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Adventures by Disney

Planning Article: Magical Moments by Ahnalira

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Reading most guidebooks offers an excellent description of attractions in each Theme Park, and, certainly, an entire visit to the World can easily be filled attempting to experience what these books include. There is another layer of the World, however. It is a world more subtle, and often overlooked by those determined to ‘see’ all of the attractions. It is a world where sparkling moments of magic appear in the periphery of vision and beckon the imagination into new vistas of possibility and opportunity. It is a world where dreams do come true by wishing for them, and miracles happen. It is The World of Disney magic that calls back again and again.

Chance plays an important element in the weaving of this magical World. In the moments that catch us by surprise will we most often find the makings of magic waiting to happen. As in all that is magical, the moments are unique to the individual; shaped by the Inner Being’s knowledge of what most inspires and fulfills. To offer a ‘sensing map’ of how to discover these opportunities is as concrete as magic gets. Like the peripheral image that disappears with a direct gaze, we recognize these moments more with feelings than with the five senses.

For example, Disneyworld is filled with wishing wells. Tucked in corners throughout the parks, they are, for most, a backdrop in the atmosphere. For me, in the uniqueness of "who I am", the discovery of a wishing well is like coming upon a telephone with a direct line to the beneficent fairies of the Universe. I feel excitement and joy (these are two excellent feeling indicators that a magical moment is at hand), and my desire to make a wish and offer a coin activates the Imagination that powers a doorway opening into new realms of possibility. Everything Disney supports the making of wishes (“A dream is a wish your heart makes…..” “When you wish upon a star…..”), and the magic rushes to flow through the invocation of my small coin soaring through space and into the well. I am one with all that is Disney in this moment, allowing my desires and imagination to be lifted on the current of Creative Genius. That’s how magic happens. One example.

For some, favorite characters or themes may stimulate this feeling sense. For some, a memory or nostalgic moment. For others, it is a concept: environmentality, theming, culture, etc. A place, like a garden or a wishing well, may also evoke the ingredients for a magical experience. Colors, baby animals, certain design patterns; there are as many doorways into a magical moment as there are individuals. The key to unlocking these experiences is twofold: 1. Follow the feelings of joy and excitement (whether they are on the planned itinerary or not), and 2.Suspend all beliefs that you know what ‘reality’ is and/or what is possible.

While these moments are precious simply as an experience, for some understanding the meaning of a magical opportunity matters. Here, metaphor comes into play. Magic and metaphor begin with the same letter – eh? What could the Meaning be? Metaphors are playful. They help us soften our attitudes and open to insight and new awareness. Metaphors at the World are valuable only if they are inherently joyful and conducive to feelings of wellbeing. If they become thinking weights that keep your emotional cork from bobbing playfully on the seas of experience, cut them loose. ...and float back to the surface.
Some magical opportunities during my last adventure:

1. In Fantasyland, I meandered into Tinkerbell’s Shop. I had always avoided this shop in the past, thinking it a ‘children’s store’ that only carried small sizes and, therefore, of little interest to me. However, this time I let the whim guide me and was delightfully surprised to discover that the walls of shop sparkled in patterns to represent Tinkerbell’s movement and the sound of chimes filled the air in rhythm with her flight pattern. I’d found Tinkerbell! I moved to the center of the store, and imagined her flying around me, pixie dust sparkling in her wake. Everytime I heard the chimes, I ‘saw’ her wand waving and making another wish come true. Magic filled me, and my heart soared.

2. There is a ceremony in Fantasyland at regularly scheduled intervals for the lifting of the ‘sword in the stone’. Merlin is the MC. Most guidebooks describe this event as an opportunity for some youingster in the audience to have a memorable experience. Because we ‘chanced’ upon the enactment, I let my imagination take me into the magical possibilities as I watched the ceremony unfold before me. The sword became a metaphor for Truth, and all of the people in the circle seekers of greater clarity and wisdom. As the young boy chosen by Merlin lifted Truth from the stone of density, I imagined a ray of light touching the mind of everyone present and lifting the fog from our minds. From this magical possibility, there are a couple of dozen more people walking the earth with a deeper sense of clarity and wisdom. If it can be imagined, it’s possible.

3. Ever thought, “I just want to be taken apart and put back together and be able to…” Well, take yourself over to the teacups, hold an image of feeling sense of how you want the new you to be, and then spin with gusto. And be reconfigured. The faster the spin, the more profound the reorganization of Self.

4. One evening after finishing a late dinner at Downtown Disney, I felt ‘pulled’ to venture into the Adventurer’s Club. I was tired after a full day at the World, and good sense told me to back to the resort and sleep. However, this tug was accompanied by that sense of excited interest that portends magic so I put aside my doubts with an internal promise to only stay a short while and headed into the building. This was my first visit to the club, and I wandered for a while and oriented to the theming of a 1930’s club for adventurers. When two seats appeared, we claimed the opportunity and took them – only to discover moments later that we were seated ‘upfront’ for the induction ceremony. And then I knew what magic was there for me: I was to be officially inducted as an Adventurer. No longer an avocation, I would now be able to claim my full authority. Needless to say, I joined wholeheartedly in every stage of induction and, upon completion, knew in my heart of hearts I was a full fledged member. I’m sure I slept with a smile on my face that night.

These are a few examples. These opportunities are just around every corner and specific to each person. Just like everybody has their own laughing place, everyone has there own moments where magic happens. Practice identifying the feelings of wonder, excitement, and joyful ‘chance’ happenings. I promise you’ll discover the magic waiting for you at the World!
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