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Adventures by Disney

Traveling to WDW with young children---Mission Impossible ?!

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Traveling to WDW can be a totally different experience when you have small ones. Questions like, "What do you need to bring?", and "Where do you go to change a diaper or feed your infant?" take priority over which attractions to see when. Disney has made it easy on the parents of young children and offers many options and support.

First of all, let's consider what you need to bring. With the way security had been upgraded lately, your bag will be inspected upon entering the parks. Make sure you don’t pack too much. Some items not to forget, though, are: sunscreen, hats, disposable bibs, diapers, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, small snacks, and sippy cups (the First Years now offers disposable sippy cups and bowls!) and last (but not least; >), don’t forget the stroller preferrably with a visor on it to sheild the harsh Florida sun from baby.

Make sure to dress your child in light clothing to keep cool. Remember to re-apply the sunscreen throughout the day. And always have a bottle of water to keep your child hydrated. Disney even sells the spray bottles with the battery operated fan attached. Tip: Buy one of these spray bottles at WalMart or Target before your trip, you will save lots of $$.

Plan your days in increments; don’t try to do too much at once and overwhelm the child. This is where staying on-site is a big benefit. Get to the parks early to try to avoid heavy lines. Leave the park for a mid-day nap and/or swim to cool down and then continue on to the evening activities (and don’t for get that "baby float" Kmart and WalMart sell... this baby boat will keep baby occupied and afloat during swim times).

If you want to still ride the “big kid” rides yourself, Disney offers the Baby Swap program. Just ask the CM outside of the ride (we used this on Space Mountain and Rockin Rollercoaster) about the Baby Swap and they will allow the first adult to go on the ride and when done, the second adult uses the Baby Swap feature and goes to the head of the line. Different rides have different ways of doing this so make sure you ask!

Disney offers Baby Care Centers in the 4 theme parks. These facilities offer changing rooms, nursing rooms, family restrooms, high chairs, and a kitchen for preparing food and washing bottles etc. as needed. They are all air conditioned so it’s a nice break for Mom, Dad, and baby. They even have videos playing with some toys for the older kids while baby is taken care of. They also sell “emergency” items that you might forget such as diapers, formula (they offer Carnation), baby medication, and any other necessities that you might need while visiting the parks. These centers are located:

Magic Kingdom: In between the Crystal Palace and Casey’s Hot Dogs off of Main Street. When you enter the park and reach almost the end of Main Street, the center is located to the left near the first aid station.

Epcot: The center is located just before entering the World Showcase on the path between Test Trak and Mexico

MGM Disney Studios: Just inside the gates on the left by guest services

Animal Kingdom: On the left side of the Tree of Life in Safari Village near the Creature Comforts gift shop.

The most important thing while touring with a young child is not to do too much. Plan out the “must dos” in the day and be flexible. Go by your child’s mood, maybe a pool/rest day would be good to plan mid-week.

A happy baby at Disney makes for happy parents!
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Member Reviews of "Traveling to WDW with young children---Mission Impossible ?!":
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Not Impossibe!
10/22/2005 by Liz
It is so not impossible to go to WDW with your children actually to most adults it makes it more fun because you get to see your children happy and you can spend time with your kids and when you want time alone have them go to your hotels child play or whatever that thing for children is called. So if I were you, I would definitely take my children to WDW because there is a lot to keep your child happy and busy with a smile on!

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