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Member Reviews of "Tokyo Dining":
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Frozen Kirin draft beer at Tokyo Dining
10/23/2012 by Franniepoppins

Disney added a new beverage to the menu at Tokyo Dining in Japan at Epcot.  Frozen Kirin draft beer can be ordered there and at the Garden House and the Kabuki Cafe.  I used to like an occasional beer, as cold as possible.  This technique keeps a beer colder for 30 extra minutes.  For a person who likes their beer cold, on a hot day, this can make a big difference.  It is probably not gluten free, slight giggle. If somebody has tried this, I'd love to know how it tastes. Please do a review here and share your thoughts.

From the Disney Parks Blog - "Already a hit in Tokyo, Japan, and sold at more than 650 locations, you’ll find the frozen Kirin in the Garden House, the Kabuki Cafe and in the Tokyo Dining restaurant, says Bob Miller, dining operations

What a wonderful spot!
7/27/2009 by Jodi
We ate here in August of 2008.  I was very suprised at dh's decision to dine here b/c he is a picky eater.  But it turned out to be in his top three fave meals of the trip!  While the food is tasty and we enjoyed it very much, I think the service and quiet, calm atmosphere here was the key to our enjoyment!  It was like a mini vacation from our vacation!!  Our waitress was so sweet and nice, with her quiet, calm ways.  The kids meal was neat in how it was served in a bullet train (looked lke a monorail to us!) and my youngest son loved it!  My oldest son tried sushi and has been a fanatic ever since!  While I can't say I enjoyed my sushi, the rest of my meal was excellent!!  This has now become one of our must do's for upcoming trips!!  And trust me, you won't fully appreciate the calm, quiet atmosphere until you walk back out into the bustle of EPCOT!!
Tasty Tempura, Epcot's best kept secret!
3/1/2008 by Ser Alan
We recently made a special trip to World Showcase to visit the new Tokyo Dining, so new that it isn't even listed at the Guest Services desk.  We made PS's for dinner a few hours ahead of time at the Epcot Guest Services desk and had no problems getting in (although most of our faves were already fully booked!).  Then, to add insult to injury, we showed up an hour early (5:00).  The place was almost empty, we were promptly greeted by a bevy of Japanese ladies in formal Japanese attire.  The bowing and "Domo Arigato"s were infectious and we found ourselves doing the same by the time we left.

First off, let me just say that the view from this restaurant must be one of Epcot's best kept secrets, this has got to be easily the best view of the World Showcase lagoon to be found!  I'm thinking this must be an exceptional spot to watch the fireworks from! 

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