologized....REALLY????  Still ha
Better than I expected!
9/27/2010 by Ser Alan
First, let me say that the ambience of the Blue Bayou is truly unique.  On one side of the restaurant you have the boats of the Pirates of the Caribbean sailing by.  Its like you are outside in the cool night air right next to a river, with fireflies and hanging lanterns, its really a delight and something every Disney fan should experience at least once.

Having said that, my culinary experiences at this restaurant have been a mixed bag.  So, my expectations were low as we sailed in.  I decided to order the Jambalaya and was pleasantly surprised.  It had a little kick, good flavor and great diversity of proteins. 

I give the ambience a 4.7, the jambalaya a 4.2.  Otherwise its a pretty average Disney dining experience --  so I'm going to round it to a 4 overall.
Just Okay
8/9/2009 by Amy
Eating at the Blue Bayou has definitely changed recently. Although we were excited to see the upgraded salads instead of the old ones, the entree sides of potato's and poorly cooked white asperagus disappoint. The Jambalaya still can't be beat, and the main courses themselves are still quite tasty. Being inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride while you eat is priceless if it's a family favorite. Overall, the food here is good not great but you are paying for the experience not so much the food. Waitstaff is usually excellent but try to avoid being sat in the far right corner by the kitchen where it seems new staff is often covering tables. Make sure to request a table waterside even if you have to wait. It will make the experience ten times better and when you're paying these prices, a 15 minute wait for the best tables are worth it.
Blue Bayou
10/1/2008 by Christee

The atmosphere is really the main course here.  The restaurant overlooks the first part of the amazing Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. 

The menu was limited but the desserts make up for that.  We just had appetizers, crab cakes and a shrimp remoulade, quite tasty. 

For dessert I had the the Flying Dutchman Cookie boat and my Husband had the Tortuga trio of creme brulee.  As you can it's a pirate theme for being in the PIrates of the Caribbean attraction. 



Blue Bayou Dinner Quality Slipping
9/11/2006 by Tim
We finally returned to Disneyland after 9 years due to pregnancy with twins. On 9/6/2006, we decided to end our wonderful trip with dinner at Blue Bayon and the experience was surprisingly disappointing. It felt like Bllue Bayou was trying to go "upscale" and ended up flopping. The dinner menu was severely limited and price had jumped to averaging $25 each. Not a big deal if the restaurant serves high quality food. We ordered Jambalaya, Portabella, Roast Chicken and Pork Chop. All but the Portabella dish arrived luke warm and the Portabella dish for my wife was cold. The chicken was a simple roasted chicken breast and the chop was just a chop and both were slightly over-done. Each came with just a pile of scalloped potato and a pile of sauteed spinach, not well presented on the plate. While both offered good flavors, nothing from the taste to the presentation makes them worth $25 each. The Jambalaya had good flavor, good ingredients but it was luke warm and the two King Crab
7/30/2006 by Beth

A place to be experianced. Even if it's a one time visit,do try it.

Walt love this place.

Lunch is fairly reasonale pricewise and you can get the famous BB MonteChristo.

LOts of Caygun entree's and pretty spicey. Very good bread and the salalds are good,too. Try to score a table by the water so you can enjoy the crickets and fireflies and watch the PoC boats go by.

PSs are a good idea,but walk-ins for a small party are a good bet,esp. in the off season during the day.


Food poisoning at Blue Bayou
7/22/2006 by Laurel
Celebrated my son's 13th birthday at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland.  3 out of the 4 of us became very ill.  After getting ill, we were all fine.  We only ate there that day and the day before did not have anything that would of caused us to be that ill.  I reported the incident to Disneyland and the response received was that they were not responsible for the incident.  No apology, no compensation for the $175 meal that made us ill on my son's birthday.  Unbelievable response!  I guess large corporations don't worry about a couple of "small" people.  By the way, the 4th person (a child), whom did not get ill avoided the salad and only was interested in the dessert.  This different from the three of us whom got very ill. 

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